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| '''{{u|Virtual-Z}}'''
| '''{{u|Virtual-Z}}'''
| bgcolor="#84ED68" | Active
| bgcolor="#F6D75B" | Hiatus
| September 16, 2008
| September 16, 2008
| TTEchidna
| TTEchidna

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Bulbapedia administrators are users who have been granted administrative powers by the editorial board.

List of administrators

See: List of administrators
  • Members of the editorial board are listed in green.
  • Bold type indicate additional powers.
  • If in need of administrator assistance, please contact an Active administrator for quickest results; all active administrators generally check messages daily.
User Status Since Sponsor Affiliation Rank Remarks
Archaic Active December 21, 2004 Bulbagarden Head of Bulbagarden
Zhen Lin Hiatus December 21, 2004 Bulbagarden Former Editor-in-Chief.
evkl Active December 21, 2004 Bulbagarden Deputy Head of Bulbagarden Also Editor-in-Chief emeritus.
BulbaBot Bot April 16, 2005 Bulbapedia Evil robot
Zeta Hiatus April 17, 2005 Zhen Lin
Quagbert Inactive April 17, 2005 Zhen Lin Bulbapedia Editor
Nyoo Hiatus May 20, 2005 Zhen Lin PokéWiki, Bulbanews
Argy Inactive June 6, 2005 Archaic Bulbanews Former Editor-in-Chief Also former Bulbapedia style editor
Transfinite Active August 24, 2005 BMGf Super-Moderator
Unown Lord Active January 8, 2006 Zhen Lin Bulbapedia Research Editor Also Research Editor on Bulbanews.
Pie Inactive January 19, 2006 Zhen Lin Bulbapedia Former style editor
Fabu-Vinny Active February 1, 2006 Zhen Lin Bulbagarden Editor Also Europe Editor on Bulbanews
Arty2 Hiatus February 4, 2006 Zhen Lin Legendary Pokémon Owner
TTEchidna Active November 15, 2006 Argy Bulbapedia Editor-in-Chief
Sketch Active January 29, 2007 Zhen Lin Editor
PAK Man Active April 16, 2007 Zhen Lin Editor
Shiningpikablu252 Probation March 24, 2008 TTEchidna
Jioruji Derako Active March 28, 2008 Zhen Lin Bulbapedia Editor, leader of Project MoveDex Signature policy enforcer.
Maverick Nate Active July 17, 2008 TTEchidna Leader of Project TCGDex, Editor-in-chief of Bulbagarden Archives Assisted in vandalism clean-up.
Kenji-girl Active July 17, 2008 TTEchidna Leader of Project Anime Assisted in vandalism clean-up.
Urutapu Active July 17, 2008 TTEchidna Assisted in vandalism clean-up.
Politoed666 Active August 2, 2008 TTEchidna Editor, leader of Project Decks
MAGNEDETH Active September 16, 2008 TTEchidna Editor Nomination accepted
Virtual-Z Hiatus September 16, 2008 TTEchidna Leader of Project Merchandise Nomination accepted
Vegard November 29, 2008 Bulbagarden System administrator
Kogoro Active December 9, 2008 TTEchidna Editor Nomination accepted
RexRacer Active March 30, 2009 Archaic Leader of Project BerryDex, Editor-in-chief of Bulbanews Copyrights enforcer.
The dark lord trombonator Active March 30, 2009 MAGNEDETH Editor Assisted in Wikia copyright fiasco.
Mamady May 9, 2009 Bulbagarden System administrator
electAbuzzzz Active June 21, 2009 MAGNEDETH Leader of Projects Music and Globe Featured Article director
CoolPikachu! Active August 29, 2009 MAGNEDETH Leader of Project Manga
Darkeiya Active October 15, 2009 MAGNEDETH
Soramimi Active October 15, 2009 MAGNEDETH
Clarky13 Active January 24, 2010 electAbuzzzz Leader of Projects Locations and CharacterDex


Administrators are able to:

  • Block users and IP addresses
  • Protect pages
    • Unprotect pages
    • Edit protected pages
  • Delete pages/revisions
    • Restore pages/revisions
  • Revert edits with one click
  • Use the article patrol feature on the recent changes list.


Additionally, administrators may:

Becoming an administrator

Administrative powers can be granted by a bureaucrat, however, the editorial board has the final say on the issue.

Users who have contributed regularly and who have demonstrated initiative are candidates for administratorship.