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An administrator will use their judgment on whether to protect this page when they reach it. Only admins are allowed to remove this tag unless another user is given permission to or if the page belongs to the user who put in the tag.

Administrators - Remember to check the page history before protecting. Even when the page belongs to the user who put the page up for protection, the page history must be checked.

Categories are special links on a wiki that cause a page to be included in a group of pages about similar things. They are made by putting [[Category:(category name)]] at the bottom of a page, most preferentially, but they will technically work anywhere on a page.

Categories are used in order to make everything on a wiki easier to find, and to allow related articles to be accessed easily. On Bulbapedia, it is official policy for every page to be categorized, with the notable exception of the Main Page.

In order to link to a category on a page with normal text and not categorize said page in that category, one must either put a colon before the Category namespace tag ([[:Category:(category name)]]) or use the {{cat}} link template, which shortens the job.