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Brianna (Japanese: ワカナ Wakana) is a Pokémon Coordinator who appeared in the anime.

In Harley Rides Again, she went to the Wisteria Town Contest to speak to May but decided to just send her a letter when May lost. However, she forgot to sign it and, as the letter came with a rose, May mistakenly thought that the letter was from Drew. May kept the letter until she met Brianna shortly before another Contest in Spontaneous Combusken. It was there that she discovered what the letter actually meant.

Brianna does not let the subject drop and, after they both get through the appeals, Brianna asks May how she feels about Drew, causing May to blush and stutter that she hasn't thought about it much. After the Contest, Drew assures Brianna that she is a good Coordinator and she faints in May's arms.

Brianna reappeared in Thinning the Hoard!, where she was seen watching the Kanto Grand Festival from her home. Her home is shown to have various pictures of her, Drew, and May.


This is a list of Brianna's Pokémon in the anime.

Brianna's Surskit
Surskit was used in the appeal rounds where it was able to make some dazzling appeals. As a result, Brianna was able to move onto the second round.

Surskit's known moves are Agility and Ice Beam.

Debut Spontaneous Combusken
Brianna's Vibrava
Vibrava was used in the battle round where it was able to sweep most opponents and made it to the final stage where it had to go up against May's Combusken. Vibrava was able to trap Combusken with Sand Tomb but Combusken was able to escape with its newly learnt move, Mega Kick. Combusken was then able to defeat Vibrava and May won herself a Ribbon.

Vibrava's known moves are Screech, DragonBreath and Sand Tomb.

Debut Spontaneous Combusken

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 吉田真弓 Mayumi Yoshida
English Rhonda Krempa
Brazilian Portuguese Gilmara Sanches
European Spanish Isacha Mengíbar


  • Brianna's Pokémon are both pre-evolved forms of Pokémon Drew owns. This seems to emphasize her admiration of Drew.

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