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[[User:RPBnimrod|RPBnimrod]] I'll find good sprite pictures and info
[[User:RPBnimrod|RPBnimrod]] I'll find good sprite pictures and info

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Some Bulbapedia members have formed a project to better organise efforts to write and improve articles about glitch Pokémon. If you would like to help, please inquire on the talk page or the Bulbapedia forum and see the Bulbapedia:Project GlitchDex/To-do list.

Project title

Scope and aims

Project Glitch Pokémon covers all articles about glitch Pokémon.

The aims of this project are to write comprehensive articles on glitch Pokémon (and greatly improve existing articles on glitch Pokémon), including specifics on how to obtain them, base stats, type advantages, level-up moves, TM/HM lists, and sprites. Our main sources of information will be [1] and [2].


Missingno. Master (founder)

Crystallucario I'll help write some articals.

File:Ani197MS.gifMidnight CelticFile:Ani148MS.gif I was a Glitch Researcher on another Forum.


Guy2 I might help. Glitches are one of my obsessions.



File:Ani201QuMS.gif abwayax (t/c) File:Ani201ExMS.gif

Haruka uzumaki

RPBnimrod I'll find good sprite pictures and info



Here should be the basic structure for a glitch Pokémon article (subject to change):

1 Biology

1.1 Gender differences ((if only in RBY, state that because of this, it is genderless)

2 Special abilities

3 Behavior (AKA side effects)

4 Habitat (optional)

5 Game data

5.1 Game locations (usually by Mew Glitch)

5.2 Base stats

5.3 Type effectiveness (glitch types seem to have no (dis)advantages)

5.4 Learnset

5.4.1 By leveling up

5.4.2 By TM/HM

5.5 Evolution

5.6 Forms (if applicable)

5.7 Trivia

5.8 References


  1.  ?


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Project GlitchDex logo.png This glitch Pokémon article is part of Project GlitchDex, a Bulbapedia project that aims to write comprehensive articles on glitches in the Pokémon games.

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