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File:Chibi Giovanni.jpg
Meowth's view of Giovanni.

The boss fantasy is a segment in the Pokémon anime where Meowth thinks of practical uses for the Pokémon being focused on in the current episode. Through this, the Giovanni in Meowth's imagination rewards Team Rocket for their generosity, which gives Jessie and James the motivation to go through with their next plan. The segment debuted in The Kecleon Caper and became as regular as the motto and blast off for a while during the Hoenn saga.

On rare occasions, the fantasy will not pan out to plan and Giovanni's unhappiness encourages the trio to do something else instead.

List of boss fantasies

Episode Item/Pokémon Use
The Kecleon Caper Kecleon
Whichever Way the Wind Blows Bellossom To cheer him up when he wakes up.

(The Ice Cave, Japanese only)

Jynx, Swinub, Piloswine Jynx will kiss Giovanni when he wakes up, Swinub will brush his hair, Piloswine will blanch the floor.
Just Add Water Mantine, Qwilfish, Lanturn To swim with Giovanni in his pool in the morning
Here's Lookin' at You, Elekid Elekid, Larvitar Elekid will power an electric razor and a hair dryer and Larvitar will show his sincere loyalty.
Tree's a Crowd Treecko To wake Giovanni up by rubbing his nose with tail and to massage him
The Lotad Lowdown Lotad To bring water to Giovanni for washing in the morning right in the bed
Which Wurmple is Which? Wurmple To provide thread for sewing
Seeing is Believing Seedot To help Giovanni with his morning excercises
Now That's Flower Power! Bluk Berries To make Giovanni's hair look perfect.

This is the first time a negative effect appears in Meowth's fantasy scene (Giovanni's mouth becomes black from Bluk Berry juice), though only James mentions it verbally.

Jump for Joy Shiftry To fan Giovanni with leaves on arms
A Pokéblock Party! Whismur To serve as an alarm clock and a lunch bell
Watt's with Wattson? Voltorb and Magnemite Voltorb will wake Giovanni up with a slight zap and Magnemite will provide him free electricity
What You Seed is What You Get Watermelons To slake Giovanni's thirst when he is in a desert
Love at First Flight Volbeat and Illumise Entertain Giovanni while he's doing his work.
Let Bagons be Bagons Bagon To crack coconuts for Giovanni when he will be (1) wandering in a jungle or (2) flying a helicopter. The thought about helicopter came to Meowth when Bagon told him that he wanted to learn to fly. It is the first time two fantasies appear in one episode.
I Feel Skitty Skitty Make Giovanni happy when he is "oily in the morning"
Maxxed Out Surskit Lift his spirit when its cloudy.
Delcatty Got Your Tongue? Skitty and Delcatty Let Giovanni find out differences between the two Pokémon
True Blue Swablu Swablu Act as his pillow and make him fall asleep by using the move sing
Go Go Ludicolo Ludicolo Entertainment for when he wakes up and to lighten his spirits
A Six Pack Attack! Kanto and Hoenn starter Pokémon To remind him of his early days as a Pokémon trainer
Pearls are a Spoink's Best Friend Spoink To make a crown
Once in a Mawile Mawile Entertainment with its ribbon dancing skills/ A living fan by the use of its back jaw/ Using said back jaw as a cushion to rest his weary head on
Once in a Mawile Lombre Waking up to see it's loamy face in the morning...or maybe walking out to the pool to see it'
Maybe a staring contest?
Beg, Burrow, and Steal Trapinch Crack a walnut
Absol-ute Disaster Absol Make him angry when he is brushing his teeth
Do I Hear a Ralts? Ralts Stopping theives from stealing his things and putting him back to sleep afterwards
Date Expectations Donphan Bowling
Pokémon Ranger - Deoxys Crisis Deoxys Space travel
Like It or Lup It! Ludicolo Playing music for him while he's waking up in the morning, as well as during a work-out ("shaking his boss booty").
A Staravia is Born! Bird Pokémon The boss is sitting on a chair strapped to a bunch of Template:Type2 Pokémon flying in the air.
Drifloon On the Wind! Ampharos Calm the boss down when he is having nightmares.
Some Enchanted Sweetening enchanted honey The boss is in a tight bathing suit is being covered with enchanted honey.
For reasons unknown, the boss fantasy is removed from the dub.
An Elite Meet and Greet Lucian's Bronzong Um... Dancing? A hat? A paper weight?
Nah, there's no way Giovanni would like an extremely rare Pokémon owned by a member of the Elite Four.
Steamboat Willies All of the twerps' Pokémon Playmates
Bibarel Gnaws Best! Machamp and Machoke Build a giant stone castle
Bells are Singing! Francesca's Chingling Alarm clock