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Bug catching table

#   Pokémon HP Attack Defense Sp. Attack Sp. Defense Speed Total Average
010 010 Caterpie 45 30 35 20 20 45 195 32.5
011 011 Metapod 50 20 55 25 25 30 205 34.17
012 012 Butterfree 60 45 50 80 80 70 385 64.17
013 013 Weedle 40 35 30 20 20 50 195 32.5
014 014 Kakuna 45 25 50 25 25 35 205 34.17
015 015 Beedrill 65 80 40 45 80 75 385 64.17
046 046 Paras 35 70 55 45 55 25 285 47.5
048 048 Venonat 60 55 50 40 55 45 305 50.83
123 123 Scyther 70 110 80 55 80 105 500 83.33
127 127 Pinsir 65 125 100 55 70 85 500 83.33
265 265 Wurmple 45 45 35 20 30 20 195 32.5
266 266 Silcoon 50 35 55 25 25 15 205 34.17
267 267 Beautifly 60 70 50 90 50 65 385 64.17
268 268 Cascoon 50 35 55 25 25 15 205 34.17
269 269 Dustox 60 50 70 50 90 65 385 64.17
290 290 Nincada 31 45 90 30 30 40 266 44.33
313 313 Volbeat 65 73 55 47 75 85 400 66.67
314 314 Illumise 65 47 55 73 75 85 400 66.67
401 401 Kricketot 37 25 41 25 41 25 194 32.33
402 402 Kricketune 77 85 51 55 51 65 384 64
415 415 Combee 30 30 42 30 42 70 244 40.67

Ovaly corners

#001 #002 #003
#004 #005 #006
483.png 493.png 484.png

Region image maps


Pallet TownKanto Route 1Viridian CityViridian ForestDiglett's CaveKanto Route 2Pewter CityMt. MoonKanto Route 3Kanto Route 4Cerulean CaveCerulean CityKanto Route 5Saffron CityKanto Route 6Vermilion CityKanto Route 7Celadon CityKanto Route 8Lavender TownKanto Route 9Rock TunnelPower PlantKanto Route 10Diglett's CaveKanto Route 11Kanto Route 12Kanto Route 13Kanto Route 14Kanto Route 15Pal ParkFuchsia CityKanto Route 16Kanto Route 17Kanto Route 18Kanto Route 19Seafoam IslandsKanto Route 20Cinnabar IslandKanto Route 21Kanto Route 22Victory Road (Kanto)Indigo PlateauKanto Route 23Kanto Route 24Kanto Route 25Kanto Route 26Tohjo FallsKanto Route 27Mt. SilverKanto Route 28Kanto.png

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New Bark TownJohto Route 29Cherrygrove CityDark CaveJohto Route 30Johto Route 31Sprout TowerRuins of AlphViolet CityUnion CaveJohto Route 32Slowpoke WellIlex ForestAzalea TownJohto Route 33Johto Route 34Goldenrod CityNational ParkJohto Route 35Johto Route 36Johto Route 37Burned TowerBell TowerEcruteak CityJohto Route 38Johto Route 39Glitter LighthouseOlivine CityBattle Frontier (Generation IV)Johto Route 40Whirl IslandsJohto Route 41Cianwood CityJohto Route 47Johto Route 48Safari Zone GateMt. MortarJohto Route 42Mahogany TownJohto Route 43Lake of RageJohto Route 44Dragon's DenBlackthorn CityDark CaveJohto Route 45Dark CaveJohto Route 46Tohjo FallsKanto Route 27Johto.png

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Error: Image is invalid or non-existent.

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Sinnoh Route 201Sinnoh Route 202Sinnoh Route 203Sinnoh Route 204Sinnoh Route 205Sinnoh Route 205Sinnoh Route 206Sinnoh Route 207Sinnoh Route 208Sinnoh Route 209Sinnoh Route 210Sinnoh Route 211Sinnoh Route 211Sinnoh Route 212Sinnoh Route 213Sinnoh Route 214Sinnoh Route 215Sinnoh Route 216Sinnoh Route 217Sinnoh Route 218Sinnoh Route 219Sinnoh Route 220Sinnoh Route 221Sinnoh Route 222Sinnoh Route 223Sinnoh Route 224Sinnoh Route 225Sinnoh Route 226Sinnoh Route 227Sinnoh Route 228Sinnoh Route 229Sinnoh Route 230Twinleaf TownSandgem TownJubilife CityOreburgh CityFloaroma TownEterna CityCanalave CityHearthome CityPastoria CitySolaceon TownCelestic TownVeilstone CitySnowpoint CitySunyshore CityPokémon League (Sinnoh)Fight AreaResort AreaSurvival AreaPal ParkLake VerityLake ValorLake AcuitySpring PathEterna ForestFuego IronworksValley WindworksIron IslandFullmoon IslandNewmoon IslandSeabreak PathFlower ParadiseBattle Frontier (Generation IV)Stark MountainMt. CoronetSinnoh.png

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Unova Route 1Unova Route 2Unova Route 3Unova Route 4Unova Route 5Unova Route 6Unova Route 7Unova Route 8Unova Route 9Unova Route 10Unova Route 11Unova Route 12Unova Route 13Unova Route 14Unova Route 15Unova Route 16Unova Route 17Unova Route 18Skyarrow BridgeDesert ResortTubeline BridgeVillage BridgeMarvelous BridgeDriftveil DrawbridgeNuvema TownP2 LaboratoryAccumula TownStriaton CityNacrene CityCastelia CityNimbasa CityDriftveil CityMistralton CityIcirrus CityOpelucid CityPokémon League (Unova)Lacunosa TownUndella TownBlack CityWhite ForestDreamyardWellspring CavePinwheel ForestRelic CastleCold StorageMistralton CaveChargestone CaveCelestial TowerTwist MountainDragonspiral TowerMoor of IcirrusAnville TownChallenger's CaveVictory Road (Unova)Giant ChasmUndella BayAbundant ShrineLostlorn ForestEntralinkLiberty GardenUnity TowerPoké Transfer LabUnova.png

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Template:Amity test

A template for multiple use on the Amity Square page. Its purpose is to make editing the lists on the page easier. It also means that the template itself can be changed (i.e. without the hassle of wading through 500 lines of content.


{{Amity |p= |header= |item1= |item1i= |item2= |item2i= ... }}

Where p is the Pokemon of the list, header is the content of the th (common, rare, very rare). The others, item1, item2, item3, all the way until item20, are the names of the items. Since the image names aren't in a standardized manner, without a heavy switch function it is impossible to add images. For this reason, item1i, item2i, item3i, represent image names.

If this template is causing problems with server load (although it shouldn't!), there's the option to substitute it. Just use |subst=subst: and the parser functions will be substituted, provided also that the template itself is. After this, the template can be deleted (just ensure there are no transclusion links to this page).


Just testing this out...

I hope I did it...


56px Spr 5b 025 m.png

56px Spr 5b 384.png

PokéPark Zone Infobox test

Bulbapedia bulb.png This article is intended to be moved into one of Bulbapedia's main content spaces.
Be mindful that it is still part of a personal userspace. Any content changes should be brought up on the talk page for this article.

Episode Pokémon/h

Major Pokémon
Minor Pokémon

Episode Pokémon

Major Pokémon

025 Ash's Pikachu
Moves used:
Quick Attack
Volt Tackle
Iron Tail

Minor Pokémon

025 Pikachu 

This template is intended to be used on the PokéPark Wii zone articles. For any suggestions feel free to leave a message on

A new way to Party


Humans Pokémon
Iris Professor Juniper Shooti
Reshiram Zekrom Axew (Iris's)
Snivy (Shooti's) Mamanbou Shikijika
Pidove Patrat Swanna
Minccino Tepig
Humans Pokémon
Ash Iris Jessie
James Professor Juniper Shooti
Professor Oak Delia Ketchum Giovanni
Giovanni's secretary Professor Juniper's assistants Airport employees
Pikachu (Ash's) Meowth (Team Rocket) Axew (Iris's; debut)
Reshiram (introduction only; debut) Zekrom (debut) Snivy (Shooti's; debut)
Persian (Giovanni's) Mamanbou (debut) Shikijika (multiple; debut)
Pidove (multiple; debut) Patrat (multiple; debut) Swanna (multiple; debut)
Minccino (child's; debut) Tepig (starter Pokémon; debut) Oshawott (starter Pokémon; debut)

Test test

Template:Main series


Ash Ketchum
サトシ Satoshi
Image size
Gender Male
Hometown Pallet Town
Region Currently Unova

Mr Pie Head
Gender The character's gender
Hometown Pie Village
Region Phieto
Insert Name
Insert Name Insert Name
Caption for image

hometown=Insert Town

Gender The character's gender
Hometown Unknown
Region Insert Region

Step 2-Shiny GENDERLESS Pokemon

Spr 4d 491.png Spr 4p 490.png