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These are Calaba's quotes in the Pokémon games.

In the core series

Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Crimson Mirelands - Solaceon Ruins
  • First encounter
"I'm Calaba of the Pearl Clan. Warden Calaba to you."
"Ho? Now would you look at that... You have a Celestica Flute."
"You must be the one they say fell out of the space-time rift."
That's right: "I see, I see..."
I guess?: "Why the vague response, hmmm? Something to hide?"
"I've already heard about you. That you quelled Kleavor in his frenzy."
"I'm sure many people were saved by your actions, but I wonder if there wasn't some other way to handle the situation..."
"What you did is hardly different from bullying a Pokémon into submission, after all. And you run about catching Pokémon up in those little balls you carry..."
"I don't need any help from your sort. Or the Diamond Clan, for that matter. That young lady, Arezu, offered to help, but associating with the Diamond Clan... It just won't do."
"Be on your way. There is much I must do, and I'd prefer not to be distracted any further."
"Oh, so you've come to bother me again? Well, come as often as you'd like, but it won't change my mind."
Regardless of choice: "What? You went and retrieved the fragment from those bandits? Why go out of your way like that for a complete stranger like me?"
"I guess you're that eager to calm Ursaluna, hmm?"
Regardless of choice: "I'll admit, I didn't expect anybody else to truly care for Ursaluna... Well then, let's see that Wall Fragment."
"And there we go. Good as new."
"Let me read what it says."
""All lives touch other lives to create something anew and alive...""
"...I see."
"I suppose it means people helping each other, like how you helped retrieve the fragment. I've read this passage many, many times. But this is the first time I've truly understood what it means. Maybe this is almighty Sinnoh's guidance?"
"What is your name, then, boy/girl?"
"I see... <player>. Please lend me your strength, so that we may help Ursaluna."
"It's true that Ursaluna has become enraged, but he doesn't seem to be in an utter frenzy. I think he will return to his normal state if we can just give him some medicine."
"I could never bring myself to engage Pokémon in battle... But that's something I can rely on you for, am I right?"
"Ursaluna prefers to stay on Sludge Mound. Please join me there when you're ready."
Crimson Mirelands - Sludge Mound
"Over here, <player>."
"Ursaluna is enraged, yes, but...he must still recall his long relationship with the Pearl Clan. He never fails to show up the moment I play my Celestica Flute."
"Now, show your mettle to Ursaluna! But remember that Ursaluna is a Pokémon very dear to the Pearl Clan. I will not permit you to catch him!"
  • If the player fails
"Ursaluna's quite strong, isn't he? Maybe you ought to prepare a bit more."
  • After quelling Ursaluna
"Ursaluna, my poor darling. You must be exhausted from running around like that. Come. Let me make you all better."
"I have here a special medicine of the Pearl Clan. It'll clear out any poison in a Pokémon's body. If poison's what's causing Ursaluna's rage, this is sure to calm him down. We call it...Toxi-Gone!"
"It's so potent that we can only use it on tough, resilient Pokémon, like Ursaluna. There, there, dear Ursaluna. You've calmed down now, haven't you?"
"This is all very strange, though..."
Regardless of choice: "Very astute of you, Galaxy Team recruit. You're exactly right. When you quelled Kleavor's frenzy, I could see the strange light rising into the sky all the way from here."
"But no such strange light erupted from Ursaluna after you defeated him, nor was he glowing."
"And what is this clinging to Ursaluna's coat? It seems like some kind of powder..."
"That girl from the Diamond Clan, Arezu... Now, why did she of all people find the need to come and tell me about Ursaluna, I wonder?"
"Oh, but I almost forgot something important. Play your Celestica Flute for me, won't you?"
"Ursaluna is very good at finding things that are buried in the ground. We say that he's digging for treasure, even if these treasures might not always glitter or gleam."
"Now go and let your commander know of what transpired here, child of the Galaxy Team."
Crimson Mirelands - Cloudpool Ridge
"Ahhh, there you are. Arezu, right?"
"I owe you an apology. I treated you with disrespect, thinking you were just some whelp from the Diamond Clan. I'm sorry for that. I should've treated you better."
"It's not your fault that Lilligant became frenzied nor that my Ursaluna was so enraged. You were trying to help them both, weren't you?"
"I didn't even have the courtesy to listen to you. You'd think someone who's lived as long as I have would be more patient."
"Ah, that explains the strange powder I found on Ursaluna. It must've been powder from Lilligant. But what happened to your leg, dear?"
"Don't you worry, Arezu. <player> will calm Lilligant, and that will be that. Things should settle down."
"Head to Brava Arena, <player>. That's where Lilligant's seat lies."
"Arezu will be taken care of. My dear Bibarel and I will make sure she reaches her lady."
Crimson Mirelands - Brava Arena
  • Before battling Lilligant
"I hope we didn't keep you waiting."
"All it took was one of my poultices to get Arezu's leg all patched up."
"Arezu tried to solve the whole situation herself. I daresay she bit off more than she could chew and caused some trouble, but her heart was in the right place."
  • After quelling Lilligant
"Oh, don't worry about it. A young one like her is bound to get caught up in some trouble from time to time."
"Remember what's written in the Solaceon Ruins? "All lives touch other lives to create something anew and alive." There's wisdom in those words... I imagine they're the teaching of almighty Sinnoh itself."
"Of course, I'd completely forgotten about them until a certain somebody helped me remember."
"Don't try to solve everything by yourself, Arezu. You're a warden. Of all people, we should know how to stand in solidarity with others. It's our job to stand side by side with Pokémon, after all."
"Let's work together from now on to keep the mirelands safe, Arezu."
"I'll be sure to inform Irida that both the Diamond Clan and Galaxy Team helped save Ursaluna."
"You did well, <player>. All our different groups finally joined hands to work together today. I admit, it was a fun day for me. But now it's about time I be on my way."
  • Rematch with Lilligant
"The Lady of the Ridge is doing radiantly well."
"So, child, what do you want to do?"
Have a rematch: "Then on behalf of Warden Arezu... Lady Lilligant! Kindly honor this challenger with a battle!"
Check my record: "Your fastest time for achieving victory over Lady Lilligant is XX:XX:XX."
Nothing, really: "Well, feel free to drop by again if you please."
  • If the player loses to Lilligant
"Are you all right, child? According to Warden Arezu, Lady Lilligant has been quite eager to battle you again."
  • If the player defeats Lilligant
"Quite the performance."
"You claimed this victory after XX:XX:XX."
"Well, that's a new record. Impressive!"
"Here, this is from me."
"Take this, too."
"Also, Warden Arezu had a message for you. She said, "Please keep Lilligant company!""
Coronet Highlands - Outside Moonview Arena
  • After receiving Mission 23
"Cresselia is said to be the very embodiment of the crescent moon. Her feathers are called Lunar Feathers, and legend says that if you hold one as you fall asleep, you'll be visited with wondrous dreams."
"Think you might be able to catch Cresselia and perhaps even claim one of those Lunar Feathers?"
  • After catching Cresselia
"Well, well, this is unexpected. Instead of a Lunar Feather, you got some kind of a plate... I do feel power emanating from it, though. In any case, if Cresselia did not gift us with any of her feathers, then I suppose she thought we had no need for them."
"I will go back to the settlement and tell the others about the feathers...that we didn't get."
Jubilife Village - Photography Studio
"It seems you run into some interesting things when you live nearly a century as I have. So, child, shall we take a photo together?"
Request 96 - "Massive Mass Outbreak in the Fieldlands"
Obsidian Fieldlands - Fieldlands/Heights Camp
"That frown doesn't suit you at all."
"Mass outbreaks hat occur during rainstorms? I've never heard of such a thing."
"But of course, life is full of surprises. After all, it's not often that Pokémon from beyond our world appear at the Temple of Sinnoh, either. Perhaps these Pokémon are reacting to the arrival of mighty Dialga/Palkia."
"Why don't we head back to Jubilife Village? Arezu's shop may be a good place to visit. That girl's place is awfully popular, after all—and where people gather, information abounds."
"It's settled, then. I'll wait for you at the hairdresser's."
Jubilife Village - Hairdresser's
"It's natural to worry about the unknown. That's why <player> is investigating this for us, no? To put our concerns to rest."