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Calista (Japanese: ミココ Mikoko) was the character of the day in Xatu the Future.

Using Xatu, Calista was able to predict the weather in the small village she lived in. One day, she began to panic because the Xatu prophesied that a flood was about to occur. Calista faced a dilemma, because she was unsure whether she should alert the town or not. In the end, she told the town that the Xatu had predicted a terrible storm.

The villagers threw all of their belongings toward the Xatu and then fled the stadium. The Xatu teleported Calista, Ash and his friends out of danger. Calista released the Xatu and then became a weather reporter for a TV station.


Calista's Xatu (×3)
Xatu (×3)
Calista has three Xatu which can predict the weather. They first appeared perching on spheres, they suddenly fly off into a huge stone auditorium with a huge audience. The Xatu fly up towards a guardrail and Calista grabs out two fans, everybody else does the same. She shouts towards the people, doing different patterns with the fans. Soon the Xatu do similar patterns with their wings and that was it. Calista said there should be rain tomorrow, but otherwise the rest of the day is going to be fine. But for once she was wrong as a huge storm brews.

Later she tries again and this time predicts that a flood will occur and the area is evacuated. Suddenly Team Rocket reveal their scheme, Delibird throws three Present attacks at the Xatu which heals them. Delibird gets annoyed and tries again, still healing the Xatu. It tries again but this time sends Team Rocket blasting off. The Xatu do one final pattern and Calista says they'll teleport away now before the disaster comes by. First the Xatu teleports then the gang and Calista teleport out as well. Just in the nick of time, a giant tidal wave comes through a valley where the place rests and covers the area.

Xatu's only known move is Teleport.

Debut Xatu the Future

Voice actress

Language Voice actor
Japanese 横手久美子 Kumiko Yokote
English Tara Jayne
European Spanish Beatriz Berciano


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