Butterfree (Burning Shadows 3)

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バタフリー Butterfree
Illus. Shin Nagasawa
Evolution stage
Stage 2 Pokémon
Evolves from Metapod
Card name Butterfree
Type Grass
HP 120
retreat cost
English expansion Burning Shadows
Rarity Rare
English card no. 3/147
Japanese expansion Darkness that Consumes Light
Japanese rarity U
Japanese card no. 003/051
Japanese expansion SM-P Promotional cards
Japanese card no. 111/SM-P
For more information on this Pokémon's species, see Butterfree.

Butterfree (Japanese: バタフリー Butterfree) is a Grass-type Stage 2 Pokémon card. It was first released as part of the Burning Shadows expansion.

Card text

Grass Bye-Bye Heal
Heal all damage from all of your Pokémon. Shuffle this Pokémon and all cards attached to it into your deck.
GrassColorlessColorless Stun Spore
Flip a coin. If heads, your opponent's Active Pokémon is now Paralyzed.

Pokédex data

Butterfree - Butterfly Pokémon
No. Height Weight
012 3'07" (1.1 m) 70.5 lbs. (32.0 kg)
Pokédex entry
Close examination of its large eyes reveals that each eye is composed of a myriad of tiny eyes.
大きな 眼を よく 観察すると 実は 小さな 眼が 無数に 集まって できているのが わかる。

Release information

This card was included in the Burning Shadows expansion, first released in the Japanese Darkness that Consumes Light expansion. It was reprinted in Japan as a SM-P Promotional card, available as part of the Midsummer's Pika Pika Alola Festival, which ran from July 22 to September 3, 2017. Customers at participating Pokémon Centers (including the Pokémon Center Online) and Pokémon Stores who purchased five booster packs in one transaction were given 1 of 6 possible promotional cards. This print features the Pokémon Center logo in the bottom right corner of the artwork.



The Bye-Bye Heal attack and card illustration are references to the anime episode Bye Bye Butterfree, in which Ash releases his Butterfree so it can breed. Stun Spore is a move in the Pokémon games that Butterfree can learn. This card's Pokédex entry comes from Pokémon Sun.

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