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|color={{attack color}}
|corecolor={{special attack color light}}
|bordercolor={{special attack color dark}}
|caption=Male and female Bodybuilders as seen in {{Pokémon XD}}
|intro=[[Generation III]]
|games={{g|Colosseum}}, {{XD}}
|members=[[Somek]], [[Battlus]], [[Agnol]]
A '''Bodybuilder''' (Japanese: '''にくたいは''' ''Bodybuilder'') is a type of [[Pokémon Trainer]] that first debuted in the [[Generation III]] games, and are currently exclusive to [[Pokémon Colosseum]] and {{Pokémon XD}}.
Bodybuilders are tall, muscular men and women in exercise outfits. Like many of [[Orre]]'s Trainer classes, they do not specialize in any particular strategy or Pokémon type (but do like to use Pokémon that heavily use physical attacks). Many can be found in places such as [[Mt. Battle]] and [[Pyrite Colosseum]], with most being overconfident and eager to battle. Many special Trainers, such as {{tc|Mt.BtlMaster|Mt. Battle's hundredth Trainer}} in both games and {{tc|Deep King|Deep King Agnol}}, are based on Bodybuilders. Bodybuilders mainly use Pokémon with high {{stat|Attack}} and {{stat|Special Attack}}.

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