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The descendants of this project are:
The descendants of this project are:
*[[Bulbapedia:Project COD|Project COD]]
*[[Bulbapedia:Project COD|Project COD]]
*[[Bulbapedia:Project Custom Sprite|Project Custom Sprite]] (Defunct)
*Project Custom Sprite (Defunct)
*[[Bulbapedia:Project VA|Project VA]]
*[[Bulbapedia:Project VA|Project VA]]

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FireRed LeafGreen Giovanni.png Kenji-girl is the leader of this project. Please direct any questions about Project Anime or its actions to this user.
Project Anime logo.png

Some Bulbapedia members have formed a project to better organize efforts to write and improve articles about Pokémon anime episodes. If you would like to help, please inquire on the talk page or the Bulbapedia forum and see the to-do list.

Project Anime

Scope and aims

Project Anime covers all aspects of the Pokémon anime, including its episodes, movies, characters, and exclusive-locations.


To join the project, simply add your name to the bottom of this list:



  • To complete all necessary information for every episode of the anime, including a synopsis, character list and infobox.
  • To write articles on each of its characters.
  • To complete all necessary information for all anime-exclusive locations.


Other templates

  • {{New episode}} -- to be used when creating a Black & White series episode article. Please use
    {{subst:New episode|episode number|Japan airdate|Japanese title in kanji|Japanese title translation}}
    • Please update this template as the characters' parties change.
Project Anime logo.png This episode article is part of Project Anime, a Bulbapedia project that covers all aspects of the Pokémon anime.
Project Anime logo.png This user is a member of Project Anime.

Other projects

Parent project

This project has no parent project.


The descendants of this project are:

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