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Bulbagarden forums
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Language English
Status Active
Run 2001 - Present
Date opened 2001
Creator  ????
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Mascot none
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The Bulbagarden forums are the "common room" of Bulbagarden. A vBulletin 3.8.0 message board, the forums (commonly known as BMGf) have existed for as long as the site and are currently the only part of the main Bulbagarden site. The forums have subforums for many topics, ranging from general discussion in the Misc. Forum to Anime and Manga and Shipping discussion, to a a home for Fanfiction writers and Fanart artists, and a place for the Pokémon Games, Anime, and Manga.

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In 2009, Bulbagarden forums' Wireless Garden subforum was expanded to a full-size section with separate forums for trading and battling activities.


The forums are run under a relatively liberal set of rules which permits virtually all intelligent posting, with artistic liberties granted with regards to vulgarity and perceived "crudeness". However, the general rules of all forums still apply. These rules include not abusing the CAPS lock, not flaming other users, not spamming, and a policy against plagiarism, pirating, and warez. Trolls are not tolerated.


The forums have a number of traditions, including the masquerade parties held at Halloween and Christmas.


The forums are the venue for two projects, both games: Fizzy Bubbles and Knight Pokémon University, the current BulbaRPG.

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