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The editorial board is the authority on official policy and endorsed style on Bulbapedia.

While Bulbapedia is very much a community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia, senior staff at Bulbagarden feel that an official voice is needed to have a final say in issues and disputes, to put their feet down, so to speak.


: On hiatus: please do not contact unless no other editors can be reached.

Former members

  • evkl, Editor-in-Chief, December 24, 2004 - January 30, 2006

Executive policymakers

*: Not a member of the editorial board.


The editorial board has the authority to:

  • Set official binding policy.
  • Endorse non-binding guidelines.
  • Issue statements.
  • Appoint and dismiss editorial board members.
  • Issue and revoke sysop and bureaucrat powers.
    • This power is devolved to non-board administrators with bureaucrat powers in emergency situations.


The editorial board conducts discussions on matters of style, policy and position of Bulbapedia with other members of the Bulbapedia staff in a staff forum on BMGf: Wiki Maintenance From time to time, the editorial board will seek the opinion of the readers and contributors of Bulbapedia in the public discussion forum: Bulbawiki Discussion

From time to time, a member of the editorial board will issue sysop power to regular contributors. This action serves two purposes: one, to allow the contributor to perform maintenance tasks such as removing pages made by accident; two, as a safeguard against vandalism: by having many administrators, we hope that vandals will be caught and blocked before they can cause significant damage.

Significant disputes which cannot be resolved by negotiation will occasionally result in edicts being issued by the executive policymakers.

Joining the editorial board

Joining the editorial board is by invitation only. We look for, amongst other things, an established reputation for expertise and a willingness to contribute more to Bulbapedia than just facts and figures.

Any board member may motion to issue an invitation, provided it is seconded by at least one other board member; however, all appointments are still subject to approval by the Editor-in-Chief or the Deputies, and veto by the executive policymakers.

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