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Project Shipping logo.png This article is part of Project Shipping, a Bulbapedia project that aims to write comprehensive articles on each couple in Pokémon.

Methodology: stick to what is most encyclopedic, word-wise; remove errant or wild speculation and keep everything as objective and neutral as possible; no personal opinions (whether an individual's or a group's); interpretation is to be admitted as such, and strictly remain neutral; be concise and do not fluff too much.

Ships Needing Articles

Top o' the list

  • NeoRocketShipping - Butch/Cassidy
  • RumiShipping - James/Jessiebelle

Moderate level of need

  • AlfShipping - Ash/Max
  • CookieShipping - Harley/May
  • LaRousseShipping - Ash/Tory Lund
  • OriginalShipping - Red/Blue
  • QueenShipping - Harley/Jessie
  • SingleStepShipping - Misty/Sakura
  • SnowpointShipping - Zoey/Candice

Well it would be nice

Meaning these might not be worth the article, but if you can make a user page (not a real article) and show me otherwise, we'll see.

  • 49erShipping - Byron/Roark
  • HaleShipping - Spencer Hale/Delia
  • NetworkShipping - Bill/Celio
  • MizukiShipping- Cyrus/Cynthia (only if there's evidence outside the anime and games)
  • Sacroshipping- Professor Oak/Professor Juniper
  • SteelShipping - Attila/Hun
  • StockingsShipping - Dawn/Lyra
  • VatonageShipping - Keith/Kate

Even possible?

Meaning some people don't play the side games and haven't the slightest clue.

  • AlmiaShipping - Kellyn/Kate

Adventures (less degree)

  • AccidentalShipping - Gold/Whitney
  • FrontierShipping - Emerald/Crystal
  • StrangeEeveeShipping - Red/Erika
  • PikaChuchuShipping - Pika/Chuchu
  • TeaShipping - Bill/Daisy

Canon by civil union standards

  • any married couple...with a name, anyway
  • any two OCs whose romance is the subject of the episode/movie/special/chapter (Ralph/Emily, Andi/Oscar, Cain/Claire, Erica/Joshua, Riley/Wanda, etc)...also with a name
If no name is given on the most-recent updated List, do not make one up yourself without submitting it and having it approved by me first (regardless of who the Project Leader is). This is for the sake of fairness to all your fellowes. Ask me in the forum 'Shipper thread or here if you do not have an account on BMGf.

Articles Needing Evidence Improvement

Which means flesh it all out to the greatest capacity. GaiaShipping is the example. It can be done.


User Page Pre-Articles

User pages free to edit if it helps the article in question flourish.

Adventures Articles

Needing Expanding by Round

Articles in Dire Need of Actual Evidence