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* She shares her dub name with that of {{jo|Calista|another character of the day}} with a {{p|Xatu}} who appeared in the [[Johto]] saga.
* She shares her dub name with that of {{jo|Calista|another character of the day}} with a {{p|Xatu}} who appeared in the [[Johto]] saga.
{{Project COD notice}}
{{Project COD notice}}

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Calista (Japanese: クルヨ Kuruyo) is a one-time character in the Pokémon anime who appeared in the episode Me, Myself and Time.

Calista appeared to be very enthusiastic about archeology and Pokémon. However, her parents refused to support her decision to pursue this career. One day, she received a phone call telling her to go and locate a tree hole in a forest with her Baltoy. With Ash's help, they located a mysterious woman in the tree hole, but she disappeared soon after.

Following her into the hole, they found a large number of boulders, which Baltoy moved aside. Underneath, they found a badly injured Baltoy. Suddenly, the mysterious woman appeared and informed the kids that she was Calista's future self. She put her Baltoy on an altar when it fell, trapping it under the boulder. She called Calista in the past, hoping she'd help save Baltoy. After saving it, future Calista reminded present Calista not to give up on her hobbies.


On hand

Calista's Baltoy
Baltoy was first seen spinning around and heading to a cliff. Ash asks Pikachu to use a Quick Attack to stop it. Later, it helped future Calista's Baltoy (in other words, itself) by removing the rocks that were crushing it. Then, it used Rapid Spin in the middle of the wheel of drawings. It is then surrounded by beams of light revealing the true identity of the woman (who was future Calista).

Baltoy's known moves are Rapid Spin and Confusion.

Debut Me, Myself and Time

In the future

Calista's Xatu
Xatu is a Pokémon owned by future Calista. She first used it to battle Team Rocket. Later she used it to protect Ash and present Calista from rocks destroyed by present Calista's Baltoy. It also tried to battle with one of Team Rocket's mechas, but was unable to defeat it.

Xatu's known moves are Reflect, Teleport, Peck and Shadow Ball.

Debut Me, Myself and Time

Voice actress

Language Voice actor
Japanese 三石琴乃 Kotono Mitsuishi
English Lisa Adams
Brazilian Portuguese Adriana Pissardini (young)
Rosely Gonçalves (adult)
European Spanish Carmen Cervantes (young)
Yolanda Pérez Segoviano (adult)


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