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{{AdminCell|nYoo|PokéWiki staff|Hiatus|May 20, 2005}}
{{AdminCell|nYoo|PokéWiki staff|Hiatus|May 20, 2005}}
|- align="center" valign="top"
|- align="center" valign="top"
{{AdminCell|Arty2|Owner, Legendary Pokémon|Inactive|February 4, 2006}}
{{AdminCell|Arty2|Owner, Legendary Pokémon|Hiatus|February 4, 2006}}
{{AdminCell|Urutapu||Active|July 17, 2008}}
{{AdminCell|Urutapu||Active|July 17, 2008}}
{{AdminCell|Virtual-Z|Leader, Project Merchandise|Active|September 16, 2008}}
{{AdminCell|Virtual-Z|Leader, Project Merchandise|Active|September 16, 2008}}

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Editorial Board
Sr. Admins
Jr. Admins

Administrators of Bulbapedia are users who have been granted certain permissions by the Editorial Board. An administrator's responsibilities number greatly, being able to protect pages both from creation and editing, delete pages from view, block and unblock users, check a user's IP address, and put Bulbapedia into staff-only lockdown, among others.

The lowest of the "true" ranks of Bulbapedia staff, Administrators are held to strict scrutiny by the Editorial Board, and may be granted their powers through moving up from the Junior Administrator rank.

List of Administrators

This is a list of all users with Administrator powers on Bulbapedia. This list does not include users higher on the Bulbapedia administrative hierarchy, who all have the powers of the administrator level in addition to their own.

If in need of a Administrator's assistance, please contact an Active Administrator for quickest results; all active Administrators generally check messages daily. For immediate results, find a currently online admin on the list of recent changes—administrators have italicized usernames.

Since April 16, 2005 Bot

Evil Robot

Since April 17, 2005 Active


Since May 20, 2005 Hiatus

PokéWiki staff

Since February 4, 2006 Hiatus

Owner, Legendary Pokémon

Since July 17, 2008 Active


Since September 16, 2008 Active

Leader, Project Merchandise

Since October 15, 2009 Active


Since January 24, 2010 Active

Leader, Projects Locations and CharacterDex

Since May 20, 2010 Hiatus

Leader, Projects Games, Music & Battrio

Since May 20, 2010 Active

Zesty Cactus

Since June 26, 2010 Active

Leader, Project Sidegames

Since June 26, 2010 Hiatus

Bulbagarden Archives Senior Administrator

If an active Administrator cannot be found, consider speaking with a Senior Administrator, Bureaucrat, or a member of the Editorial Board.


Administrators have the authority to lock and unlock pages from editing by ordinary users as well as from users who have not yet been around long enough to be Autoconfirmed.

Additionally, Administrators have the power to delete and undelete pages and files on Bulbapedia and the Archives, as well as upload files via URL. Administrators may block and unblock other users in accordance with policy.