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* {{u|Ariano}}
* {{u|Ariano}}
* {{u|noobheadz}} - I will translate pages (or text) to Swedish if wanted
* {{u|noobheadz}} - I will translate pages (or text) to Swedish if wanted
* {{u|PhantomPikachu}} - I might try and make the pages about the Pokemon from X & Y that haven't been on Bulbapedia yet.

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FireRed LeafGreen Giovanni.png Umeko is the leader of this project. Please direct any questions about Project Games or its actions to this user.
Project Games logo.png

Some Bulbapedia members have formed a project to better organize efforts to write and improve articles about the Pokémon games. If you would like to help, please inquire on the talk page or the Bulbapedia forum.

Project Games


Project Games covers all articles about the Pokémon games.


  • To improve all articles related to the main series games.
  • To add sufficient information about all the spin-off games.
  • To take the articles about the main series games to a featured articles level.


To join the project, simply add your name to the bottom of this list:

  • Umeko - Project Leader
  • Sher-e-Bengal - Founder and former Project Leader
  • LugiaRocks
  • Politoed666 - Writing LOTS of articles on Pokémon Trozei!.
  • ShinjiLover
  • Maria-williams
  • Sacrifice
  • Clarky13
  • LucarioSinnoh
  • Ced12
  • Kevzo8
  • Prongs
  • Okoa
  • MysteryHeff?
  • Tavisource
  • Akivalevi
  • Ziaix
  • Lugburz002 - Doing small edits. If you need something translated into French or Bengali, talk to me!
  • Alpha Totodile
  • Jonbobsmith
  • {{u|AvalonTreman}
  • Giratina Warrior
  • Manaphy1
  • swampert_rox - Writing whatever articles I think of
  • water555
  • Lunick v sonela - (Obsesed)
  • Crystal Shards - I'll do what I can!
  • Marillrocks - I've been doing stuff for Gen IV and V
  • GaryMaister31
  • Micster1018 - only available on saturdays and sundays
  • EpicEspeon
  • Firefly292 - I know allot about the coding of the games and could help out.
  • Midnight Blue - Will do my best!
  • Smurf - Hope I can help!
  • The Bulb's Master - Platinum and HeartGold helper.
  • PokeFreak-Z
  • Rio191
  • Grungle7
  • Kaitie50
  • Yoyozoo
  • Elonkudden - Platinum, R/S and Explorers of Time/Sky
  • pokemaster384
  • Force Fire
  • MeDeoPal - Know most things about the most Pokemon games.
  • Amai_Liang - Side game informant.
  • ravi0m - Main Game Info
  • Samus Fan101 - I love Pokemon and will do what I can.
  • TheLastCharmander - I've played and completed every Pokémon game made so far except HG/SS. I think I'll be able to help a lot.
  • Smartkidhen
  • Kimori-Hinoarashi - I have tons of Pokémon games. (See my Userpage.)
  • Anonym12 – I'll do my best to help.
  • Houndoomforpresident-Love the games especially generation 2<math></math> georgey1380
  • Dialgarules - Mostly on detailing items and correcting information that isn't right.
  • Ender - Whatever I can.
  • Pokemon59 - S/E MS Darkness and Sky, Platinum and Pearl
  • Tyler53841 - Specialty in conformation. Have all the Gen III-IV main series handheld games.
  • Smoochum
  • PokemonMasterArceus- Owns most pokemon gba games. loves pokemon.
  • 24keyserpokemon-Probaly going to help with english release of Pokémon HG/SS
  • Garydos -Going to tweak and detail info on HG, Battle Rev, etc.
  • Cubone14 red and blue mystery dungeons
  • FireRed507-I'm working on Pokéradar, and Route Data
  • Maxwell37
  • Graah2-I'm helping with r/s and fr/lg
  • Jade106
  • Fishmonk-I'm really good at gathering information and would like to help in any way possible.
  • Gamerater888-I'm very good at Pokémon.
  • Palkiamaster- helping edit silly pages with FALSE info
  • duardognn
  • 050294
  • SaitoFX Yipee!
  • DoTheWave
  • OtakuN3rd Created article about the Monster Brain
  • hyper10111412395 Just started bu will be writing on Mystery Dungeon
  • Munchy Lax- New, but will be writing about DS games.
  • CFBA: Bulbapedia Rookie
  • PkmnXD: Only available some sundays, all weekdays, idle on saturdays. I love pokemon Heartgold, so I love this project :)
  • Lucario and Pichu Watch me contribute like crazy.
  • Phantomjunkie My expertise is in the Hoenn trilogy and the GameCube Pokémon games.
  • CuboneKing
  • Pokeman225
  • Tailzfoxy96 - I'll be the reliable reporter on all things Black and White.
  • Dbeckelheimer6- I know a lot about the games. I could be help.
  • Super Swampert I have a lot of the games. I might be able to help.
  • firemaster122 I have most of the games so I could probably help out
  • Ztobor Just for game mechanics.
  • Chaos791 Um... I'll try my best.
  • PkmnPokedex392I Don't care if I'm New.I Love Pokémon!
  • Pokemon26 I have played the games for 12 years... let me know if I can help.
  • Loghomewill Played for 8 years. I can hold my own.
  • Ruberduck0123 My knowledge is in Diamond, will be working on that
  • Zelfie I frequently play Pearl, Platinum, Shadows of Almia, and SoulSilver ♫
  • Dannyboy601
  • Soulsilverdiamond96 the games are my favorite part of Pokémon franchise. I will help as much as I can.
  • Alkamota : i have enough to make the place look no different, though it is.
  • SnorlaxMonster
  • TheRedCharizard I have all the games. I have a site and can give you great facts
  • alebcay I will work on small, minor edits, and whatever you miss.
  • Milkgila I know pretty much about gen IV and some spin-off games.
  • Meearaimeng I know many information about water pokemon,Almost every play style of all water pokemon.
  • Musicgirl272 Misty is my idol. Water Pokémon FTW!!!
  • Lazer-I will try my best!
  • Thealphamon
  • Typhlosion2011-fire can evaporate water and burn grass, but I think misty is better than may and dawn.
  • Charziardfan-I have my gameboy and my ds in hand p.s. fire pwns all
  • Carmenstar97
  • Pingouin7 - I own all of the first gen games and would prefer to help with those.
  • jda95
  • ShinyEntei-I play Heartgold A lot and have beat pokémon blue with complete pokédex
  • Focus58-Let's make Bulbagarden.net the best!!!
  • Coon- I'll help with Gen III and up. And I know a lot about the Mystery Dungeon games!
  • Jazama
  • Garioshi - Platinum, HeartGold/SoulSilver, Black/White help, + Mystery Dungeon 2 Explorers of Sky.
  • DrBrock - Here to fix your mistakes or two. Owning Silver,Pearl,Platinum,HG,SS,Black,White,Explorers of Sky
  • Dennou Zenshi
  • Water Max
  • RokYourSocksOff I'm new so I'll fix little mistakes.
  • Gameboyguy- I'm a huge fan of the games, so I'll work hard.
  • ThatOrcEngineer- I know I haven't done much on this site, but I want to help, however I can.
  • Donyor-I'm new but I own two spin offs and have experience in the main games.
  • Night7Striker-New here, but I'll will work if needed
  • Rayquaza8129 I'm new but I can help with Third Gen.-Fifth Gen.
  • YoshisWorld I've got a lot of games, I could really help out.
  • Jamboy I can help with platinum and have completed Pokemon ranger 3: guardian signs!
  • Chocos0 - Have almost every game, will help any-way I can.
  • PokemonFan50000
  • shayminfreak
  • Supermon-I have been studying pokemon for 4 years.
  • Nick15 - I know just a little bit about the Korean games (owning HGSS and BW in Korean)... not much but still enough
  • OrangeSkarmory - know Emerald, Platinum, Diamond & Pearl inside out, also a lot about the hacks and glitches - I hope I can help! :)
  • Gamermanh-Have access to all games from red to Platinum both physically and mentally, hope I can help
  • Taposa - Played many Pokémon Games beginning from Gen III. Have Pokémon SS and White. (and other Pokémon games)
  • Darth Zekrom
  • Victini227 - I know a bit about 3-5 gen.
  • pruzel - I will do my best!
  • Jac900-I can help with Red/Blue, FireRed/LeafGreen, Sapphire/Ruby, SoulSilver, and Crystal.
  • Alipikachu-How cool to help you.
  • 0756a-I have played most Pokémon games
  • Rsrdaman - Eh, I've been in Project glitchdex mainly. But ill add myself here because I do some other stuff.
  • Poke.geek
  • G50 - I know the American Games really well, and will do what I can to help.
  • Teamg9 -I have played all the handheld main series games.
  • MISSINGNO ADDICT - I can help with pearl, soulsilver, and sapphire.
  • nooraks - I have experience in training pokemon aquatic and grass can help in walkthroughs
  • Pokefanzr - i have experience in pokemon pearl, diamond, platinum, and heartgold.
  • gym leader matt - I have played Gen I,II,III,IV and V and would be happy to help!
  • Auraguardian197 - Can help with Gen I,II,IV and sometimes III and V ! Specialises in playing with emulators. Would really love to help with training fire,bug and dark types.
  • PalkiaMaster1- Because I forgot my old data, I made a new account!
  • Meep the Typholsion-My mind is a Pokemon library gotta put it to good use some how!!
  • Mike225 - I will help R/S/E/D/P/Platinum/HG/SS/B/W, and the TCG
  • TeamPlasmaN1212
  • Groudon 60 - Filling in wherever I find a stub.
  • MewDuoZ - Plans to be the biggest Poké fan in my class, so I will be writing articles.
  • HappyGasGames - I am very knowledgeable about glitches and other side effects that can come of meddling with code. That fits under Games, right?
  • ZappaOMati - Can help with Stadium/FireRed/Diamond/SoulSilver/White.
  • Grassman - I played most of the spin offs and all of the main series games.
  • Xspeed34 - I'm open to all the 4th and 5th generation games
  • Eeveewithwings123 - I can help with ANY 4th or 5th generation game. But don't bother me with any earlier generations...
  • The4Ryan9 - I know a lot about many games, especially Emerald and XD.
  • Zxcvbnm370
  • Cj1227 - I can help with all sorts of games as I own most of them.
  • Clubchloe1 - Will help with Emerald and Gen V!
  • Earfone445 - I'd love to help out with any main series games from DPP onwards.
  • Junno - I'd love to contribute in any game of Pokemon but Pokemon Black and White is just spectacular.
  • Gym leader matt - I've played every generation since Gen I, hope i can help!
  • Demian742-i can add description's of Pokemon Black 2.
  • MeloettaMeridian - I don't know much about Gens I and II or the sidegames, but I can help out with the main series games from Gen III onwards.
  • Latias1290 - Platinum expert.
  • exo
  • IVsaur - Just love the games and want to help wherever I can.
  • Riox-Ibui
  • Empressempoleon
  • LimeSoda
  • orasp10 - I would like to help in any way I can. I'm quite well versed in the main games.
  • -SirBunny- - I do media / event / release research. Mostly done on the internet.
  • Ilight
  • Brellosom - Wanting to help in any way i can, got pretty much every game for DS and Wii
  • Arceus101 - I can complete the Easy and Hard Mode topics.
  • Amanda113122 - I have played most of the Pokemon video game titles and I still have my Game Boy Color. If you have questionable info for the "older" games, just ask me and I will check it out.
  • Pikalup - I can create the wanted pages if there's data already on it, unless, then "Mom, Dad? I need some money."
  • bubble
  • Nicegirl2801 I don't know a lot about the games, but I will help where I can.
  • Gtrainer108 - I own lots of Pokémon games and I have completed most of them so I am sure I can help somewhere.
  • marikfan333
  • Ariano
  • noobheadz - I will translate pages (or text) to Swedish if wanted
  • PhantomPikachu - I might try and make the pages about the Pokemon from X & Y that haven't been on Bulbapedia yet.



  1. To make comprehensive articles about everything related to all the Pokémon games.


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