Brock's Sudowoodo

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Brock's Sudowoodo
タケシのウソッキー Takeshi's Usokkie
Poké Ball
Brock Sudowoodo.png
Brock and Sudowoodo
Debuts in From Cradle to Save
Caught at Ninja school near Fuchsia City
Evolves in Leave It to Brocko
Gender Unknown
Ability Rock Head
Current location Pewter Gym
Bonsly Sudowoodo
This Pokémon spent 49 episodes as Bonsly.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Bonsly Daisuke Sakaguchi Bill Rogers
As Sudowoodo Daisuke Sakaguchi Bill Rogers

Brock's Sudowoodo (Japanese: タケシのウソッキー Takeshi's Usokkie) was the only Pokémon caught by Brock in the Battle Frontier saga; at the time, it was a Bonsly. In Brazil, as a Bonsly, when its voice couldn't be retained, it was voiced by Gilmara Sanches.


As a Bonsly

Brock captured Bonsly in the episode From Cradle to Save, while Ash, May, Max and himself were training at a ninja school in the Kanto Battle Frontier. Being much younger than the other Pokémon, Bonsly was portrayed as needy and child-like, and Brock was often seen bottle-feeding it until it could eat solid food.

Bonsly occasionally took over from Max in getting Brock away from girls. However, rather than pull his ear, Bonsly hit him with a powerful Double-Edge. It apparently did not want to share Brock, its "parent."

Brock entered Bonsly in a Pokémon Contest in What I Did for Love!, using it in the Appeals round.

When Brock joined up with Ash in Sinnoh, Bonsly was the only Pokémon he brought with him. Bonsly had shown signs of maturation, eventually learning the move Mimic in A Staravia is Born!. In the next episode, after being captured by Team Rocket, Bonsly evolved into Sudowoodo to help free Brock and a Nuzleaf, defeating James's Carnivine in a battle.

Since its evolution, it has matured and is no longer a crybaby. In fact, it is very upbeat, as seen in All Dressed Up With Somewhere to Go! when it recovered from a crushing disappointment almost instantly. It has also shown a significant increase in its power and battling skills. Instead of being needy and heavily reliant on Brock's care, Sudowoodo is eager to help Brock in almost any task. In almost all regards, it has grown from a typical baby Pokémon into a strong adult Pokémon, a true testament to Brock's talents as a Pokémon Breeder. It also has an odd tendency to salute Brock whenever it is called from its Poké Ball.

Since Brock brought another baby Pokémon onto his team by hatching Happiny from the egg he won in the Pokémon Cosplay competition, Sudowoodo seems to have bonded with her, and the two frequently are featured doing activities together, almost as if Sudowoodo is an older sibling.

In A Full Course Tag Battle!, it was used in a tag battle along with Ash and his Pikachu against Roman and his Snorlax and Kylie and her Munchlax. It was able to defeat Munchlax with a powerful Double-Edge while Pikachu was able to defeat Snorlax with a powerful Volt Tackle, both doing so in only one hit. Thanks to the great teamwork of these two, Ash and Brock were able to win the battle quite easily.

In Frozen on Their Tracks!, it was shown to have learned Hammer Arm while fighting against Team Rocket.

It was seen helping Ash train his Infernape in Working on a Right Move!. With this training Infernape was able to learn Flare Blitz, which was so strong, it accidentally knocked out Sudowoodo in the process.

Moves used

Using Fake Tears
Move First Used In
Fake Tears  From Cradle to Save
Double-Edge  From Cradle to Save
Flail  King and Queen for a Day!
Mimic A Staravia is Born!
Hammer Arm  Frozen on Their Tracks!
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.


Sudowoodo saluting Brock

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