Cameran Palace

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Cameran Palace
オルドラン城 Oldoran Castle
Cameran Palace.png
Cameran Palace
Region Kanto
Debut Lucario and the Mystery of Mew
Ancient Cameran Palace
Cameran Stadium

Cameran Palace (Japanese: オルドラン城 Oldoran Castle) is an anime-exclusive location in Kanto, located north of the town of Rota, on an island in the center of a lake. Featured in Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, it is where Queen Ilene and her ancestor, Queen Rin, resided. According to official maps on the movie, Cameran Palace and the town of Rota are located north of Mt. Silver, and is just northwest of Mt. Moon.

The castle is a large white stone structure with red roofing, and its highest point is a four-faced clock tower. It is connected to the town by a long bridge. At the back of the castle is a cable car track, which stops at the other side of the lake. Besides the castle, there is a large adjoining stadium for Pokémon battles, which is used for the battle tournament of Rota's annual festival.

The palace itself features a large ballroom with pink marble patterned flooring, large arch windows and red supporting pillars. Pikachu and friends ventured into a double-story attic with several hand winches to support the ballroom's chandeliers and old toys. A separate throne room exists with a connected balcony that overlooks the Tree of Beginning.

Lucario once had a room in the castle, connected to a courtyard garden, which is apparently now a museum of historic artifacts.

Cameran Palace later made a brief appearance in the "World of Pokémon" intro in Giratina and the Sky Warrior.



Language Name Origin
Japanese オルドラン城 Oldoran Castle Possibly オルドランド old land
English Cameran Palace Possibly from Camelot
Chinese (Mandarin) 歐魯德朗城 Ōulǔdélǎng Castle Transliteration of its Japanese name. May also be from 德國 Déguó (Germany) and 歐洲 Ōuzhōu (Europe).
Dutch Cameron Paleis Same as English name
French Palais Cameran Same as English name
German Cameran-Palast Same as English name
Italian Palazzo di Cameron Same as English name
Korean 올드렌 성 Oldeuren Seong Transliteration of its Japanese name
Russian Дворец Камарон Dvorets Kamaron Same as English name
Spanish Palacio Cameran Same as English name
Thai ปราสาทโอลด์แลน Oldran Castle Transliteration of its Japanese name

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