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{{obliviapkmn|271|Lombre|Grass|Cut 3}}
{{obliviapkmn|271|Lombre|Grass|Cut 3}}
{{obliviapkmn|272|Ludicolo|Grass|Cut 4}}
{{obliviapkmn|272|Ludicolo|Grass|Cut 4}}
{{obliviapkmn|388|Grotle|Grass|Tackle 3}}
{{obliviapkmn|388|Grotle|Grass|Tackle 3|yes|Another Grotle Needs Scare out of bushes using roar (Near from Girafarig)}}
{{obliviapkmn/f|463|Lickilicky|Normal|Crush 3|yes|Scare out of bushes using roar}}
{{obliviapkmn/f|463|Lickilicky|Normal|Crush 3|yes|Scare out of bushes using roar}}

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Canal Ruins 力ナルのいせき
Canal Ruins
Canal Ruins
Connecting locations
North Sopiana Highway
South None
West Silver Falls
East None
Location of Canal Ruins in Oblivia

(Japanese: 力ナルのいせき Canal Ruins) is a location in Pokémon Ranger: Locus of Light.



Pokémon Poké Assist Field
026 Raichu Electric Assist.png Electric Recharge 4
045 Vileplume * Grass Assist.png Grass Cut 3
085 Dodrio Normal Assist.png Normal Tackle 3
134 Vaporeon Water Assist.png Water Soak 2
162 Furret Normal Assist.png Normal Tackle 3
166 Ledian Bug Assist.png Bug Crush 3
173 Cleffa * Normal Assist.png Normal Tackle 1
186 Politoed Water Assist.png Water Soak 3
203 Girafarig Psychic Assist.png Psychic Tackle 1
214 Heracross Bug Assist.png Bug Tackle 3
245 Suicune * Water Assist.png Water None
271 Lombre Grass Assist.png Grass Cut 3
272 Ludicolo Grass Assist.png Grass Cut 4
388 Grotle * Grass Assist.png Grass Tackle 3
463 Lickilicky * Normal Assist.png Normal Crush 3


Pokémon Poké Assist Field
117 Seadra Water Assist.png Water Crush 2
171 Lanturn Electric Assist.png Electric Recharge 3
367 Huntail Water Assist.png Water Crush 3
368 Gorebyss Water Assist.png Water Cut 2
369 Relicanth Water Assist.png Water Crush 2
456 Finneon Water Assist.png Water Cut  1
489 Phione * Water Assist.png Water Cut 2

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