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{{AdminCell|ArcToraphim|Leader, Project Shipping|Active|June 1, 2011}}
{{AdminCell|Crystal Talian| |Active|July 4, 2012}}
{{AdminCell|Ataro|Bulbagarden Archives Senior Administrator |Active|December 14, 2011}}
{{AdminCell|Dennou Zenshi| |Active|December 14, 2011}}
{{AdminCell|Dennou Zenshi| |Active|December 14, 2011}}
|- style="vertical-align:top;"
{{AdminCell|G50|Leader, Project ItemDex<br>Bulbanews Senior Writer<br>Bulbagarden Archives Junior Administrator|Active|December 20, 2012}}
{{AdminCell|Masatoshi|Bulbagarden Archives Senior Administrator|Active|March 4, 2011}}
{{AdminCell|Pokemaster97|Bulbagarden Archives Junior Administrator<br>Bulbanews Writer|Active|April 15, 2012}}
{{AdminCell|Spriteit|Bulbagarden Archives Administrator|Active|March 4, 2011}}

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Editorial Board
Sr. Admins
Jr. Admins
Sr. Admin
BP:Sr. Admin

Senior Administrators of Bulbapedia are longtime administrators who have been granted certain additional permissions by the Editorial Board as a step up from the "normal" Administrator level. In addition to all the powers regular Administrators hold, Senior Administrators can add and remove users from the "abuse", and "forcepreview" usergroups, view the checkuser log, delete pages with large histories, and more.

Administrators may be promoted to Senior Administrators after six months as Administrators, if they have demonstrated good judgment and leadership skills during this time.

List of Senior Administrators

This is a list of all users with Senior Administrator powers on Bulbapedia. This list does not include users higher on the Bulbapedia administrative hierarchy, who all have the powers of the Senior Administrator level in addition to their own.

If in need of a Senior Administrator's assistance, please contact an Active Senior Administrator for quickest results; all active Senior Administrators generally check messages daily.

Since July 4, 2012 Active

Crystal Talian

Since December 14, 2011 Active

Dennou Zenshi

Since December 20, 2012 Active

Leader, Project ItemDex
Bulbanews Senior Writer
Bulbagarden Archives Junior Administrator

If an Active Senior Administrator cannot be found, consider speaking with a Bureaucrat, or a member of the Editorial Board.


Senior Administrators have the authority to enforce the userspace policy by putting users in and out of the "abuse" usergroup.