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Genzo redirects here. For the anime character whose Japanese name is Genzō, see Kenzo (Johto).

ゲンゾー Genzo
Cameron in the Slowpoke Well
Gender Male
Hometown Cianwood City
Region Kanto, Johto
Relatives Unnamed relative
Generation IV
Games HeartGold and SoulSilver

Cameron the Photographer (Japanese: ゲンゾー Genzo) is a non-player character in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver.

After the player arrives in Goldenrod City, Cameron will periodically be found in both Kanto and Johto on varying days of the week, and in a few cases, at different times. He will take pictures of the player's party and the surrounding area. Cameron's house is in Cianwood City, which has an automatic camera beside it for use at all times; however, Cameron cannot be found here.

Photo locations

With the entire party

Location Notes Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
New Bark Town
No No Yes No No No No
Cherrygrove City
No Yes No Yes No Yes No
Ruins of Alph Outside Yes No No No No Yes Yes
Ruins of Alph Inside No Yes Yes No Yes No No
Route 32
No No Yes No Yes No Yes
Slowpoke Well
No Yes No Yes No Yes No
Ilex Forest
Yes No Yes No No No Yes
Route 35
No Yes Yes No No Yes No
National Park Gate Yes No No No No No Yes
National Park Inside Yes Yes No No No No Yes
Pokéathlon Dome
No No Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Ecruteak City
No No No No No Yes No
Route 39
Yes No No No Yes No No
Olivine City
No Yes Yes No No No No
Glitter Lighthouse At night No No No Yes No No Yes
Safari Zone Gate
No No Yes No Yes No No
Ice Path
No No No No No No Yes
Blackthorn City
Yes No Yes No No No No
Route 45
No No No Yes No No Yes
Route 48
Yes No No No No Yes No
Mt. Silver
No No No Yes No Yes No
Frontier Access
No No Yes No No No Yes
Pallet Town
No No No Yes Yes Yes No
Route 1
No Yes Yes No No No Yes
Viridian City
No No No Yes No Yes No
Pewter City
No No Yes No No No Yes
Pewter Museum of Science
No Yes No No No No Yes
Cerulean City
Yes No No No Yes No No
Vermilion City
Yes No No No Yes No No
Silph Co.
No No No No No Yes Yes
Saffron Train Station
No Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Celadon City
No No Yes No No Yes No
Celadon Department Store
No No No No No Yes No
Fuchsia City
No No Yes No No No Yes
Route 12
No Yes No Yes No No Yes
Route 14
Yes No No No Yes No No
Seafoam Islands
No No Yes No No No Yes
Route 21
No Yes No No No No No
Route 22
Yes No No No Yes No No
Route 26
No No Yes No No Yes No

With NPCs

If the Gym Leader is currently in the Fighting Dojo, the player cannot take a picture with the Leader.

Character Location Day Requirements
Day-Care Man Pokémon Day Care Wednesday and Thursday
Dragon Clan Elder Dragon's Den Monday and Thursday
Professor Oak Professor Oak's Laboratory Everyday Complete the National Pokédex
Falkner Celadon Department Store Wednesday His phone number
Bugsy National Park (by the fountain) Friday His phone number
Whitney Goldenrod Department Store (sixth floor) Everyday from 6:00 PM to 8:59 PM Her phone number
Morty Bellchime Trail Friday His phone number
Chuck Route 47 Sunday Does not appear after the Jade Orb is obtained
Jasmine Olivine Café Everyday from 12:00 PM to 12:59 PM Her phone number
Pryce Mahogany Gym Everyday
Clair Dragon's Den Everyday from 4:00 PM to 6:59 PM Her phone number
Brock Diglett's Cave on the Route 2 side Everyday from 5:00 PM to 7:59 PM His phone number
Misty Route 25 Everyday from 2:00 PM to 3:59 PM Her phone number and a Water-type Pokémon as the lead Pokémon
Lt. Surge Route 39 at Moomoo Farm Friday and Saturday His phone number
Erika Celadon City Monday Her phone number
Janine Victory Road at the Pokémon League Reception Gate Everyday from 6:00 PM to 7:59 PM Her phone number
Sabrina Olivine City Harbor Monday Her phone number
Blaine Cinnabar Island Thursday His phone number
Blue Cinnabar Island Friday Defeat Red

Photos without Cameron

There are two other photo locations where photos are taken without Cameron. One is by using the automatic camera outside his house in Cianwood City, the other is a special photo in the Goldenrod Tunnel taken while dressed as a Team Rocket Grunt.


This is the house of Cameron,
the Photographer.
Take a Snapshot as a Keepsake!

Cameron's house replaces the Game Boy Printer-based Photo Studio in Cianwood City from Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal. While Cameron never visits Cianwood City while the player is there, he has set up an automatic camera outside with which the player can use to take a photo with their party. A relative of Cameron's resides inside the house.


Pokéfan HGSS OD.png
Overworld sprite from
HeartGold and SoulSilver


A photo with an NPC taken by Cameron
"Hello, just when you least expect it! I am Cameron the Photographer. You look so photogenic! Why not have a picture taken?"
No: "Aren't you a shy one?"
  • If the player's Photo Album is not full
"All right, then! Get yourselves ready!"
"Good, good! We've got a nice picture! You can see all the pictures on your PC."
  • If the player's Photo Album is full
"Wait a second! My superhuman ability is telling me that your Photo Album is full! Sorry to trouble you, but can you delete some pictures before you talk to me again?"


  • Cameron can be found at Mt. Silver, a location only highly skilled Trainers are permitted to enter; this suggests that he is a highly skilled Trainer.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ゲンゾー Genzo From 現像 Genzō, photo developing
English Cameron From "camera"
French, Spanish F. Otto Possibly from photo.
German Wikbert
Italian F. Oto Possibly from photo.
Korean 현상 Hyeonsang Korean reading of 現像 Genzō.

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