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* {{u|Pokepow}} - I'll help with Platinum, HeartGold and SoulSilver! Just tell me what to do!
* {{u|Pokepow}} - I'll help with Platinum, HeartGold and SoulSilver! Just tell me what to do!
* {{u|Maxpower6}} - if you need leafgreen (stay tuned) soulsilver, or platinum, you got it made.
* {{u|Maxpower6}} - if you need leafgreen (stay tuned) soulsilver, or platinum, you got it made.
* {{u|Soulsilverdiamond96}} - I like Cereal

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Project ItemDex logo.png

Some Bulbapedia members have formed a project to better organize efforts to write and improve articles about items. If you would like to help, please inquire on the talk page or the Bulbapedia forum and see the Bulbapedia:Project ItemDex/To-do list.

Project ItemDex

Scope and aims

Project ItemDex covers all articles about items. Its aim is to create comprehensive articles on all items in the Pokémon games.


  • Pokemon Ruby - I'll do what I can for ruby
  • Gamez7 - Got all HG/SS items under control.
  • Pikapi - I will try to help out with this!
  • Pie
  • TwinsMetsFan - Happy to help.
  • Micael - Focusing on Mystery Dungeon and Diamond/Pearl Items.
  • Jonpike2
  • Doctor Oak - Updating with Diamond/Pearl data mostly.
  • PsychoYoshi - Dealing primarily with D/P and Pokémon Colosseum.
  • Empoleon Bonaparte
  • Pterodactal - Blue, Yellow and Pearl
  • Canopydouble
  • Firefly292 -I can help for anything and everything in gen 3 and 4 games.
  • Bootsyt - Helping with anything possible.
  • Flame alex - Updating on Mystery Dungeon and D/P items.
  • Politoed666 - Working on items unique to the Mystery Dungeon series.
  • AGGRON999- me gonna help wit mystery dungeon items.
  • Blazevoir - Might as well. I noticed several pages missing items so I guess I'll work on that.
  • MysteryHeff? - Trying to help with as much as possible and gain a better reputation.
  • Galm - Hoenn is my thing, any items needed updated, ask me.
  • DAWN FAN-Event Items.
  • Kevzo8 - Descriptions.
  • Emo-fairy - Colosseum
  • Pokemongirl1 - Ill mostly work on stubs.
  • tandra88 - I can do pretty much anything, stubs, write articles, anything! Happy to help!
  • Usyflad10 - PMD items. Mostly seed prices.
  • Smurf - RBY, GS, Emerald, DP- just about anything!!!
  • qwerty2355 - Platinum.
  • hippocampus- For the love of hippos!
  • Secc - Count on Me ;D
  • Force Fire - I made the template, now we gotta use them
  • Dialgarules - Can help with Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, MD2, and eventually HGSS.
  • 1ted59 - Can help with Red, Yellow, Crystal, Emerald, Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, and eventually Explorers of sky.
  • Boatmastergladiatus - Can Help With Platinum.
  • Gg94b - Will help with HGSS.
  • Loa - Ready for anything!
  • Vampirebidoof 17:46, 13 January 2010 (UTC) I have every item from the 3rd and fourth generation.
  • Smoochum
  • Kerauno- Working on HG/SS items.
  • Deityofantimatter - If Decorations count as Items, count me in!
  • 24keyserpokemon -
  • Genericuser62637-Am capable of helping with all main series items, as well as XD and Colleseum.
  • SnorlaxMonster - I've already been going around and updating the articles to include the new template {{Item}} and will continue doing so, along with adding item descriptions.
  • duardognn
  • Cynda98 - I'll help with items from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Platinum, HeartGold, and Soulsilver!
  • ♫Green♫
  • Dbeckelheimer6
  • Chaos791 - Um... I'll do items from HGSS games!
  • PokeFourthGen - I could bring some info from Platinum! Just give me an order.:)
  • ~~ Lovewaterpokemon~~ ^ _ ^ 16:25, 9 October 2010 (UTC)Lovewaterpokemon - I can help with Apricorns and TM's and HM's for HG
  • Pika3323 - Hi!
  • SchattenMajora -I'll use my Action Replay to try and find new items...
  • Pokepow - I'll help with Platinum, HeartGold and SoulSilver! Just tell me what to do!
  • Maxpower6 - if you need leafgreen (stay tuned) soulsilver, or platinum, you got it made.
  • Soulsilverdiamond96 - I like Cereal



  1. To create articles for all items or group of items
  2. To break up and simplify the large list on the Items article to help make it easier to use


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