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ユリーカ Eureka
Artwork from XY series
Gender Female
Eye color Blue
Hair color Blonde
Hometown Lumiose City
Region Kalos
Relatives Clemont (brother), Meyer (father)
Game counterpart Bonnie
Anime debut Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin!
English voice actor Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld
Japanese voice actor Mariya Ise

Bonnie (Japanese: ユリーカ Eureka) is a traveling companion of Ash who debuted in Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin! along with her older brother, Clemont.


Bonnie was first seen with her brother Clemont in Lumiose City. Both were standing outside the Prism Tower when they watched Ash go inside to challenge the Lumiose Gym. When Ash was ejected out of the building, Clemont saved Ash with his Clemontic Gear while Bonnie saved Ash's Pikachu by catching him before he hit the ground. Thinking that he was cute, Bonnie hugged Pikachu, who shocked her in retaliation. Bonnie quickly apologized and explained that she is too young to have her own Pokémon and therefore always becomes excited when she meets one. Though she cannot own a Pokémon, she participates in other activities when she can. When Clemont and Ash had a battle against each other, she refereed the match for them. She later led them to Professor Sycamore's lab when Froakie was injured by Team Rocket.

In Lumiose City Pursuit!, Bonnie met Professor Sycamore's Garchomp and played with the professor's other Pokémon, before Team Rocket infiltrated the lab. Bonnie tagged along with Ash and Clemont to help free the enraged Garchomp from the machine controlling her, and Bonnie watched her brother use one of his inventions to break in to the Prism Tower.

In A Battle of Aerial Mobility!, Bonnie and Clemont officially decided to accompany Ash on his journey through Kalos. Later in the episode, the group encountered a wild Dedenne. Bonnie asked Clemont to allow her to keep Dedenne, and Ash agreed, Bonnie tried to offer a berry to Dedenne, but a wild Fletchling stole the berry, scaring off Dedenne in the process. She later watched with her brother as Ash caught the Fletchling. After it was caught, Bonnie scolded Fletchling for stealing Dedenne's food but quickly forgave the Pokémon. Dedenne was later seen following Bonnie and the others.

Then, in A Shockingly Cheeky Friendship!, Bonnie met the Dedenne from the previous episode when it stole the food she was trying to feed to Pikachu and Fletchling. She begged Clemont to capture it for her, but Dedenne forced the group to chase it in several holes in the ground, which caused Dedenne and Pikachu to get lost together. Eventually, Pikachu and Dedenne returned, but a previous encounter with Team Rocket left Dedenne exhausted to the point of fainting, much to Bonnie's horror. After Dedenne was rejuvenated by one of Clemont's inventions, it bonded with Clemont and helped defeat Team Rocket. Afterward, Dedenne allowed Clemont to capture it so that Bonnie could keep it in her satchel.


Bonnie is a young and cheerful girl who is always excited to meet new Pokémon. At times, she gets too invasive with Pokémon, similar to Iris, Burgundy and Bianca, causing them to attack her. She is very proud of her brother's accomplishments as an inventor, but sometimes criticizes him if his inventions do not work. For reasons currently unknown, she tries to find a wife for Clemont, first seen when she asks Viola and Jessica if they could marry her brother. This causes him to get embarrassed and remove her with his Aipom arm.

Bonnie dislikes feeling left out. In Battles in the Sky!, she got upset beacuse she was too small to glide in a wing suit and in A Stealthy Challenge!, where she naively asks Ash's newly evolved Frogadier to change back into Froakie so she could see his evolution, in which Clemont replied that her request was obviously impossible. Though she cannot own her own Pokémon, she participates in things that she can still do, such as refereeing unofficial matches. She also asks her brother permission to "keep" Pokémon that she one day wants to train, when she is old enough to be a Trainer. She enjoys taking care of her friend's Pokémon and particularly likes brushing their fur, similar to a groomer. She always likes to be able to participate in the same activities the rest of the group are taking part in, and not being able to (such as in Battles in the Sky! when she was denied entry to the indoor sky diving facility), or otherwise being unable to get her own way, causes her to pout. These accomplishments may seem small but they are a way for Bonnie to occupy herself and continuously learn more about being a Trainer.

All in all, Bonnie is still a child. In Battling on Thin Ice!, she became tired easily and had to be put to bed early. In A Jolting Switcheroo!, she began to cry after she lost track of Dedenne. Ash and Serena had to help calm her down and encouraged her not to give up. In Splitting Heirs!, it was revealed that she dislikes carrots.

Unlike the others, she does not fear the supernatural and is intrested and entertained by them.


Taking care of

Bonnie and Dedenne.png


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A wild Espurr
Espurr is a wild Pokémon that Bonnie was playing with after she got separated from Ash and company.

Espurr’s known moves are Protect and Psychic.

Debut Seeking Shelter From the Storm!
Voice actors
Japanese Kiyono Yasuno
Grey's Flabébé
This Flabébé befriended Bonnie due to her hair clip being shaped like a flower. Clemont tried to capture her for his sister to take care of, but it failed due to her already belonging to Grey and Florence. After losing her flower in an accident, she wandered off until landing on Bonnie. She stayed with her until finding a new flower. Later when Team Rocket attacked she helped by using Aromatherapy, soothing them into not attacking. By the end of the episode, she reunited with Florence and said goodbye to Bonnie.

Flabébé's only known move is Aromatherapy.

Debut To Find a Fairy Flower!
Ash's Lapras
Bonnie was introduced to Lapras by Heidi, Jay, and Kye, who had sworn to protect it after they found it all alone and hurt in a lake.

After playing with Lapras, the children discovered its body was feeling hot. It was briefly treated by Clemont, but he suggested they should bring a Nurse Joy as Lapras had a serious fever. Nurse Joy arrived and quickly made Lapras recover. After healing, Lapras started to cry out for the sky. Clemont figured it wanted to return to its friends in the sea. Although the children were initially against the idea of letting Lapras return to its natural habitat, they decided that if they really loved it, they would help in returning it.

Moments later, Team Rocket appeared, wanting to steal Lapras. While Ash, Clemont, and Serena fought them, the children ensured Lapras was guided safely to the sea. Although it got confused by James's Inkay's Psybeam, Heidi made it remember the good times they had with it. After this, its friends quickly came to help it and froze Team Rocket with Ice Beam. Afterwards, Lapras said goodbye to the Lapras Defense Force as it returned to sea with it friends.

Lapras's only known move is Water Gun.

Debut Bonnie for the Defense!


Lena's Pichu
Bonnie accidentally got Lyn's bag which contained Pichu instead of her own bag while at the Pokémon Center. Bonnie didn't find out about this until Ash and Clemont were battling. Pichu came out of the bag and used Thunder Shock on its surroundings. It was calmed by Ash's Pikachu when he shocked it with Thunderbolt. Ash and his friends then went to look for Pichu's original Trainer and Dedenne.

While the group were on their search for them, Bonnie and Pikachu decided to care for Pichu for the time being by giving it food and playing with it. Clemont then came with the idea to use one of his inventions to lure Dedenne to them. The invention eventually exploded, but the explosion was noticed by Lyn's older sister Lena who quickly rushed to the scene, as she in turn was looking for Lyn. Lena was happy to find Pichu with the group and joined them to find Lyn and Dedenne. The group eventually found them in a grape orchard, about to be attacked by wild Beedrill. Pikachu drove the Beedrill away and Pichu was happily reunited with Lyn.

Pichu's only known move is Thunder Shock.

Debut A Jolting Switcheroo!
Voice actors
Japanese Kiyono Yasuno
English Kiyono Yasuno
Bonnie's Skiddo
Bonnie was riding a Skiddo, when she took part in Grace's racing training.

None of Skiddo's moves are known.

Debut A Race for Home!
Serena Bonnie Goomy.png
Main article: Ash's Goomy

In One for the Goomy!, Bonnie, along with Serena, temporarily used Ash's Goomy in a battle against Team Rocket. But it ran off after remembering the terrible experience it had with Bug-type Pokémon.

None of Goomy's moves were used.

Debut One for the Goomy!
Voice actors
Japanese Chinatsu Akasaki
English Tom Wayland
Bonnie's Mamoswine
Bonnie temporarily road on a Mamoswine, along with Clemont, to cross the snowy mountains and through the Frost Cavern.

None of Mamoswine's moves were shown.

Debut XY082
Voice actors
Japanese Kensuke Satō


Bonnie XY 2.png Bonnie XY 3.png
Alternative artwork from the
XY Series


  • Bonnie is the youngest female protagonist.
  • Bonnie serves as an antithesis to Brock's running gag as she is the one who requests any older female character that the group encounters to marry Clemont and is subsequently removed by him instead of the other way around.
    • One noticeable difference is that Bonnie does not ask any Nurse Joys or Officer Jennys to marry Clemont; these are the most common targets of Brock's affection.
  • Much like Iris at the beginning of the Best Wishes series, Bonnie (along with Ash and Clemont) was shocked by Pikachu when first meeting Ash. This follows the running gag in the anime, which involves Pikachu accidentally frying all of Ash's female traveling companions' bicycles, or, if they do not have one, shocking the girls themselves.
  • In the Japanese version, Bonnie refers to herself in the third person.
  • The color scheme of Bonnie's hair and clothes seems to match that of a Shiny Dedenne, a Pokémon that she is taking care of.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 伊瀬茉莉也 Mariya Ise
English Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld
Dutch Manou Cardoso
Finnish Henni-Liisa Stam
Greek Στέλλα Μπονάτσου Stella Bonatsou
Hindi निलुफर मिद्दे खान Nilufer Middey Khan (Hungama dub)
Italian Valentina Pallavicino
Korean 조경이 Jo Gyung-i
Polish Natalia Jankiewicz
Brazilian Portuguese Jussara Marques
Russian Мария Иващенко Maria Ivashenko
Spanish Latin America Jocelyn Robles
Spain Blanca Hualde
Thai ธันวา ภักดีอำนาจ Thanwa Pakdeeamnat


Language Name Origin
Japanese ユリーカ Eureka From Eureka lemon
English Bonnie From Bonnie Brae, a variety of lemon
French, Italian,
Clem Similar to her brother's name
German Heureka From her Japanese name
Korean 유리카 Eureka From her Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 柚麗嘉 Yòulìjiā Transliteration of her Japanese name. Contains 柚 yòu, (pomelo).
Chinese (Cantonese) 柚麗嘉 Yáulaihgā Mandarin-based transliteration of her Japanese name. Contains 柚 yáu, (pomelo).
Thai ยูรีก้า Eureka Same as her Japanese name.
Indonesian Yurika Transliteration of Japanese name.

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