Camellia Town

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Camellia Town
ツバキタウン Tsubaki Town
Camellia Town Stadium.png
Camellia Town
Region Sinnoh
Debut A Marathon Rivalry!

Camellia Town (Japanese: ツバキタウン Tsubaki Town) is an anime-exclusive location in Sinnoh.

Located near Daybreak Town, this town hosted the first Pokéathlon in Sinnoh, which was won by Daniel and his Snorlax. Ash and his Pikachu got second place. The town first appeared in A Marathon Rivalry!. It contains Daniel's lab where he trains his Snorlax and Hitmonlee.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ツバキタウン Tsubaki Town From camellia.
English Camellia Town From camellia.
Spanish Pueblo Camelia Translation of the English name.
Chinese (Taiwan) 椿之鎮 Chūnzhī​​ Zhèn From 椿 tsubaki. 椿 refers to the Chinese mahogany.

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