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This Project is closed. Do not create any more sprites.
FireRed LeafGreen Giovanni.png Tavisource is the leader of this project. Please direct any questions about Project Custom Sprite or its actions to this user.

Some Bulbapedia members have formed a project to better represent unique characters in the Pokémon anime and games by creating custom sprites of the said Pokémon. If you would like to help, please inquire on the talk page or the Bulbapedia forum and see the to-do list.

Project Custom Sprite

Project Custom Sprite promotes the idea to conserve an organized system for the custom sprites we use on Bulbapedia.


To join the project, simply add your name to the bottom of this list:


  • All sprites must be used on the encyclopedia.
  • Sprites should represent the Pokémon's regular character design or at least a significant aspect of its character. There is usually not a need for sprites of rarely worn costumes.
  • Sprites should be edited versions of the official Pokémon sprites from the current generation of games.
  • As much as possible, all sprites must have the correct dimensions. (80x80 pixels)
  • All sprites must have a transparent background.
  • After completing a sprite on the list, please delete it so that others won't re-do them.
  • Ideas that seem to be unnecessary could be stroked-out. (Use these to strike out ideas: <strike> </strike>.) All stroked-out ideas must include an explanation placed besides the stroked-out idea.
  • When uploading a new sprite, categorize it on the Archives and then add it to here along with its intended location on the mainspace.
  • All sprites should have the artist's name visible on the image page and hidden on the project page. (Use these to write invisible text: <!-- -->.) However, edits on the mainspace should not be signed.
  • Spriters, if you decide to update a sprite, please replace the old one rather than uploading it to a new filename. This is so that the links to it don't have to be changed accordingly and to help prevent excess unused images on the Archives.
  • If you feel a sprite is not good enough, consult the sprite's creator; do not overwrite their picture. If controversy takes place, discuss it on this page's talk page rather than engaging in a revert war.
  • Most importantly, do NOT argue over sprites! Always contribute adequately according to what is best for EVERYONE.


  • To complete all necessary custom sprites for all the unique Pokémon presented in the anime.


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Custom sprites had caused many ups and downs to Bulbapedia. When this first started, it was not organized as a project, it was just something done for the sake of it. So one day, some people had gone against the sprites and declared that they did not like it. So in defense, some users defended the sprites, but used the wrong method, and instead, started a rebellion to force others in liking the sprites. It was later discovered that it was just one, big misunderstanding. So in result of this, Tavisource started the Custom Sprites Project to organize the making of the custom sprites. He had this project held under his user space. But when more people came and the page got too popular, the page was forced to move to a Bulbapedia project page. Things went smoothly from then on, until in October of 2008 when he went to the forums to ask about people's views on a certain sprite. At the end, the discussion turned out to be an argument about liking the sprites or not. The people who defended them used every method they could. And for the people against it, their reasons was that they were causing too much trouble. Seeing much trouble with the discussion itself, Tavisource and Kenji-girl closed the discussion with a compromise to settle the two sides. So then on, things went smoothly and more people came and joined the project. Now, the project has caught up with the current anime showings. As for the people who went against the sprites, most of them returned to apologize and admit their mistake. Now knowing that this problem had ended well, we still try to keep this issue down and ever from rising once again. As for the people who were for the sprites, they had not been on Bulbapedia lately to witness the growth of the custom sprite project. Many just hope that this project will come to a success and be included in the completion of Bulbapedia, one day.


Some of you might be wondering why we use Squirtle as our avatar. The answer is simple. Squirtle was the sprite that motivated this project in the first place, as well as one of the very first sprite that was worked on. It's that simple!

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