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* {{u|CH3ATER}} - I will find/upload any missing sprites that I can.
* {{u|CH3ATER}} - I will find/upload any missing sprites that I can.
* {{u|Jello}} - Currently uploading the animated overworld sprites, have fixed up several sprites in the past.
* {{u|Jello}} - Currently uploading the animated overworld sprites, have fixed up several sprites in the past.
* {{u|duardognn}}

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FireRed LeafGreen Giovanni.png UltimateSephiroth is the leader of this project. Please direct any questions about Project SpriteDex or its actions to this user.
Project SpriteDex logo.png

Some Bulbapedia members have formed a project to better organize efforts pertaining to sprites on Bulbapedia. If you would like to help, please inquire on the talk page or the Bulbapedia forum. Please also read the to-do list.

Project SpriteDex

Scope and aims

Project SpriteDex aims to complete and perfect Bulbapedia's sprite library. In short, any links where images should be must be replaced with the proper image, and any sprites with white backgrounds must be made transparent. Whenever the next generation of Pokémon games is released, the project will focus its attention on the new sprites.

Project SpriteDex also aims to get animated sprites for games this applies to; currently the main series games with animated Pokémon sprites are Pokémon Crystal, Emerald, Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold and SoulSilver Versions. While GIF is currently used for the Crystal and Emerald sprites, eventually the support for this old format will be dropped in favor of animated PNG images.

One more aspect of Project SpriteDex is to get every sprite in Bulbagarden Archives to be correctly categorized. There are still many sprites without the correct templates added to their pages.


To join the project, simply add your name to the bottom of this list:

  • UltimateSephiroth (Hover to see the merits) - Project Leader
  • LordArceus - I do this stuff... - Project founder
  • Kogoro - Well, since I've already fixed a few transparency issues, I guess I should add myself.
  • Chocolate - Some of the Gen. I sprites we have are all wrong. All sprites should face the viewer, and most of the Gen. I sprites fail to do that. I fixed a lot of them in early October, and I want to help with the rest.
  • ShinjiLover
  • jigglyppuff8 - Adding missing sprites.
  • Stephen93 - Don't worry, I finally have it downpat! Helping with resizes and transparencies from Generations I and II, as well as uploading Gen. II sprites that are missing altogether.
  • LilRed
  • Tavisource-Who ever took me off of this list? I worked really hard uploading the Platinum sprites.
  • Alec9-Hi.
  • Lightlowemon - I can help every now and again.
  • Baynium
  • Kenji-girl - Uploaded most of the FireRed Leaf Green sprites.
  • DAWN FAN-Helpfull
  • Pokelova - I've already uploaded many sprites. So I decided to join.
  • Blake - I am currently making sprites Transparent. Photoshop ftw.
  • Kusanagi87 - Meh. Sure, Wynaut? Working on TCG 1 card sprites, etc.
  • The Dark Fiddler - I can upload screencaps of non-animated pre-gen IV sprites, but someone else will need to edit them out.
  • Mclena45 - I can upload most sprites. I'm an experienced spriter and can get a lot.
  • Roryrules123 - I can find sprites to do.
  • YukitoOoO - I've never done this, but I'd really love to help!! ;)
  • Galladeon - I do a lot of shit stuff.
  • Craig* - I Have never made a sprite,I want to help a make this project TOP!
  • Batista - I can provide missing and transparent sprites.
  • Usyflad10 - making sprites transparent.
  • Eeveelution Lilly - I'll help when I can.
  • YronK9 - Experienced Spriter. I already uploaded the HGSS Johto & Kanto Sprite Sheet.
  • Blaziken=Tahu - Specializes in the anaylsis of Shiny Sprites vs. Normal colored Sprites.
  • Gallevoir
  • Smoochum - will do what i can
  • THEbrianstararan - i can tell the diffrence between gender VERY EASILY
  • Supernicknobros - I help with adding transparency. :)
  • Nin10du27027 - I can Edit picture to the right size and flip it and make it transparent
  • Malake256 - I'll help find and update older sprites
  • CH3ATER - I will find/upload any missing sprites that I can.
  • Jello - Currently uploading the animated overworld sprites, have fixed up several sprites in the past.
  • duardognn


Much of this project's work will involve the Bulbagarden Archives. Please make sure you know how to upload and replace images properly before doing so.

Regular Pokémon sprites

The correct format to categorize regular Pokémon sprites (the ones starting with "Spr") is as follows:

{{gamesprite|Dex|Name|Sprite type|Game(s)|The additional S for "versions", if applies}}
  • Dex is the National Pokédex number for the Pokémon.
  • Name is the English name for the Pokémon, or if the English name of the Pokémon is not known yet, this is the name the Pokémon article at Bulbapedia has.
  • Sprite type tells what kind of sprite it is. There are several different types, which are as follows:
    • all - This one goes for every regular sprite of Generations I to III, and for those regular sprites that apply to both genders in Generation IV.
    • shiny - This is for sprites of Template:Shiny2 sprites with no gender differences.
    • male - This is for Generation IV sprites' male versions.
    • shiny male - The above one with shininess.
    • female - The same as above, only with female versions.
    • shiny female - You can guess this one.
  • Game(s) are the versions the sprite is from, for example "Platinum" or "FireRed and LeafGreen".
  • Add an S to the last parameter, if you put paired games to the Game(s) part. Otherwise you may omit the last parameter.

If the sprite is used in multiple games (counting paired games as one game), put one copy of the gamesprite template for each of the games.

If the sprite is animated PNG, add the {{anipng}} template to the description.


  1. To provide sprites of every Pokémon for every Generation
  2. To change all nontransparent sprites to transparent
  3. To make sure each sprite is correct in terms of size, orientation, etc.

This page can be used to check which ones are missing, incorrect, or non-transparent. WARNING! The link above contains thousands of images, so make sure your browser can handle the loading.

Other templates

Project SpriteDex logo.png The sprites contained in this article have been redone by Project SpriteDex, a Bulbapedia project that aims to complete Bulbapedia's sprite library.

Project SpriteDex logo.png This user is a member of Project SpriteDex.

Completed Work

See how the current task on our to-do list is shaping up here.

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