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For other uses, see Brittany.
"Nothing personal, but I'm taking you down!"
Art from the PTCGO website
Gender Female
Eye color Blue
Hair color Blonde
Hometown Houston
Region USA
Trainer class Trading Card Game Player

Brittney is a regular at the Game Store in Pokémon Trading Card Game Online. So far, she can be faced in three of the four leagues in the Trainer Challenge.

Brittney makes it to the Platinum League's quarterfinals of the Playoffs but loses to Kendall.

Official biography

"Brittney likes to act and sing in school plays, and she dabbles in photography. She likes to take pictures of flowers and animals. She is best friends with Ali-unless they are playing Pokémon!"

In Platinum League

Brittney uses a Lightning deck in the Platinum League.

Brittney's Lightning deck

In Diamond league

Brittney uses a Lightning deck in the Diamond League.

In City Championship

Britteny Uses Green Tornado in the City Championship.

Quantity Card Type Rarity
Serperior Grass Rare Holo
Serperior Grass Rare
Servine Grass Uncommon
Snivy Grass Common
Pansage Grass Common
Petilil Grass Common
Deerling Grass Common
Sawsbuck Grass Rare
Musharna Psychic Rare
Munna Psychic Uncommon
Scolipede Psychic Rare
Whirlipede Psychic Uncommon
Venipede Psychic Uncommon
Patrat Colorless Common
Audino Colorless Uncommon
Energy Search I Common
Potion I Common
Energy Retrieval I Uncommon
Poké Ball I Uncommon
Pokémon Communication I Uncommon
Professor Juniper Su Uncommon
Revive I Uncommon
10× Grass Energy Grass E Common
Psychic Energy Psychic E Common

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