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Bulbagarden forums
BMGf logo.png
Language English
Status Active
Run 2001 - Present
Date opened 2001
Creator Archaic
Current owner {{{owner}}}
Mascot Bulbasaur
Website Main Page

The Bulbagarden forums (also known as BMGf) are the "common room" of Bulbagarden. A vBulletin message board, currently running vBulletin version 4.2.0, the forums were made public on January 1, 2003, when Archaic re-launched Bulbagarden.


The forums are arranged into 11 categories: the Bulbagarden Welcome Center, which covers announcements, rules and allows members to welcome themselves; Pokémon News, for the discussion of news reported on Bulbanews; Pokémon Video games, a place to discuss Pokémon video games, new and old, and organize Pokémon battles via WIFI, Pokémon Media, The place to talk about Pokémon anime and manga and trade TCG cards, Pokémon world, the place for shipping and general Pokémon discussion, The Creative Corner, an area for writers, artists, and musicians to share their work and critique that of others; the Bulbagarden Game Corner, a place for roleplaying games and simple fun games; Large-Scale Forum Games, which is an area for Bulbagarden's official RPGs, the Knight Pokémon University, and Fizzy Bubbles; Bulbagarden Projects, which is for discussion of the other areas of the Bulbagarden network; The World Beyond, which deals with non-Pokémon information; and the Development Zone, a place where members can suggest ways to improve the forum.


The forums are run under a relatively liberal set of rules which permits virtually all intelligent posting, with artistic liberties granted with regards to vulgarity and perceived "crudeness". However, the general rules of all forums still apply. These rules include not abusing the CAPS lock, not flaming other users, not spamming, and policies against plagiarism, pirating, and warez. Trolls are not tolerated.


The forums have a number of traditions, including the masquerade parties held at Halloween and Christmas. Christmas Contests have also become popular, with the first large-scale contest taking place in 2009. The tradition was repeated in 2010 with a larger Christmas Contest that included over a dozen pre-order Generation V game givewaways.

The Outside the Box forums have a number of long-running Bulbagarden traditions, including the Conversational Chat Thread, the Picture Thread, the Random Messages thread, and numerous other forum games.

RPG Projects

The forums are the host for numerous inter-forum and unique-to-Bulbagarden Roleplaying Games. Fizzy Bubbles and URPG are two projects that exist on multiple forums, while Knight Pokémon University and Evolution to Destiny are Bulbagarden-exclusive RPs.

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