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*{{u|zekromlieker9000}} - my name is ez and i liek zekroms
*{{u|zekromlieker9000}} - my name is ez and i liek zekroms
*{{u|Empressempoleon}} - Pokémon FTW!
*{{u|Empressempoleon}} - Pokémon FTW!
*{{u|MewDuoZ}} - Yeah. I'll help.

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FireRed LeafGreen Giovanni.png $aturn¥oshi is the leader of this project. Please direct any questions about Project Fandom or its actions to this user.
Project Fandom logo.png

Some Bulbapedia members have formed a project to better organize efforts to write and improve articles about the Pokémon Fandom. If you would like to help, please inquire on the talk page or the Bulbapedia forum and see the to-do list.

Project Fandom

Scope and aims

To cover everything notable about the Pokémon fandom.


To enter the project, just add your name to the bottom of this list.

  • $aturn¥oshi - Project Leader
  • Murzon - Founder
  • Dragononfire Dragon-on-fire, Get it? :D
  • LugiaRocks - I just made two new articles so I guess I'll just join this project.
  • Flame alex
  • Diby
  • ShinjiLover - The only user that contributes. .
  • Clarky13 - Owwww, I'll help too, ShinjiLover.
  • The Great Butler - I'll try to help.
  • LucarioSinnoh - I'll try...
  • Magesaye
  • CuboneKing- Uh......
  • Mclena45 - I'll try to help!
  • 9000punch - FALCON PAWNCH!!!
  • swampert_rox - I'll do anything possible
  • nobledd11
  • link - if i have time i'll help
  • Ellie - I'll do what I can
  • PokeFanPiplup - Seems Cool.
  • Suikunserebii - I'll do it (meaning whatever I can)!
  • EpicFail - I've already started!
  • GreenGyarados
  • Kirdneh -i'll do what i can! :)
  • Empoleo - I'll have a go at it!
  • Fran EGL - I am here!
  • CherryParanoia - Already started working! :3
  • tblakey89 - I will add a few UK websites to this
  • Gg94b - I will do my best.
  • PokeChar - Err..hmm.. hi ^^
  • Breakdanzkat - Let's do this!!!
  • PokéPikachu- I love Pokémon so lets get to it!!
  • Samus Fan101- Pokemon Rox. I want to spread the word about fakemon.
  • Lucas755 I'll help with things I know about. I guess.
  • Levilee207- I know a BUNCH about Pokemon. I even do recolors. I will do my best!
  • Yoyozoo
  • Kerauno- I love Pokemon and I will help!
  • Kylie - You can count on me!~★
  • Politoed666 - I'm knowledgeable about the PokéGym, PokéBeach, and Smogon, so I'll join.
  • Lil' Kangaskhan - I herd u liek Mudkips
  • GugureRoyal - Gugure kasu! ~ ♥♪♫
  • Uhnevermind - I gots nuthin better 2 do so I'll help lol.
  • Emp - Started revamping a few articles ^^;
  • Vampirebidoof - I'll write some articles.
  • Matthieu, - Hella Yeah! Let's start this Fandom Shiz! [;
  • Imahero - I will supply any information on pokemon I can to help out, as MUCH as I can.
  • PokeZelda6664 - As Dawn would say, No need to worry!
  • Crazylegs24 - I ABSOULUTLY LOVE POKEMON!!!!!!
  • ToadDude - I'll help where ever I can!
  • Kwassa-I'll do what I can
  • DialgaMaster105 -Ask me almost anything, I can usually answer it.
  • kooploop -im all in!!!!!and i can answer almost wait .... every qustion i have a full pokedex book with everything in it!!!!!!!
  • Xplicitable - Got nothing better to do.
  • 1337doom - Because I know tons of webcomics!
  • Murkrowfeather I am quite knowledgeable in Pokémon and its effect on the fandom and world at large, not to mention a fanfiction writer and fanartist/spriter.
  • Sting the Trainer - I'm Pokémon Topaz's resident arrangements artist.
  • duardognn
  • Autumn Aesther - I know plenty about Pokémon to help out. I've also tried making an RMXP Pokémon game, so I know a lot about how they work.
  • 5illy- I'm joining this because I love Ashchu!
  • Zasxee - yes
  • NoMoreHeroes488 - I'll do what I can, I love a challenge!
  • Gagaromamah - I'm here tohelp
  • KantoChampion99 - I've seen almost every pokemon episode and I'm sorta a poke'know-it-all so i will join!
  • Mistyunion - I know a lot about Pokémon and not just about Pokémon, but also about management and data presentation. Love to help.
  • MowRotom - I have a lot of knowledge about pokemon and their moves.
  • Commanderoko - I've been a fan since the beginning. I'll do what I can.
  • gugtup - I'll make an article for my forum
  • Project Harbinger - You can guarantee the best from me. Any questions you need answering, come to me. I also specialize in F.E.A.R. Sonic, Grand Theft Auto and Mass Effect.
  • Pokedex493- I know a lot about Pokémon. I am also good at creating fake Pokémon and doing recolors of many things.
  • Pikapika12-i'll try...
  • TheRealMaster13 - I'm a POKÉMANIAC!! Let's get to it!!!
  • nicka209
  • mshldm1234 - i will help. I am already creating a page for the website pokefielder.webs.con
  • StarTheShaymin - I am a very big fan of Pokémon so i will help ~♥
  • Kaychun - i will work to my best capabilities to help out.
  • Pichumaster995 - I am determined to help out anyway I can.
  • Zelfie - I know the unconfirmed ways to tell you are a Poke Fanatic. I think that counts!
  • TohokuDex - Working on Generation 5 HM Slave
  • Blaziken3000-ok im in ♪♪♪♪♪♫♪♫♪♪♪♫ i like Pokémon
  • Matt of Mossdeep
  • EpicShadow - I will try to help were I can
  • Gameboyguy- I will work hard while I'm in this project
  • Maxpower6-I will do my best. I am a newbie don't expect much.
  • Soulsilverdiamond96 - I can give you good information about sites such as Serebii.net and Pokebeach.
  • Meearaimeng - I am water pokemon fan!
  • applenienie- I am pokemon's #1 fan!
  • TheRealMaster13 - Marriland rules! (But Pokemon rules even more.)
  • khortonworld - Im in!
  • Ninterror- I know too much about the fanbase...
  • DJZoSo- Bulbapedia needs a PKMNpodcast.com Page but I'm no good at editing pages, so think of me as the Idea man.
  • KyleRayner - I'll help. I hope to be benificial in the progress with the 'Hack Games" article as I have previous experience with hacked games.
  • Wolfeh- I'll try to help the best I can, but I might not be good at it... *Howls*
  • Damionic - I can go look for various spin-offs and do more grunt work in searching.
  • alebcay
  • Seevea - I'll see what I can do. I'll work on Bad Eggs, as I have around 50.
  • 99pokemon- IDK what I can do but... I'll try!
  • Coon - I'll see if I can help with anything!
  • LoveLoverGrl - I don't know much but I'll do what I can
  • DrBrock - Here to fix your mistakes or two.
  • Matthew8367 - Will perform glitches.
  • WobbuffetLover - Love trivia so I'll try.
  • master crazy hand - I create new fan fiction every day
  • Trevorrrj - I'll help create some Australian sites and forums.
  • TheLovelyNightshade- I'm new here... but I've seen and heard from the fans.★★
  • Dunsparce58
  • BulbaPediaAid - I created the April Fools' Day 2010 and Pokémorph articles. On an off-site note, I'm also doing a Wikipedia workpage for Bulbapedia.
  • Hyperbeem - I will be working on certain forums pages, and generally help.
  • YoshisWorld Though I generally do stuff to do with the Pokémon Games and Anime, I could still help here.
  • Xatuish- Although I only just started, I'm quite able to do this kind of thing. Anything I can do?
  • Yellow Rayquaza- Hello!
  • DialgaMaster105 - I'm a bureaucrat on a fanon site, I might as well join
  • Alipikachu
  • TheSeviper
  • poke.geek
  • alcid34 - ♥ Pokemon!
  • YinYang21- Hail the Tao trio!
  • Darkshadows9776 - Shouldn't someone make a pokemon creepy black section on the hack games page? *Raises hand* I'd do it if I could edit it.
  • Jobboman - I love Pokemon, but I guess you knew that already.
  • zekromlieker9000 - my name is ez and i liek zekroms
  • Empressempoleon - Pokémon FTW!
  • MewDuoZ - Yeah. I'll help.


All fanon terminology will be in the following format:

A(n) fanon word here is a popular term used among fans to . . .

{{Project Fandom notice}}

For guidelines, see here.

All fansite articles will be in the following format:

Fansite here is a site about . . .

== History ==

== Site ==

=== First Section ===

=== Second Section ===

== Staff ==

== External Links ==

{{Project Fandom notice}}

For a great example of how to create an article on a fansite (not a forum), please visit here.

All forum articles will be in the following format:

Forum here is a forum about . . .



===Topic One===

===Topic Two===


==External Links==

{{Project Fandom notice}}

For guidelines, see here.


Anything that deals with Pokémon fandom. This includes the following: Pokémon fansites, Pokémon fanfiction archives, Pokémon fanon terminology, and Fakemon.

See also

Other important links here


  1. To create comprehensive articles on all known Pokémon fandom.
  2. To inform the public about fansites and the like.
  3. To ensure every edit made to the fandom is legitimate.


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Other templates

To place a notice at the bottom of the page, use this: {{Project Fandom notice}}

And then you will get this:

Project Fandom logo.png This article is a part of Project Fandom, a Bulbapedia Project that aims to write comprehensive articles on every aspect of the Pokémon Fandom.

To tell everyone you are a part of this project, use this: {{User Project Fandom}}

And then you will get this:

Project Fandom logo.png This user is a member of Project Fandom.

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