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Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden, commonly known as Bulbagarden, is an English-language Pokémon community. It is most well known for its forums, and arguably its lack of a website.


The original Bulbagarden.com website was run by Bulbasaur ("Bulba", better known now as Anenga or Anenga Chris, the head tester for the Shareaza P2P Network), and was in operation during the so-called heyday of Pokémon Websites, in the peerage of such esteemed sites as TPM, Azure Heights, and the original UPNetwork. The original site was shut down at the beginning of 2001 after problems with advertisers left Bulba with no ability to pay for server operation. The files were held in stasis on the server until the beginning of February, during which time the (then) forum head admin Archaic launched a desperate bid to fund the server for just 1 more month, enough to be allowed access to the files again and to make a forum backup. It was, sadly, not to be.

Archaic brought the site back in late 2002, following significant downtime on the part of Serebii.net, contracting the services of some of the best and most well-versed people in the Pokémon community at the time. After opening up on January 1, 2003, Bulbagarden.com prospered, quickly gaining memberships on the forums and struggling to put a worthy site up for operations. A pilot site had been completed, but a full version was never offered.

About a year later, the Bulbagarden.com domain name expired and was promptly squatted on, that is, bought out by a company devoted to SPAM. After many attempts to reestablish the site at Bulbagarden.com, it was decided to move to a .net domain, becoming (as it is today) Bulbagarden.net, which carries on the traditions and members of the Archaic-run Bulbagarden. Since then, the site has faced Denial of Service attacks and various other troubles, but manages to stick together with a fantastic community of devoted fans who enjoy engaging in lively discussions about a myriad of topics, and continues to grow and thrive.

Bulbagarden's current projects include but are not limited to the Evolutions: Destinies Project, a player-interactive RPG, a Pokédex, and various other anime synopses and Pokémon data classification projects.