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シバ Siba
HeartGold SoulSilver Bruno.png
Art from HeartGold and SoulSilver
Gender Male
Eye color Black
Hair color Black
Hometown Unknown
Region Kanto or Johto
Trainer class Elite Trainer
Generation I, II, III, IV
Games Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal, FireRed, LeafGreen, HeartGold, SoulSilver, Stadium, Stadium 2
Elite Four of Indigo Plateau
Specializes in Template:Type2s
Anime debut To Master the Onix-Pected
English voice actor Maddie Blaustein
Japanese voice actor Toshiyuki Morikawa

Bruno (Japanese: シバ Siba) is a master Template:Type2 Trainer and member of the Elite Four of Kanto and Johto.

In the games

Bruno's artwork from FireRed and LeafGreen

Bruno is a member of the Elite Four. He raises Fighting-type Pokémon, living with them and training with them. He joined the Elite Four out of a desire to challenge the best Trainers. Although he trains Fighting Pokémon, he also uses Onix and its evolution and his strongest Pokémon is always his Machamp.

Bruno regularly visits the Sevii Islands. He and his Pokémon use the spa on Knot Island, and he visits Boon Island to buy Ragecandybars.

Brawly is a former training partner of Bruno's.

In Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal, as well as HeartGold and SoulSilver, Bruno continues to be a member of the Elite Four, though moving up in rank one level.

Fame Checker

This is a list of the Fame Checker's information on Bruno in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen.

Pokémon League - Bruno
  • What does this person do?
"I am Bruno of the Elite Four."
Pokémon League - Bruno
  • Favorite kind of Pokémon?
"I've lived and trained with my fighting <sc>Pokémon."
Saffron City - Pokémon Journal
  • What is this person like?
"Bruno apparently joined the Elite Four out of his burning ambition to
battle the best of Trainers."
Ember Spa - Crusher
  • What is this person like?
"Bruno, who's a senior ahead of me, visits the Spa on occasion.
He comes to rehab injuries, both his own and his Pokémon's "
Two Island - Woman
  • There's a rumor...
"He's one of the Elite Four. His name is Bruno.
He went away disappointed when he found out that they were all sold out of Rage Candybars."
Tanoby Key - BlackBelt
  • Family and friends?
"Even Bruno, he trained with a fellow by the name of Brawly before."
Message from Bruno
  • From: Bruno
  • To: [Player]
"The super power of your Pokémon and you I've experienced myself.
Next time, maybe I should show you how to train yourself."


This listing is for Bruno's Pokémon in the video games in which he has appeared.

Pokémon Red, Blue and Green

Pokémon Yellow

Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal

Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen

First battle

Second battle

Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver

First battle

Second battle

Pokémon Stadium

Round 1

Round 2

Pokémon Stadium 2

Round 1

Round 2

File:RB Bruno.png File:YellowBruno.png File:BrunoGSCsprite.gif
Bruno's sprite from
Generation I
Bruno's sprite from
Pokémon Yellow
Bruno's Sprite from
Generation II
File:FL Bruno.png File:BrunoHGSS.gif VSBruno.png
Bruno's sprite from
Generation III
Bruno's Sprite from
Generation IV
Bruno's VS sprite from
Generation IV

In the anime

Bruno in the anime

Bruno appeared in To Master the Onixpected!, but it's possible that Bruno appeared already in Pokémon - I Choose You! as the shadowy Trainer using Nidorino and Onix. His English voice actress is Maddie Blaustein and his Japanese voice actor is Toshiyuki Morikawa.

While Ash was preparing for the Pokémon League in Kanto, he found out that Bruno was training in the mountains near Pallet Town. Brock was enthusiastic about meeting Bruno, so they took Misty and headed towards the mountains. In the local mountains, it was known that Onix grew much larger than usual.

After Bruno saved them from one of the giant Onix, Ash and Brock begged for Bruno to take them on as students. Bruno agreed, as long as Ash and Brock would do anything he said. Bruno had them chop wood, carry water, and carve chopsticks - amongst other chores. Misty began to suspect that Bruno was a phony.

Brock decided to prove how amazing Bruno was by surprising him with a sneak attack. He assumed that Bruno's reflexes would be so amazing, he'd stop Brock with ease. Brock nearly ended up knocking Bruno unconscious. Bruno admitted that he didn't know any secret techniques on how to train Pokémon and just wanted to have someone to do chores for him.

Later, the kids were again chased by a giant Onix. Bruno calmed the giant Pokémon, and it decided to join Bruno's team. Bruno then said that the only true secret behind Pokémon training is that Trainers and their Pokémon should care for each other.

Bruno has amazing physical power and agility in the anime, and appears capable of using them with almost superhuman expertise.


This listing is of Bruno's Pokémon in the Pokémon anime:

Bruno's Hitmonchan
Bruno's Hitmonchan has only been seen briefly in a video watched by Brock and Ash. Its only known move is ThunderPunch.
Debut To Master the Onixpected!
Voice actors
English Michael Haigney
Bruno's Onix
Main article: Bruno's Onix

Bruno went to Mt. Hideaway in order to find and capture this giant Onix. At Mt. Hideaway Onix grew much bigger and stronger than elsewhere. This certain Onix was rampaging around the mountain in agony. Ash and friends tried to stop it, but didn't succeed. Bruno then appeared and was ready to catch Onix. When Ash and the others asked what Pokémon he was going to use, Bruno shocked them by telling that he wasn't going to use any Pokémon. Bruno soon found the reason for Onix's agony: a Sandslash had been stuck inside of it. After Sandslash was removed, Onix became very thankful for Bruno and accepted to come with him, so Bruno threw his Poké Ball at Onix and captured it. It hasn't been seen since.

Onix's only known attack is Tackle.

Debut To Master the Onixpected!
Voice actors
Japanese Unshō Ishizuka
English Unshō Ishizuka

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese Toshiyuki Morikawa
English Maddie Blaustein
Polish Robert Ostolski
Brazilian Portuguese Mauro Eduardo
European Spanish Miguel Ángel Montero

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

Bruno was primarily a villain. He challenged Red to a Pokémon battle in a remote area and defeated him with ease and critically injured his Pokémon. He then offered a position on the Elite Four to Red, but Red refused so Lorelei froze him. Many of his Machop were seen to decoy Pewter City and keep Brock at bay.

Later, the Elite Four tried to wipe out most of humanity from Cerise Island. Bill and Lt. Surge originally fought Bruno on two wild Onix with a pit of Toxic Mucus under them, which if either of them fell they would die. When Yellow and Blaine came along it was also revealed that he put up a barrier to stop any intruders from entering so a fair battle could be fought. Bill and Lt. Surge eventually gained the upper hand by combining Exeggcutes' Egg Bomb with Electrode's Explosion to make the Onix collapse and make them all fall except Lt. Surge had his Magneton create a Barrier to keep them elevated. It later was revealed that Bruno really used his Hitmonlee's legs to keep him hanging on. Red then came to defeat Bruno using Vui with new found control of its evolutions.

It was later revealed that Bruno was an unwilling member. Agatha used the mind controlling abilities of her Template:Type2 Pokémon to force Bruno to join. Due to this he was suffering memory loss and questions why he was in the Elite Four, so he couldn't even realize that he was being controlled.

Without any place to go, Bruno formed a new version of the Elite Four in Johto, with three other ex-members of criminal organizations: Will, Karen, and Koga.

Bruno attaches his Poké Balls to the ends of a set of nunchuck. The force of him using the weapon causes his Pokémon to be released at high speeds, giving him the advantage in battles. He also has a unique Hitmonlee with arms as flexible as its legs, something previously thought to be impossible.


This listing is for Bruno's Pokémon in the Pokémon Adventures manga.

Machop (Multiple)

In the TCG

This listing is of cards mentioning or featuring Bruno or his Pokémon in the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Name Type Level Rarity Set Set no.
Bruno's Machamp Fighting - Common Pokémon VS (no English release) 81/141
Bruno's Hitmonlee Fighting - Common Pokémon VS (no English release) 82/141
Bruno's Hitmonchan Fighting - Common Pokémon VS (no English release) 83/141
Bruno's Steelix Metal - Rare HolographicH Pokémon VS (no English release) 84/141
Bruno's Ursaring Colorless - Common Pokémon VS (no English release) 85/141
Bruno's Hitmontop Fighting - Common Pokémon VS (no English release) 86/141
Bruno's TM 01 - - Uncommon Pokémon VS (no English release) 123/141
Bruno's TM 02 - - Uncommon Pokémon VS (no English release) 124/141


Pokémon Red, Blue, FireRed, and LeafGreen

"I am Bruno of the Elite Four! Through rigorous training, people and Pokémon can become stronger without limit. I've lived and trained with my Fighting Pokémon! And that will never change! <name>! We will grind you down with our superior power! Hoo hah!"

"Why? How could I lose?"

"My job is done. Go face your next challenge."

Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal

"I am Bruno of the Elite Four. I always train to the extreme because I believe in our potential. That is how we became strong. Can you withstand our power? Hm? I see no fear in you. You look determined. Perfect for battle! Ready, <name>? You will bow down to our overwhelming power! Hoo hah!"

"Why? How could we lose?"

"Having lost, I have no right to say anything...Go face your next challenge!"


  • Bruno's hair has changed from Generation II to Generation III to a longer, darker style and his skin tone got lighter as well.
  • Bruno was the first member of the Elite Four who was met in the anime, not counting Koga, who was not a member when he was seen.
  • After defeating Bruno in the Generation II games, he will turn to his left; he is the only character in the Elite Four that does this.
  • None of Bruno's sprites have ever shown him standing up.
  • Bruno, Lance, and Koga are the only members of the Elite Four who have appeared in all four generations. Of the three, Bruno is the only one to always keep his status as Elite Four member.
  • Despite taking place three years later, Bruno's Pokémon are at a lower level in Generation II than they were in Generation I. The same thing happens to Lance and Blue.
  • In the Pokémon Adventures manga, Bruno was controlled by the braces on his wrists by Agatha. His Pokémon were also controlled in a similar manner.


Language Name Reference to
Japanese シバ Siba From Shiba - lawns or shrubs. Similar to shibaku (to strike, to hit).
English, German, Italian, Spanish Bruno Means "brown haired". It's similar to brawn, bruiser and to brunt.
French Aldo Originates from the Italian short form of Germanic name elements ald, "old," and adal, "noble."
Korean 시바 (Siba) Phonetical translation of シバ Siba.
Chinese (Taiwan) 希巴 (Xībā) Phonetical translation of シバ Siba.
Chinese (PRC) 志霸 (Zhìbà) Phonetical translation of シバ Siba.

Template:Elite Four of Kanto

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