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|prize=1 [[Battle Point|BP]]
|prize=1 [[Battle Point|BP]]
|class=Pokémon Trainer
|class=Pokémon Trainer
|location=Pokémon World Tournament
|location=Pokémon World Tournament
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|prize=1 [[Battle Point|BP]]
|prize=1 [[Battle Point|BP]]
|class=Pokémon Trainer
|class=Pokémon Trainer
|location=Pokémon World Tournament
|location=Pokémon World Tournament

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スズナ Suzuna
"The Diamond Dust Girl!"
Diamond Pearl Candice.png
Artwork from Diamond and Pearl
Gender Female
Eye color Brown
Hair color Black
Hometown Snowpoint City
Region Sinnoh
Trainer class Gym LeaderDPPt
Pokémon TrainerB2W2
Generation IV, V
Games Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum
Black 2 and White 2
Leader of Snowpoint Gym
Badge Icicle Badge
Specializes in Ice types
Anime debut Classroom Training
English voice actor Kether Donahue
Japanese voice actor Noriko Shitaya

Candice (Japanese: スズナ Suzuna) is the Gym Leader of Snowpoint City's Gym, known officially as the Snowpoint Gym. She hands out the Icicle Badge to Trainers who defeat her. She specializes in Ice-type Pokémon.

In the games

Candice uses Ice-type Pokémon in her battles. Trainers who defeat her will receive the Icicle Badge, TM72 (Avalanche), and will be able to use Rock Climb outside of battle. Candice teaches that before battling with Pokémon, a person needs to befriend them first. Candice has an interest in fashion and romance as well as Pokémon, and believes a person should put all their focus into whatever they do. She sometimes muses that she acts the opposite of the way people would expect an Ice-type Gym Leader to behave - warm and friendly instead of cold and distant. She also seems to enjoy talking in third person.

She later allows the player entry into the Snowpoint Temple, and, in Platinum, will appear occasionally for rematches at the Battleground.

In Platinum, Maylene mentions in Snowpoint's Pokémon Center that she admires Candice for being studious. She also mentions that Candice wanted to practice against her to learn about the Fighting-type because of it being a weakness of Ice-type Pokémon.


Pokémon Diamond and Pearl

Pokémon Platinum

Gym match


Pokémon Black 2 and White 2

Pokémon World Tournament

Candice uses three of these Pokémon in Single Battles, four in Double and Rotation Battles and all six in Triple Battles.

Sinnoh Leaders Tournament

Type Expert/World Leaders Tournament


Snowpoint Gym

  •  Before battle
"You want to challenge Candice? Sure thing! I was waiting for someone tough! But I should tell you, I'm tough because I know how to focus. Pokémon, fashion, romance... It's all about focus! I'll show you just what I mean. Get ready to lose!"
  • When sending out last Pokémon
"I'm going to break the ice and bring out my last-resort Pokémon!"
  • During battle (less than half HP)
"I can sense your will to win, but I promise you I'm not about to lose!"
  • When defeated
"I must say, I've warmed up to you! I might even admire you a little."
  • After being defeated
"Wow! you are great! You've earned my respect! I think your focus and will bowled us over totally. Oh, that's right! I'm supposed to give you this!"
"Do you think I should try to act more like an Ice-type Gym Leader? Like, do you think I should be more cool and distant? That sort of thing I have trouble with."

Snowpoint Temple

"It's OK! You can let that person in. Cynthia sent word to me. You're working on a Pokédex, aren't you? There should be many rare Pokémon in the temple. Enjoy your exploring!"


  • To Maylene
"What is it, Maylene? Did you want some Accessories? I'll give you some of my favorites."
"Gee, I wouldn't know. That's a tough question. ...Maybe we should ask Gardenia sometime."


  • Before battle
"Hiya! What's up? I bet you can't tell what I'm thinking! I'll give the answer away. I want to battle with you!"
No: "Oh... Did my willpower intimidate you?"
"Listen, listen. You'll battle Candice, won't you?"
Yes: "This time, Candice is going to try to push through on willpower!"
  • During battle (less than half HP)
"Not yet! You can't break our will!"
  • When defeated
"You're mighty! You're worthy of lots of respect!"
  • After being defeated
"Oh, wow, your scarf is totally in fashion. I wish I had one like that."

Battleground (alternate)

  • Before battle
"Candice is on fire! I'm blazing hot! Hot enough to melt Ice-type Pokémon! I need a battle to cool me down!"
No: "Awww!"
"You really want to battle with me, don't you?"
Yes: "OK! I'll show you how good Candice... I mean, how good my Pokémon can be!"
  • During battle (less than half HP)
"Not yet! You can't break our will!"
  • When defeated
"You're mighty! You're worthy of lots of respect!"
  • After being defeated
"Awww! That's it! I'm going to train so I can throw a Focus Punch myself!"


Spr DP Candice.png Spr Pt Candice.png

Spr B2W2 Candice.png

Candice IV OD.png

Candice OD.png

Candice's sprite from Diamond and Pearl Candice's sprite from Platinum Candice's sprite from
Generation V
Candice's overworld sprite from
Generation IV
Candice's overworld sprite from
Generation V
Candice's VS sprite
from Platinum

In the anime

Candice in the anime

Candice made her debut appearance in Classroom Training! where she was revealed to be a teacher in Snowpoint City's Trainers' School. She is also a childhood friend of Zoey and calls her by the nickname "Zo-Zo" (Japanese: ノゾチ Nozotchi).

Ash battled her in Sliding Into Seventh!, where he defeated her and earned the Icicle Badge. She also appeared in A Pyramiding Rage!. Paul challenged her to a Gym battle in A Pyramiding Rage! where it took place off-screen between the aforementioned episode and Pedal to the Mettle! The winner of the match was Paul as said in the next episode.

Candice with her sweater on

She made another appearance in Double-Time Battle Training! where she watches Zoey win the Brussel Town Contest, and her 5th Contest Ribbon. She helps Dawn prepare for the Daybreak Contest with Zoey. In Yes, in Dee Dee It's Dawn! she and Zoey were watching Dawn's performance on TV.

She also made another brief cameo in A Grand Fight for Winning! watching Dawn and Zoey compete in the Sinnoh Grand Festival on television.

Her trademark is using the term "kiai" in regular speech (instead of as a sound effect), such as in the line, "Get your kiai on!"


This listing is of Candice's known Pokémon in the anime:

Candice's Abomasnow
Candice's main Pokémon and the major powerhouse of her team is Abomasnow. She first appeared battling Zoey's Glameow soon after Ash and his friends entered Snowpoint City. She was later paired with Buizel to help stop Team Rocket from stealing the Snowpoint Trainers' School supply of Pokémon.

In Sliding Into Seventh!, Abomasnow was Candice's final Pokémon in her Gym battle against Ash. Abomasnow knocked out Staraptor and Grotle before Chimchar defeated her with Flame Wheel.

Abomasnow made one final appearance in Double-Time Battle Training!, where Candice used her to demonstrate move combinations for Dawn.

Abomasnow also appeared alongside Candice during the credits of Zoroark: Master of Illusions.

Abomasnow's known moves are Ice Shard, Wood Hammer, Blizzard, Ice Punch, and Razor Leaf.

Debut Classroom Training!
Voice actors
Japanese Chie Satō
English Bill Rogers
Candice's Sneasel
Sneasel was the first Pokémon used by Candice during her Gym Battle against Ash when she went up against Grotle. Although Sneasel had an obvious type-advantage and could skate across the icy battlefield, Grotle was able to use its new defensive battle technique to absorb Sneasel's attacks and was then able to knock her out with Rock Climb.

Sneasel's known moves are Icy Wind and Fury Swipes.

Debut Sliding Into Seventh!
Voice actors
Japanese Satsuki Yukino
English Kayzie Rogers
Candice's Medicham
Candice's second choice was Medicham. Medicham was sent up against Staraptor. Despite a good battle, it was knocked out by Staraptor's Brave Bird.

Medicham's known moves are Confusion and Fire Punch.

Debut Sliding Into Seventh!
Voice actors
English Michele Knotz
Candice's Snover
A female Snover was Candice's third Pokémon to be used, and she proved herself to be a powerful battler, knowing plenty of Ice and Grass attacks which were used to overpower Ash's Gliscor. However, Snover was knocked out by Ash's Chimchar.

Snover's known moves are Razor Leaf, Ice Beam, Bullet Seed, and Icy Wind.

Debut Sliding Into Seventh!
Voice actors
Japanese Satsuki Yukino
English Billy Beach
Candice's Dodrio
Candice has a Dodrio as a mode of transportation in A Pyramiding Rage! to get around Snowpoint City more easily.
Debut A Pyramiding Rage!


Candice's Turtwig
Candice used a Turtwig when she was younger in the Snowpoint Trainers' School, as seen in a flashback in Classroom Training!. It is unknown if it is now in her ownership or if it still is used for youngsters in the Trainers' School.
Debut Classroom Training!

Helped raise

Zoey's Glameow
Main article: Zoey's Glameow

Candice stated that she helped raise Zoey's Glameow when she was younger. Zoey kept it in a shed outside the Snowpoint Trainers' School when her parents would not let her have it. One day Mr. Honcho the Headmaster of the school found out what Zoey was doing, when Candice stepped in making Mr. Honcho eventually give in. Candice and Glameow have been friends ever since.

Debut Mounting a Coordinator Assault!
Voice actors
Japanese Ikue Ohtani
English Ikue Ohtani

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 下屋則子 Noriko Shitaya
English Kether Donahue
Czech Jitka Moučková (DP126-DP128)
Jana Páleníčková (DP155)
Brazilian Portuguese Tess Amorim
Spanish Latin America Cristina Hernández (DP126-DP128)
Cynthia de Pando (DP155)
Spain Valle Acebrón (DP126-DP128)
Blanca Hualde (DP155)

In the manga

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

Candice and her Froslass with Volkner and his Electivire

She first appeared in Route 217 saving Platinum when she fell from her skis after angering a pack of Graveler. Eventually, Platinum challenged her to a Gym battle, where her Snover double-KO'd with Platinum's Empoleon, and her Froslass took over to fight Platinum's Rapidash. At first, the newly evolved Fire Horse Pokémon seemed to take the lead against Froslass' ineffective Ice attacks, but Candice soon realized that Platinum's real objective wasn't to win the Gym Badge sincerely, but rather to get it over with so she can protect Uxie at Lake Acuity. Upon this realization, she ordered Froslass to attack with a Wake-Up Slap and deal massive damage on the sleeping Rapidash, and then withdrew Froslass before switching out to Abomasnow. Losing motivation, she asked the Sinnoh Pokémon League chairman if she could stop the battle, but ended up continuing anyway. With Rapidash close to fainting, Platinum switched out to her new capture, Lopunny, who was surprisingly able to defeat the massive bulk, but eventually was beaten by Froslass. As Candice gloated over her seeming victory, however, it was discovered that Lopunny used Healing Wish to revitalize Rapidash (fainting in the process), who, with a surprise attack, took out Candice's last Pokémon, winning the battle.

Afterwards, she awarded Platinum the Icicle Badge, and the two traveled together to Lake Acuity with Maylene to protect Uxie, only to be promptly defeated by Jupiter's superior brawn and tactics. She later called Byron and told him to send them someone to train them in so that they can become stronger. After some difficulty with their new Trainer, Volkner, Platinum managed to convince him to train them. At the Spear Pillar she, along with Maylene, fought Jupiter a second time, this time defeating her. She along with her fellow Gym Leaders fought Cyrus and managed to break his Red Chain but brought upon themselves the wrath of Cyrus with it and were defeated.


Candice's Abomasnow
Abomasnow is one of Candice's main Pokémon. She was first seen when Platinum had bumped into a Graveler while skiing, she took her to the city so she could rest. Afterwords, she was used in her Gym match and was Candice's third Pokémon, against Platinum's newly caught Lopunny. She first successfully hit the Rabbit Pokémon with an Ice Shard, but it could stand it. Despite being an inexperienced member of her team, Lopunny was swiftly able to avoid the massive Pokémon's Focus Blasts, and to defeat her with a nimble Jump Kick.

Abomasnow's known moves are Ice Shard and Focus Blast.

Debut Disagreeable Graveler
Candice's Snover
Snover was the first Pokémon used by Candice during her Gym battle against Platinum against her Empoleon. Due to her opponent's Steel-type advantage, she was quickly defeated by a powerful Metal Claw, however, before she fainted, she had fired a Seed Bomb, which hit the Emperor Pokémon in the head, defeating her.

Snover's only known move is Seed Bomb.

Debut Striking Out Snover

Given away

Candice's Froslass
Candice's secret weapon in her match against Platinum is Froslass, who to counter her used her Rapidash. With his speed, Rapidash was able to avoid Froslass's Blizzard, but when it was finally hit, Rested to be saved for Candice's last Pokémon, only to be hit by a powerful Wake-Up Slap, nearly fainting him. After switching with Abomasnow, and the latter being defeated, she went against Lopunny, and stopped its jumping strategy and defeated it, but just before she could claim victory, she was defeated by Rapidash who had it energy restored by Lopunny's Healing Wish, earning Platinum the battle. After the Gym battle, she was taken to Lake Acuity where she was defeated by Jupiter. Later, at the Spear Pillar, Candice gave her to Platinum.

Froslass's known moves are Blizzard and Wake-Up Slap.

Debut To and Fro with Froslass

In the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventure! manga

Candice in Diamond and Pearl Adventure!

Candice makes an appearance in A Novel Test!, where she gives Hareta a test to see if he can defeat Team Galactic. Candice sends out all three of her golems. She uses Regice and Regirock in a Double Battle. Candice was a tough opponent that Hareta faced as her golems's Ability negated Luxio's Intimidate. In the midst of the battle, her Regirock buries Hareta's Riolu in an avalanche. However, just when Candice was about to walk away, Riolu evolves into a Lucario and defeats both of her golems single-handedly. After the battle, Candice takes Hareta to the Snowpoint Temple. It turns out that the test that Candice gave to Hareta was to determine if he was able to obtain Regigigas


These are the Pokémon that Candice is known to have:

Candice's Regice
Regice was used as a test to see if Hareta can catch the legendary golem master, Regigigas. It is her only Pokémon that is her specialty type. Regice was also used along with the other golems to awaken Regigigas in which Hareta was able to catch.

Regice's only known move is Ice Beam, and its Ability is Clear Body.

Debut A Novel Test!!
Candice's Regirock
Regirock was used as a test to see if Hareta can catch the legendary golem master, Regigigas. Regirock was also used along with the other golems to awaken Regigigas in which Hareta was able to catch.

Regirock's known moves are Hammer Arm and Dig, and its Ability is Clear Body.

Debut A Novel Test!!
Candice's Registeel
Registeel was used as a test to see if Hareta can catch the legendary golem master, Regigigas. Registeel was also used along with the other golems to awaken Regigigas in which Hareta was able to catch.

Registeel's Ability is Clear Body.

Debut A Novel Test!!

In the TCG

This listing is of cards mentioning or featuring Candice or her Pokémon in the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Candice's Pokémon
Cards listed with a blue background are only legal to use in the current Expanded format.
Cards listed with a silver background are legal to use in both the current Standard and Expanded formats.
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Froslass Pokémon GL Water Rising Rivals Rare Holo 6/111 Bonds to the End of Time Rare Holo 026/090
Mamoswine Pokémon GL Water Rising Rivals Rare 27/111 Bonds to the End of Time Rare 025/090


  • Even though Candice lives in the snowy north of Sinnoh, the only protection she seemingly has from the weather is the sweater tied around her waist and her long socks.
  • Candice is the only Gym Leader from Sinnoh that Ash did not have a 3-on-3 battle with. Instead, it was a 4-on-4.
  • In Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, Candice is the only Sinnoh Gym Leader to use two Pokémon within the same evolutionary line on her team (Snover and Abomasnow).
  • All of Candice's Pokémon in Diamond and Pearl are Pokémon that have gender differences.
  • The highest-leveled Pokémon in Candice's team differs between every battle.
  • In Platinum, Candice is the only Gym Leader whose Battleground rematch team contains only Pokémon which are in the Sinnoh Dex.
  • Candice's speaking of herself in the third person is somewhat a mistranslation: in Japanese, a person using their own name in place of "I" indicates femininity, whereas in English it is typically considered illeism.
  • Despite Candice stating that she is different than other Ice-type Gym Leaders in that she is warm and friendly instead of cold and distant, this is exactly how she acts in the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventure! manga.
  • Candice is the only female Ice-type Gym Leader.


Language Name Origin
Japanese スズナ Suzuna One of the Japanese names for turnip. Possibly a reference to 涼しい suzushii ("cool").
English Candice From the Latin "candita", meaning "clarity; whiteness". Contains ice.
French Gladys From glace, ice.
German Frida From frieren, get cold.
Italian Bianca Literally means white.
Spanish Inverna From invierno, winter.
Korean 무청 Mucheong Refers to the top of a radish. Related to her Japanese name.
Chinese (Mandarin) 鈴菜 Língcài (manga)
小菘 Xiǎo Sōng (anime)
From the Japanese name 鈴菜 suzuna.
From 菘 suzuna. Also an old name for 白菜 bái​cài​, a winter vegetable.

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