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Bonus (Japanese: おまけ Omake) is a song performed by Inuko Inuyama. The CD it is on, Nyarth's Party, did not list it at a track on the CD cover and it is a hidden track. The track is also extremely short, only lasting 41 seconds.


Japanese English
もう一曲 いっちゃおうかニャ…

CDに 指紋や汚れが付いたなら
柔らかい布で やさしくやさしく 拭いてあげるニャ

CDを暑いところや じめじめしたところに
置いておくのは よくないニャ

おいらのCD 大事にしてあげるニャ
おいらのCD 長持ちしてほしいニャ

ま~るい ま~るい おいらのCD
Can I do one last song...?

If this CD gets covered in fingerprints and dirt
Then wipe it tenderly, tenderly, with a soft cloth

Places that are hot and places that are damp
Aren't good places to bring this CD

This is my CD, please treat it carefully
This is my CD, make it last a long time

My round, round CD
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