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コルサ Colza
"The Verdant Virtuoso"
Scarlet Violet Brassius.png
Artwork from Scarlet and Violet
Gender Male
Eye color Gray
Hair color Green
Hometown Artazon
Region Paldea
Trainer class Gym Leader
Generation IX
Games Scarlet and Violet
Leader of Artazon Gym
Badge Grass Badge
Specializes in Grass types

Brassius (Japanese: コルサ Colza) is an artist who is the Gym Leader of Artazon's Gym, known officially as the Artazon Gym. He specializes in Grass-type Pokémon. He hands out the Grass Badge to Trainers who defeat him.

In the core series

Brassius is one of the Gym Leaders of the Paldea region, and is also an artist. He treats battles as an artform and tests the aesthetic sensibilities of those who challenge his Gym. He is always busy with a new project when he's not battling, inspired by his surroundings.

In addition to the Gym Badge, Brassius gives out TM020 (Trailblaze) after defeating him.

He is close friends with Hassel, the art teacher at the academy in Mesagoza. Hassel helped inspire Brassius's most remarkable artwork called "Surrendering Sunflora", a statue installation spread around the town of Artazon depicting Sunflora with somber expressions. Amongst art connoisseurs, the meaning of "Surrendering Sunflora" is debated.[1] In truth, at the time of the creation of "Surrendering Sunflora", Brassius was deathly ill, and he had given up all hope, even prepared to give up being an artist if "Surrendering Sunflora" didn't gain proper recognition. Despite feeling his worst, Hassel was there to encourage him, which gave Brassius the strength to start the project in the first place. Whether this event took place while he has the role of Gym Leader is unknown.

Another installment around Artazon by Brassius is "The Harvest", a collective of flower-like sculptures ranging in color, each with six bulbs equidistance around a ring. These may be inspired by Arboliva.


Gym battle



Artazon Gym
  • Before battle
"Greetings, challenger!"
"You did well to come this far!"
"I am Brassius—an artist specializing in Grass-type Pokémon. I am also the Gym Leader here at the Artazon Gym."
"I was observing your Gym Test from atop the windmill, you know. The perception you displayed in finding Sunflora was truly... Oh, how shall I describe it?"
"Yes! It was truly avant-garde!"
"I only pray that you might demonstrate that eye for beauty in our battle as well."
"Enough talk! We must begin creating our collaborative work of art!"
"I trust that you are ready? It is time for our masterpiece to take shape!"
  • In battle
"Art is creation and destruction! Struggle, else your defeat will nourish my Pokémon!"
  • Before sending out final Pokémon
"This has promise! Yes! Let us lead this artistic endeavor to its conclusion at once!"
"Allow me to touch this work up slightly! I will call it... “Truleewoodo”!"
"At times, art becomes a race against the clock! Let us increase the pace!"
  • Upon being defeated
  • After being defeated
"Oh! What artistic tactics you employ!"
"The patterns of your moves! The minute details of your Pokémon’s performance! Everything you did was honed to perfection!"
"Our battle was, in a word, art! Indeed, if we could not call that a work of artistry, then nothing else in this world could be labeled as such!"
"If I were to judge your work, I would say it passes my inspection. Yes—a pass without exception!"
"As proof of your artistic prowess, you may have my Gym Badge! Shall we take a photo as well?"
"If you possess <number of Badges> Gym Badge/Badges, it will be easier to catch Pokémon of up to Lv. <level>, and those Pokémon should follow your commands as well!" (If the player has less than eight Badges)
"If you possess 8 Gym Badges, you will be able to catch Pokémon of any level. And they will most certainly obey your every command as well!" (If the player has eight Badges)
"To a fantastic Trainer such as yourself, I would also like to offer this—a favorite of mine!"
"Ah! My inspiration is overflowing, as if drawn from a bottomless well!"
"I will begin on a new piece at once! You must excuse me. Farewell!"
"You are <player>—no! You are the artist <player>-garde!"
Either way: "That is of no consequence!"
"Each time I recall our artistic battle, I’ve found myself wishing to face you once again..."
"I am so very glad that you are here! Praise Mother Nature!"
"I had planned to meet with the Top Champion today, but I have just now canceled that plan! Shall we instead talk of art together?"
Either way: What? You came in the Top Champion’s stead? Well, I cannot be bothered by that."
"I don’t care what the reason is—if we can make a masterpiece together once more, then fine!"
"Well then, <player>, are you ready to open wide a door to the world of art?"
Yes: "Avant-garde! Very well, then. Let us head to my studio."
No: "Not avant-garde! I simply cannot contain my excitement to face you in battle once more. Come back as soon as you are able!"
If talked to again after selecting No: "Greetings, <player>! Are you ready to open wide a door to the world of art?"
Artazon Gym rematch
  • Before battle
"Behold, <player>, the sight of Artazon’s windmill!"
"It catches the winds that blow across Paldea and, slowly yet powerfully, spins ever on."
"My leaping down from that windmill to appear before those who would challenge my Gym lends an added depth to our battles!"
Either way: "I knew you would understand my reasoning, <player>! Hahahaha!"
"Though I believe I can spare my legs today, as we are sure to create my greatest masterpiece yet—even if I do not alight from above!"
"But I digress. We are both artists, are we not? We have no further use for words now."
"I assume you are ready? Let our collaborative work of art begin!"
  • In battle
"Let us ponder the art we will create together, <player>!"
  • Before sending out final Pokémon
"This work’s concept is the deep-rooting nature of plants! A briar’s thorns are not easily removed!"
  • Upon Terastallizing his Sudowoodo
"I do hope this work lives up to my expectations! I shall call it “Truleewoodoo Part 2”!"
  • Upon using Sudowoodo's Trailblaze
"My dear grass… grow, I say! Heed my wishes and grow!"
  • Upon being defeated
  • After being defeated
"Seeing you in the midst of battle—you are like a unique gradient, subtly changing hues!"
"Riotous and yet gentle! Such contrast... I lack the words to express it. My hat goes off to you!"
"My battles with you are truly a gift. Each time, I am made to remember how I felt so long ago when I first ventured into this world of art."
"Ah, I almost forgot. You were here for the Gym inspection in the Top Champion’s stead, correct?"
"Well, that is of no consequence. Report on my Gym here as you see fit."
"Ah! My inspiration is overflowing, as if drawn from a bottomless well!"
"I will begin on a new piece at once! You must excuse me. Farewell!"
Uva AcademyS/Naranja AcademyV
"I am Brassius. I am an artist, and I focus exclusively on Grass-type Pokémon for my work."
"Yes...I do recognize some faces among your students."
"I hope you all understand how fortunate you are to be able to attend Hass’s classes."
"Ol’ Hass is the man who saved me when I had lost all hope and given up on myself."
"But he never gave up on me. I do not exaggerate when I say that he is my mentor in life!"
"It is precisely thanks to Hass that I was able to establish my current art style."
"Of course!"
"Let’s see... Ah, why don’t we discuss what Hass mentioned—Surrendering Sunflora?"
"Can anyone here tell what my mood was when I crafted its detached expression?"
Regardless of answer: "No, no, no... Completely and utterly wrong!"
"When I made that sculpture, I had surrendered all hope. I was prepared to give up everything."
"I had resolved to give up my life as an artist if that piece did not receive proper recognition."
"That’s exactly it, Hass!"
"When I started out as an artist, I experienced many hardships. I even became deathly ill and fell into a slump that drove me to desperation."
"I began worrying only about what would sell. I was concerned only with fame and fortune..."
"But all of my pieces during this time had no depth. They were all shallow trash!"
"It was then that I met Hass. He helped me realize how petty I was being. I’ll spare you the details...but in the end I was able to leave all that behind!"
"And that is also when I crafted the Sunflora!"
"This kind of thing is hard to tell someone, especially when they are so close to you."
"Now, I don’t doubt that you adolescents will often find your heads crowded with worries."
"My advice to you is simple. Be honest with yourself, and do whatever your heart desires....So long as you don’t cause trouble, that is."
"That is all from me."
"I must admit I am beginning to feel a bit embarrassed, so I bid you farewell, Hass! And farewell to your pupils as well!"


Brassius concept art.jpg
Concept art from Scarlet and Violet

In the TCG

This listing is of cards mentioning or featuring Brassius or his Pokémon in the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Brassius's Pokémon
Cards listed with a blue background are only legal to use in the current Expanded format.
Cards listed with a silver background are legal to use in both the current Standard and Expanded formats.
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Other Related Cards
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Brassius Su       SV-P Promotional cards   029/SV-P


  • Brassius's Japanese Gym Leader title is ネイチャーアーティスト.
  • His Sudowoodo's Grass Tera Type alludes to Sudowoodo's mimicry of actual trees. This is referenced by Brassius himself, who, upon Terastallization, calls him "Truleewoodo".
  • After he recalls his Pokémon from battle, he touches the Poké Ball to his forehead rather than simply nodding at it like many trainers.


Language Name Origin
Japanese コルサ Colza From colza (another word for rapeseed)
English, Italian Brassius From Brassica napus (scientific name of rapeseed)
German Colzo Similar to his Japanese name
Spanish Brais From Brassica napus (scientific name of rapeseed)
French Colza From his Japanese name
Korean 콜사 Colza Transcription of his Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 寇沙 Kòushā Transcription of his Japanese name
Chinese (Cantonese) 寇沙 Kausā
Indonesian Brassio Similar to his English name

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