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Route 1
South end: Viridian City
Junctions: None
South end: Pallet Town
Generations: I, II, III
Pokémon World Routes
< Route 134 Route 2 >

Normal= 1x Flying= 1x Fighting= .5x Ground= 0x Rock= 2x Bug= .5x Poison= 1x Ghost= 1x Steel= 1x

Fire= .5x Grass= .25x Electric= 1x Psychic= 1x Water= .5x Ice= 4x Dragon= 2x Dark= 1x

Here is a new version of the type effectiveness chart. Not only will save some pages some horizontal space, but Generation IV can use them due to the fact that the determining factor of whether an attack will be physical or special will be based on the attack itself, not by type. So, ya like?--Pokencyclopedia 09:26, 29 September 2006 (UTC)