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Ryouga after combining with Zekrom

Burst (Japanese: バースト BURST) is a special technique in the Pokémon RéBURST manga that allows a human to combine with a Pokémon, gaining its powers and immunities while increasing the user's physical and defensive strengths. Those who can use Burst are known as Burst Warriors (Japanese: バースト戦士). It is stated that in order to use Burst, one must go through rigorous training or else their life will be in danger if they attempt it. If one is defeated while in Burst form, they will automatically change back to normal.


The concept of Burst compared to a Poké Ball

In order for one to perform Burst, they will need a special item known as a Burst Heart (Japanese: BURST ハート BURST Heart, often shortened to B Heart). The Burst Heart is a small, pocket sized jewel that actually holds a Pokémon inside of it, sealed so that its power can be used by anyone wishing to fuse with it. The Burst Heart can be compared to a Poké Ball in that it holds a Pokémon inside, but is also different due to the fact that it doesn't store a Pokémon to be released for later use. If a Burst Heart is broken, the Pokémon inside will be freed.

Once Burst is activated, the user will have their physical traits increased greatly. Whatever abilities the user will get depends on the type of Pokémon used to combine; for example, a Ground-type Pokémon will make the user immune to Electric attacks.

It is shown that a person can actually be sent inside of their Burst Heart in order to better connect with the Pokémon inside. In Ryouga's Burst Heart, an entire field can be seen inside and a large area where his Zekrom is being held. Once he arrives to this spot, a key takes the form of a young gatekeeper boy to test him and see if he's worthy enough of seeing Zekrom. Once Ryouga passes the test, the boy turns back into his true form—a key— and allows him to see Zekrom.

It is later revealed that a Burst Heart—like the Pokémon they contain—can become stronger as they get involved in more battles. This allows the Burst itself to become stronger at the same time as the Burst Warrior.

Compass of Light

The Compass of Light
The six grooves inside of the Compass of Light

The Compass of Light (Japanese: 光の羅針盤) is a large crystal-like object that has the ability to search out Burst Hearts. Once a Burst Heart is put inside one of its six grooves, it will emit a beam of light that will seek out any other Burst Heart in the vicinity. The more Burst Hearts that are nearby, the more beams of light will seek them out.

According to Hariru, if the "six original Burst Hearts" are put inside of the grooves, then Ryouga will be able to find the person he has been searching for, Arcades.

Known Burst Warriors

Chapter Pokémon Burst Warrior Image
RB01 Zekrom Zekrom Ryouga Ryouga Burst.png
RB02 Excadrill Excadrill Hilgreitz Hilgreitz Burst.png
RB10 Zorua Zorua Hariru Hariru Burst.png
RB13 Boldore Boldore Rend Rend Burst.png
RB19 Carracosta Carracosta Zengai Zengai Burst.png
RB21 Emboar Emboar Carola Carola Burst.png
RB21 Beartic Beartic Loren Loren Burst.png
RB21 Golurk Golurk Battsu Battsu Burst.png
RB21 Accelgor Accelgor Karuta Karuta Burst.png
RB21 Braviary Braviary Eurou Eurou Burst.png
RB21 Jellicent Jellicent Rurimaru Rurimaru Burst.png
RB21 Emolga Emolga Pikke Pikke Burst.png
RB21 Cofagrigus Cofagrigus Rush Rush Burst.png
RB21 Garbodor Garbodor Dokan Dokan Burst.png
RB21 Beheeyem Beheeyem Rabine Rabine Burst.png
RB21 Bisharp Bisharp Fraud 100px
RB21 Klang Klang Gizairu Gizairu Burst.png
RB21 Bouffalant Bouffalant Afron Afron Burst.png
RB23 Mienshao Mienshao Shin Shin Burst.png
RB45 Scraggy Scraggy Rūkamu Rukamu Burst.png
RB47 Accelgor Accelgor Karuta's father Karuta father Burst.png
RB49 Purrloin Purrloin Rug Rug Burst.png
RB54 Throh Throh Danke Danke Burst.png
RB55 Sigilyph Sigilyph Sabin Sabin Burst.png
RB58 Eelektross Eelektross Toga Toga Burst.png
RB58 Druddigon Druddigon Kigyan Kigyan Burst.png
RB58 Mandibuzz Mandibuzz Lukov Lukov Burst.png
RB58 Virizion Virizion Rovy Rovy Burst.png
RB58 Terrakion Terrakion Ganku Ganku Burst.png
RB58 Cobalion Cobalion Amu Amu Burst.png

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