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"Bulbacast, the official podcast of Bulbagarden"
Bulbacast logo.png
Bulbacast's logo
Language English
Status On hiatus (Main podcast)
Defunct (English Edition)
Run December 2005 - October 2007 (Main podcast's original run, seasons 1 - 3)
September 2009 (season 4 revival attempt)
September 2011 - November 2011 (season 5 revival)
March 2006 - April 2006 (English Edition)
Podcast debuted December 13, 2005 (Main podcast)
March 19, 2006 (English Edition)
Last episode published April 9, 2006 (English Edition; PPN Studio continues to state that a fourth episode is coming soon.)
Website closed {{{site_close}}}
Reason {{{reason}}}
Creator(s) Bulbagarden
Host(s) Jane Doe
Number of Episodes 59 (Main podcast as of BC5-008)
3 (English Edition)
Forum Bulbacast discussion forum on Bulbagarden forums
Mascot Bulbasaur
Website Bulbacast home page on Bulbagarden
Feed Bulbacast RSS feed Bulbacast on the iTunes Store
English Edition RSS feed

Bulbacast is a Pokémon-centric podcast that is run by the members of Bulbagarden. It originally debuted on December 13, 2005. It underwent a hiatus over a period of about two years, but returned in 2009 during the first Project Overgrow. The first cast in several years was recorded in September 2009 with the new cast system implemented, but it fell into hiatus status again shortly afterwards. After another two-year hiatus, Bulbacast returned to production in 2011, beginning its fifth season. It has since reentered hiatus again, having not produced another episode since November 2011.

With the addition of the fourth and fifth seasons, the total number of episodes aired is 59, after BC5-008, including 2 special casts of the April Fool's Day cast in Season 1 and "gamescast" in Season 2.

Episode summaries

See Bulbacast:Episodes

English Edition

Bulbacast: English Edition was a spin-off podcast of the main Bulbacast that was focused on the English language part of the Pokémon franchise, despite the fact that the main podcast was produced in English. It lasted for just three episodes in 2006.

Episode summaries

See Bulbacast:English Edition episodes
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