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キャンプボーイ Camp Boy
Evan Adventures.png
Camper Evan from Pokémon Adventures
Other names ボーイスカウト Boy Scout (Red and Green)
Jr. Trainer♂ (Generation I)
Introduced in Generation I
Appears in Red, Blue, and Yellow
Gold, Silver, and Crystal
Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed, and LeafGreen
Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, and SoulSilver
Stadium, Stadium 2
Gender Male only
Female Counterpart Picnicker
Notable members JoeY
Anime debut [[]]
TCG debut [[(TCG)|]]
TCG card {{{card}}}
Manga debut Lapras Lazily (Adventures)
Let's Fight! The Mini Pokémon Tournament (The Golden Boys)

A Camper (Japanese: キャンプボーイ Camp Boy) is a type of Pokémon Trainer that first debuted in the Generation I games. They are generally depicted as little boys in uniforms.

They raise a variety of Pokémon, mainly those that would be found in the woods.

In the past, they have also been known as Jr. Trainers♂. In Pokémon Red and Green Versions, they are called ボーイスカウト Boy Scout, although supposedly this had to be changed for legal reasons. Their female counterparts appear to be Picnickers.


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Spr RG Jr Trainer M.png Spr GS Camper.png Spr RS Camper.png Spr FRLG Camper.png Spr DP Camper.png Spr DP Camper Beta.png SJP Camper.png
Jr. Trainer♂ sprite from
Red and Blue
Sprite from
Generation II
Sprite from
Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald
Sprite from
FireRed and LeafGreen
Sprite from
Generation IV
Beta sprite from
Diamond and Pearl
Sprite from
Japanese Stadium
JrTrainerM OD.png Camper RSE OD.png Camper OD.png S2 Camper.png
Overworld sprite from
Generation I
Overworld sprite from
Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald
Overworld sprite from
Generation IV
Sprite from
Stadium 2

Trainer list

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In the manga

In the Pokémon Adventures manga


Evan (Japanese: ジュンジ Junji), known as Phil in Chuang Yi's translations, is a young Camper that has helped the Pokédex holders occasionally. Evan first appears in a flashback after Blue is seen capturing a wild Lapras. He tries to convince Blue to give him the Lapras because he has been trying to capture it for weeks. After Blue refuses to do so, Evan reveals that his Haunter went missing at the now-abandoned Power Plant and he wanted a strong Pokémon to get it back.

Blue agrees to help Evan and they go to the Power Plant where they are attacked by the Elite Four member, Agatha. As Blue battles Agatha, he is eventually trapped in a coffin that sucks his energy, leaving Evan alone and defenseless. With some encouragement from Blue, Evan manages to find his Haunter and faces Agatha long enough for Blue to recover and defeat her. Blue thanks Evan for helping him learn something new and releases the Lapras he had caught before so Evan can do whatever he wants with it.

Two years later, Evan appears on Cinnabar Island where he helps Blaine train with his Mewtwo. He is seen greeting Yellow after she arrives on the island and helps Blaine train by throwing rocks with his Haunter while Blaine has Mewtwo deflect them with its spoon. Afterwards, Blaine thanks Evan for his help and pays him for his efforts.

Later, he is seen taking care of the unconscious Super Nerd Miles after his defeat at the hands of Yellow in Celadon City. After feeding his Pokémon, Miles wakes up from his coma and reveals to Evan what happened to the missing Red. Soon after, Cinnabar Island is attacked by a group of Dragon-type Pokémon with Evan and Miles try to hide from the attack.

In the Gold, Silver, & Crystal chapter, Evan and Miles are seen having a quick battle which has Evan emerging the victor. They are revealed to be taking part in the next Pokémon Tournament and because they do not have Gym Badges, they have to take part in the preliminary tournament. However, because of the attack caused by Masked Man, the Pokémon League tournament was cancelled and they never got a chance to compete.

In the FireRed & LeafGreen chapter, Evan and Miles are seen visiting Blaine on Cinnabar Island.

Evan's Haunter
Haunter was the first Pokémon Evan was known to own. It was taken from him after it was lured to the Power Plant and kidnapped by Agatha. When Blue and Evan went to get it back, Evan managed to find it and used Haunter to help defeat her. Later, Haunter was seen being used to help Blaine train and battle Miles at Indigo Plateau.

Haunter's known moves are Hypnosis and Nightmare, and its Ability is Levitate.

Debut Lapras Lazily
Evan's Lapras
Lapras was originally caught by Blue but he decided to give it to Evan after the incident with Agatha at the Power Plant.

Lapras's known moves are Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Water Gun and Mist.

Debut Lapras Lazily
Evan's Arcanine
Arcanine was used to help Blaine train with Mewtwo.

Arcanine's only known move is Ember.

Debut Putting It On The Line...Against Arcanine

Unnamed camper

Another Camper briefly appears in the Platinum chapter with his Venonat watching Looker on his jetpack.

Camper's Venonat
Venonat briefly appeared with its Trainer where they were watching Looker flying on his jetpack.

None of Venonat's moves are known.

Debut VS Claydol

In the Pokémon Gold & Silver: The Golden Boys manga

In Pokémon Gold & Silver: The Golden Boys, a Camper named Yuki appears in Let's Fight! The Mini Pokémon Tournament. He uses a Swinub.

In other languages

Language Title
Mandarin Chinese 露營少年 Lùyíng Shàonián
France Flag.png French Dresseur Jr♂ (I)
Germany Flag.png German Pfadfinder (I)
Italy Flag.png Italian Allen. Jr♂ (I)
South Korea Flag.png Korean 캠프보이 Camp Boy
Spain Flag.png Spanish Entrenad. Jr♂ (I)

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