Cape Brink

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Cape Brink 0番道路
Route 0
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Sevii Islands Route 0
Location of Cape Brink in Sevii Islands.
Pokémon world routes

Cape Brink is a short, straightforward walk up a mountain on Boon Island to the house of one of the many move tutors in FireRed and LeafGreen. This tutor, however, is different from others.

Route Description

Leaving Two Island City by way of an uphill path in its northeast corner, Cape Brink's path quickly turns to the west, leading trainers around a small lake. From here, it goes up the mountain's path, passing through quite a bit of long grass on the way. The only thing at the top of this semi-isolated mountain is a very peculiar woman's house. However, this is a very important place, as it allows trainers the chance to teach their Starter Pokémon a move otherwise unavailable- either Frenzy Plant, Blast Burn, or Hydro Cannon, depending on which Pokémon was chosen in Pallet Town. Each of these moves, more of an elemental Hyper Beam than anything, is, as the tutor says, the most powerful move of its type.

After the trainer has finished their business on Cape Brink's northern end, they can take an express path back down the mountain using Surf to travel down a waterfall and back to the plateau just north of Two Island.


  • Rare Candy (Itemfinder behind move tutor's house)
  • PP Max (Itemfinder on piece of land jutting out near waterfall)


Name Games Location Levels Rate
Spearow FR LG Grass 20%
Fearow FR LG Grass 10%
Oddish FR   Grass 30%
Gloom FR   Grass 15%
Meowth FR LG Grass 10%
Persian FR LG Grass 5%
Psyduck FR   Grass 5%
Golduck FR   Grass 5%
Bellsprout   LG Grass 30%
Weepinbell   LG Grass 15%
Slowpoke   LG Grass 5%
Slowbro   LG Grass 5%
Psyduck FR   Fishing (Super Rod) 5%
Poliwag FR LG Fishing (Super Rod) 40%
Poliwhirl FR LG Fishing (Super Rod) 40%
Slowpoke   LG Fishing (Super Rod) 5%
Gyarados FR LG Fishing (Super Rod) 15%
Psyduck FR   Surf 95%
Golduck FR   Surf 5%
Slowpoke   LG Surf 95%
Slowbro   LG Surf 5%

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