Buried Relic

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Buried Relic
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Buried Relic ちてい いせき
Ruins in the Depths
PMD Buried Relic.png
Basic info
Floors: 99
Rest stops: No
Traps: Yes
Monster Houses: {{{monsterhouses}}}
Main type: None
Boss: Regirock
Recruiting: Yes
Items: Allowed
Money: Allowed
Starting level: Current
Team members: 4

Buried Relic (Japanese: ちてい いせき Underground Ruins) is a dungeon in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team. It contains 99 floors and is the location of Mew. There is a compulsory save upon entry.

It is possible to visit Buried Relic after the first completion of Stormy Sea. After receiving a letter about it and talking to Lombre, Shiftry will grant access to the dungeon. In order to receive the letter, there must be less than 4 letters in the mailbox.

There is a chance of finding buried items and Monster Houses on any floor.

Floors 15, 25 and 35 are a fight with each of the legendary golems, Regirock, Regice and Registeel. On defeating them, the player will receive the Rock Part, Ice Part, and Steel Part, respectively. Once all three are obtained, they will join together to form the Music Box. When this item is in the bag, Mew can randomly be found from floors 36 to 98. However, doing anything with the Music Box will break it. The player will automatically teleport out of the dungeon on befriending Mew.

Four HMs are found in this dungeon: Rock Smash on 45F, Strength on 60F, Flash on 70F and Cut on 80F. Flash and Rock Smash require a key to obtain while Strength requires a Ghost Pokémon or a Pokémon that knows Rock Smash to reach. Cut requires a key, the ability to pass over water, and Rock Smash/Super Mobile or a Ghost Pokémon.

Wild Pokémon

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
042 Golbat 1-4 10 -19.0%
215 Sneasel 1-4 15 7.7%
360 Wynaut 1-4 20 9.6%
020 Raticate 4-8 19 Unrecruitable
066 Machop 4-8 22 10.5%
293 Whismur 4-8 20 8.8%
163 Hoothoot 5-9 36 7.0%
106 Hitmonlee 5-11 22 Unrecruitable
107 Hitmonchan 5-11 22 Unrecruitable
137 Porygon 5-10 R 30 7.6%
092 Gastly 9-14 23 1.0%
096 Drowzee 9-14 35 7.9%
063 Abra 10, 20, 30 16 10.4%
233 Porygon2 10-14, 16-18 B 20 10.0%
304 Aron 14, 16-19 35 7.8%
316 Gulpin 14, 16-19 20 6.9%
377 Regirock 15 18 0.1% Boss
074 Geodude 16-20 27 9.1%
164 Noctowl 16-20 30 Unrecruitable
132 Ditto 16-24, 26-34 25 6.8%
307 Meditite 17-22 30 5.5%
202 Wobbuffet 19-24 30 Unrecruitable
097 Hypno 23, 24, 26-29 33 Unrecruitable
237 Hitmontop 24, 26-29 22 Unrecruitable
378 Regice 25 23 0.1% Boss
292 Shedinja 26-34, 36-39 5 Unrecruitable
296 Makuhita 30-34 25 10.2%
379 Registeel 35 25 0.1% Boss
151 Mew 36-98 40 0.9%
027 Sandshrew 36-59 30 10.4%
064 Kadabra 40-49 30 -19.0%
239 Elekid 41-59 34 10.3%
122 Mr. Mime 50-69 29 7.4%
247 Pupitar 60-70 35 -19.0%
111 Rhyhorn 61-73 16 7.7%
024 Arbok 65-74 35 Unrecruitable
275 Shiftry 68-74 35 -30.0%
303 Mawile 68-90 30 7.1%
075 Graveler 74-79 35 -19.0%
067 Machoke 80-87 24 -19.0%
093 Haunter 82-93 25 -19.0%
076 Golem 91-99 29 -30.0%


Item Floors
Poké currency.png 4-458 Poké  ??F
MDBag Scarf Sprite.png Bounce Band  ??F
MDBag Scarf Sprite.png Defense Scarf  ??F
MDBag Scarf Sprite.png Detect Band  ??F
MDBag Scarf Sprite.png Diet Ribbon  ??F
MDBag Scarf Sprite.png Heal Ribbon  ??F
MDBag Scarf Sprite.png Mobile Scarf  ??F
MDBag Scarf Sprite.png No-Stick Cap  ??F
MDBag Scarf Sprite.png Pass Scarf  ??F
MDBag Scarf Sprite.png Patsy Band  ??F
MDBag Scarf Sprite.png Pecha Scarf  ??F
MDBag Scarf Sprite.png Persim Band  ??F
MDBag Scarf Sprite.png Pierce Band  ??F
MDBag Scarf Sprite.png Power Band  ??F
MDBag Scarf Sprite.png Racket Band  ??F
MDBag Scarf Sprite.png Sneak Scarf  ??F
MDBag Scarf Sprite.png Special Band  ??F
MDBag Scarf Sprite.png Stamina Band  ??F
MDBag Scarf Sprite.png Twist Band  ??F
MDBag Scarf Sprite.png Warp Scarf  ??F
MDBag Scarf Sprite.png Weather Band  ??F
MDBag Scarf Sprite.png Zinc Band  ??F
MDBag Glasses Sprite.png Insomniscope  ??F
MDBag Glasses Sprite.png Lockon Specs  ??F
MDBag Scope Lens Sprite.png Scope Lens  ??F
MDBag Glasses Sprite.png X-Ray Specs  ??F
MDBag Stone Sprite.png 3-4 Gravelerock  ??F
MDBag Iron Thorn Sprite.png 5-7 Iron Thorn  ??F
MDBag Silver Spike Sprite.png 5-7 Silver Spike  ??F
MDBag Stick Sprite.png 6-9 Stick  ??F
MDBag Apple Sprite.png Apple  ??F
MDBag Cheri Berry Sprite.png Cheri Berry  ??F
MDBag Chesto Berry Sprite.png Chesto Berry  ??F
MDBag Oran Berry Sprite.png Oran Berry  ??F
MDBag Pecha Berry III Sprite.png Pecha Berry  ??F
MDBag Rawst Berry III Sprite.png Rawst Berry  ??F
MDBag Sitrus Berry Sprite.png Sitrus Berry  ??F
MDBag Seed Sprite.png Allure Seed  ??F
MDBag Seed Sprite.png Blast Seed  ??F
MDBag Seed Sprite.png Eyedrop Seed  ??F
MDBag Seed Sprite.png Heal Seed  ??F
MDBag Seed Sprite.png Hunger Seed  ??F
MDBag Seed Sprite.png Joy Seed ??F
MDBag Seed Sprite.png Life Seed ??F
MDBag Seed Sprite.png Quick Seed  ??F
MDBag Seed Sprite.png Reviver Seed  ??F
MDBag Seed Sprite.png Sleep Seed  ??F
MDBag Seed Sprite.png Stun Seed  ??F
MDBag Seed Sprite.png Totter Seed  ??F
MDBag Seed Sprite.png Warp Seed  ??F
MDBag Health drink Sprite.png Calcium ??F
MDBag Health drink Sprite.png Ginseng ??F
MDBag Health drink Sprite.png Iron ??F
MDBag Health drink Sprite.png Max Elixir  ??F
MDBag Health drink Sprite.png Protein ??F
MDBag Health drink Sprite.png Zinc ??F
MDBag Rock Part Sprite.png Rock Part 15F
MDBag Ice Part Sprite.png Ice Part 25F
MDBag Steel Part Sprite.png Steel Part 35F
MDBag TM Sprite.png Aerial Ace  ??F
MDBag TM Sprite.png Attract  ??F
MDBag TM Sprite.png Blizzard ??F
MDBag TM Sprite.png Brick Break  ??F
MDBag TM Sprite.png Bulk Up ??F
MDBag TM Sprite.png Bullet Seed  ??F
MDBag TM Sprite.png Calm Mind  ??F
MDBag TM Sprite.png Cut 80F
MDBag TM Sprite.png Dig  ??F
MDBag TM Sprite.png Earthquake  ??F
MDBag TM Sprite.png Facade  ??F
MDBag TM Sprite.png Fire Blast  ??F
MDBag TM Sprite.png Flamethrower  ??F
MDBag TM Sprite.png Flash 70F
MDBag TM Sprite.png Focus Punch  ??F
MDBag TM Sprite.png Frustration  ??F
MDBag TM Sprite.png Giga Drain  ??F
MDBag TM Sprite.png Hidden Power  ??F
MDBag TM Sprite.png Hyper Beam ??F
MDBag TM Sprite.png Ice Beam  ??F
MDBag TM Sprite.png Iron Tail ??F
MDBag TM Sprite.png Light Screen  ??F
MDBag TM Sprite.png Protect ??F
MDBag TM Sprite.png Psychic  ??F
MDBag TM Sprite.png Reflect  ??F
MDBag TM Sprite.png Rest  ??F
MDBag TM Sprite.png Return  ??F
MDBag TM Sprite.png Roar  ??F
MDBag TM Sprite.png Rock Smash 45F
MDBag TM Sprite.png Safeguard  ??F
MDBag TM Sprite.png Secret Power  ??F
MDBag TM Sprite.png Shadow Ball  ??F
MDBag TM Sprite.png Shock Wave  ??F
MDBag TM Sprite.png Sludge Bomb ??F
MDBag TM Sprite.png Solarbeam  ??F
MDBag TM Sprite.png Steel Wing ??F
MDBag TM Sprite.png Strength 60F
MDBag TM Sprite.png Taunt  ??F
MDBag TM Sprite.png Thief  ??F
MDBag TM Sprite.png Thunder ??F
MDBag TM Sprite.png Thunderbolt  ??F
MDBag TM Sprite.png Torment  ??F
MDBag TM Sprite.png Toxic  ??F
MDBag TM Sprite.png Water Pulse ??F
MDBag Wonder Orb Sprite.png Blowback Orb  ??F
MDBag Wonder Orb Sprite.png Cleanse Orb  ??F
MDBag Wonder Orb Sprite.png Decoy Orb  ??F
MDBag Wonder Orb Sprite.png Drought Orb  ??F
MDBag Wonder Orb Sprite.png Escape Orb  ??F
MDBag Wonder Orb Sprite.png Evasion Orb  ??F
MDBag Wonder Orb Sprite.png Fill-In Orb  ??F
MDBag Wonder Orb Sprite.png Hurl Orb  ??F
MDBag Wonder Orb Sprite.png Identify Orb  ??F
MDBag Wonder Orb Sprite.png Lob Orb  ??F
MDBag Wonder Orb Sprite.png Longtoss Orb  ??F
MDBag Wonder Orb Sprite.png Luminous Orb  ??F
MDBag Wonder Orb Sprite.png Mobile Orb  ??F
MDBag Wonder Orb Sprite.png Mug Orb  ??F
MDBag Wonder Orb Sprite.png One-Shot Orb  ??F
MDBag Wonder Orb Sprite.png Petrify Orb  ??F
MDBag Wonder Orb Sprite.png Pierce Orb  ??F
MDBag Wonder Orb Sprite.png Pounce Orb  ??F
MDBag Wonder Orb Sprite.png Quick Orb  ??F
MDBag Wonder Orb Sprite.png Radar Orb  ??F
MDBag Wonder Orb Sprite.png Rebound Orb  ??F
MDBag Wonder Orb Sprite.png Rocky Orb  ??F
MDBag Wonder Orb Sprite.png Rollcall Orb  ??F
MDBag Wonder Orb Sprite.png Scanner Orb  ??F
MDBag Wonder Orb Sprite.png See-Trap Orb  ??F
MDBag Wonder Orb Sprite.png Shocker Orb  ??F
MDBag Wonder Orb Sprite.png Silence Orb  ??F
MDBag Wonder Orb Sprite.png Sizebust Orb  ??F
MDBag Wonder Orb Sprite.png Slow Orb  ??F
MDBag Wonder Orb Sprite.png Slumber Orb  ??F
MDBag Wonder Orb Sprite.png Snatch Orb  ??F
MDBag Wonder Orb Sprite.png Stairs Orb  ??F
MDBag Wonder Orb Sprite.png Stayaway Orb  ??F
MDBag Wonder Orb Sprite.png Switcher Orb  ??F
MDBag Wonder Orb Sprite.png Totter Orb  ??F
MDBag Wonder Orb Sprite.png Transfer Orb  ??F
MDBag Wonder Orb Sprite.png Trawl Orb  ??F
MDBag Wonder Orb Sprite.png Warp Orb  ??F
MDBag Link Box Sprite.png Link Box  ??F

Rock Smash, Strength, Flash, and Cut only appear on floors 45, 60, 70, and 80, respectively. The Rock Part appears after defeating Regirock on floor 15; the Ice Part appears after defeating Regice on floor 25; and the Steel Part appears after defeating Registeel on floor 35. If all three parts are in the bag, they will combine into the Music Box. Aside from these items, there seems to be no connection between items and floor.

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png French Ruines Enfouies
Germany Flag.png German Ruine
Italy Flag.png Italian Rudere Sepolto
Spain Flag.png Spanish Reliquia Perdida


  • The music that plays at the beginning of this dungeon can also be heard in the cave section of Sky Peak in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky.
  • It is possible for Mew to appear more than once in this dungeon.
  • According to Ice Part's description, there is a saying about this place: "Three parts are guarded by three servants. When they are one again, a mirage shall appear to the bearer."

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