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=====What can I do to help out Bulbapedia=====
There's always things to do on Bulbapedia. Check out the {{cat|stubs}}, {{cat|articles needing improvement}}, the [[Special:WantedPages|wanted pages]], or the {{cat|outdated articles}} for ideas on what to help with.
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<!--[[Category:Bulbapedia policies|{{PAGENAME}}]]-->

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This article is a proposed guide for Bulbapedia.

Please discuss the proposed guide and suggest possible changes on the article's talk page.

This guide will attempt to address all issues and questions that a user may have during their time on Bulbapedia. If there are any questions not addressed here, by all means, please bring them up with a staff member.

User related


Are there rules to using the userspace?

Yes. Generally three edits per day is the max, as the idea of Bulbapedia is to provide a complete encyclopedia of all things Pokémon, not to have users focus on their userspace. Users are not allowed to edit other users pages unless you're changing a redlink to prevent it from showing up in the Wanted Pages.

For more info on the rules see the userspace policy.

Why can't I make a userpage?

New users are unable to make userpages right away. This is done so users would make more contributions to the mainspace and not to the userspace. After users make a certain amount of edits to the mainspace and are auto-confirmed, they may edit the userspace.

Problems with other users

This user is being rude to me, what do I do?

Sometimes users do occasionally disagree. It happens. However, if a user is bullying you, it is unacceptable. If you feel that a user is bullying you, please bring it up with an admin right away and explain the situation to us and we will step in and will handle the situation. Bulbapedia does not tolerate bullying behavior and neither should you.

This user is reverting me, what do I do?

Users do fight over content, however, instead of getting in an edit war, bring it up on the other user's talk page, a staff's talk page or the talk page of the page itself to solve the problem. Edit wars are frowned upon and users caught in edit wars can face short blocks depending on the revisions they've changed.


What can I do to help out Bulbapedia

There's always things to do on Bulbapedia. Check out the stubs, articles needing improvement, the wanted pages, or the outdated articles for ideas on what to help with.