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Vinegar Town
ビネガータウン Vinegar Town
Vinegar Town
Region Kalos
Debut The Bonds of Evolution!

(Japanese: ビネガータウン Vinegar Town) is an anime-exclusive location in Kalos. It is located between Cyllage City and Geosenge Town. It is famous for its chocolate cake.

When Ash and his friends came to Vinegar Town, they saw an advertisement for an exhibition match between the Champion of the Kalos region Diantha, and a champion Trainer from Vinegar Town, Magnus. Ash decided he wanted to battle Diantha, and so the group went to Vinegar Town's stadium where the exhibition match would be held. There, they met up with Professor Sycamore who wanted to study Diantha's Gardevoir and its ability to Mega Evolve. Professor Sycamore then introduced them to Diantha.

Afterwards they watched Diantha's exhibition match. Even though her opponent Magnus was described as a champion Trainer, Diantha had no trouble with defeating him. After the match the group wanted to try Vinegar Town's famous chocolate cake. They found out there were long waiting lines in front of the restaurants that were selling it however. Serena was able to get one slice, and the group decided to share it. Right at that moment they met up with Diantha again who was in disguise to also try to get a slice of chocolate cake, but she found out it was sold out completely. The group then decided to share it with Diantha as well.

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