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Welcome to Project Fandom!
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Established in 2007, Project Fandom is a Bulbapedia project which aims to create and expand articles on the Pokémon fandom and community. If you have any questions about how to contribute, make sure to drop a line on the Project talk page and we'll help you out!

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Scope and aims

Project Fandom covers all fandom-related articles. This includes articles about notable web sites (official and fan-created), forums, community events, fan-created works, controversies, terminology, and many other topics, especially those that have had a significant impact on the Pokémon fandom as a whole or on the official series itself.

As it is basically impossible to document every part of the Pokémon fandom in an unbiased, factual manner, only the most notable topics will be covered on Bulbapedia. When in doubt, consult a staff member regarding notability.

Goals for May

See the to-do list for more ongoing tasks.

IconBPLeadershipBoardSm.png Pokemaster97 Deputy Editor-in-Chief
IconBPLeadershipBoardSm.png Frozen Fennec Leadership Board

Generally, all fandom articles should be consistent with one another.

  • For an example of a quality web site article, see Dogasu's Backpack
  • For an example of a quality article about a forum, PokéCommunity
  • For an example of a quality fanon terminology article, see Game mascot.
    • Fanon terminology is subject to notability for its own article. When in doubt, add it to Appendix:Fan terminology or consult a staff member.

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