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FireRed LeafGreen Giovanni.png Umeko is the leader of this project. Please direct any questions about Project Music or its actions to this user.
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Some Bulbapedia members have formed a project to better organize efforts to write and improve articles about music. If you would like to help, please inquire on the talk page or the Bulbapedia forum and see the to-do list.

Project Music

Scope and aims

Project Music covers all music-related articles. This include articles about songs, CDs and musicians. Usually the notability standards are to only have articles about Japanese and English songs, CDs and musicians, but occasionally exceptions are made.

The main goals of this project are:

  1. Identify songs, CDs and musicians deserving of articles on Bulbapedia.
  2. To create comprehensive articles about each notable song, CD and musician.
  3. Improve existing articles. Currently many of the articles under this project are stubs, and changing that should be one of the primary concerns.


Names in italics are administrators, and are listed directly under the leader for easy reference. To join the project, simply add your name to the bottom of this list:


Article titles

For Japanese music articles, the page title should be the translated version - not the Romanized version. If there are a song and a CD that share a name (as they often do) - the song page should get the "clean" title, while the CD page should get " (CD)" or " (single)" in its title. The song page should link to the CD page. Human characters may keep their Romaji names (like in Takeshi's Paradise), but Pokémon take their English names (like in Big Meowth Day).

Article models

Song articles

As a frame of reference, Aim to Be a Pokémon Master should be taken as the standard to which all song articles should aspire.

If the article is about an opening/ending theme of the anime, then the article should start with the Template:PrevNext bar. Next is the song infobox (see below).

After these templates, an opening paragraph should follow, giving all basic information about the song, including the CD(s) it can be found on, in what episodes/movies it was used, etc.

If the song was used as an opening/ending theme in the anime, the next section should be Synopsis, followed by Characters, divided to Human and Pokémon.

Other sections that should follow if relevant, in this order, are Lyrics, Credits, Trivia, External links and navigation templates. If the Template:PrevNext bar was used in the begining of the article, it should now be copied here as well. Last comes the project notice and (of course) the categorization.

CD articles

A CD article should start with the CD infobox template (see below). The first paragraph should then contain all basic information about the CD, including its language, source of inspiration, and a brief repeat of the information on the short infobox.

Subsequent paragraphs should include further information, such as non-audio features included in the CD, international releases, ect.

Next should come the Tracklist section, listing the tracks in the order they appear in. The track names should be bolded and link to the song articles. Each track name should be followed by the name of the artist and the track's length. The final section should be Trivia, if there is any notable trivia information to include.

Then come relevant navigation templates, followed by the project notice and (of course) the categorization.


The only top-level category that covers this project is Music. All of the project's articles should be categorized in a subcategory of this category. It has 3 subcategories:


Divided by languages only.


Divided to languages, Opening themes, and Ending themes.

The Opening and Ending Themes categories are divided by language, while the language categories are divided into several other categories - which means that many every Opening and Ending Theme article can and should be categorized in more than one category.


Divided by languages only.


Pokémon 2.B.A. Master
Music from the hit TV series
2BA Master.png
CD cover art featuring a Poké Ball
Release date June 29, 1999
By 4Kids Entertainment and KOCH Records
Catalogue number {{{catalogue_number}}}
Number of tracks 13

Pokémon Theme
Dub OP 1
Artist Jason Paige
Lyrics John Loeffler
Composer  ?
Arrangement John Siegler
KOCH Records
Title Pokémon 2.B.A. Master
Catalog no.  ?

Navigation templates

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Get Fired Up, Spiky-eared Pichu!Which One ~ Is It?In Your Heart, LaLaLa
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Get Fired Up, Spiky-eared Pichu!Which One ~ Is It?Can You Name All the Pokémon? BW
Look Look☆HereLet's Join HandsPeace Smile!Roaring All-Stars
Kanto PokérapPokérap GSHoenn Pokérap

Link templates

  • {{So}} - For linking to articles ending with "(song)"
  • {{CD}} - For linking to articles ending with "(CD)"
  • {{Single}} - For linking to articles ending with "(single)"

Notice templates

  • {{MissingLyrics}} - For songs with missing lyrics. The parameter should be either "English", "Japanese", or "translated".

Stub templates

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