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In [[generation II]] Blue was the most skilled [[Gym Leader]] in [[Johto]] or [[Kanto]]. His team is actually a leveled down version of his team from [[generation I]]
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Blue (Japanese: Green, previously referred to as Gary in early manuals, French: Blue, German: Blau, Italian: Blu, Spanish: Azul) is the grandson of Professor Oak and is the main character's rival in the Generation I games. Blue becomes the Pokémon Champion but is quickly defeated by Red/Leaf, the player's character. In the Generation II games, he becomes the somber Gym Leader of Viridian City, notable for being the only Gym Leader in the games to not focus on one specific type.

He is notable for being cocky and arrogant whenever the player's character encounters him; after losing, his typical way to bid goodbye is "Smell ya later!"

Optional names for Blue

Language Red/Green/Blue FireRed LeafGreen
  • Blue
  • Gary
  • John
  • Green
  • Gary
  • Kaz
  • Toru
  • Red
  • Ash
  • Kene
  • Geki
  • グリーン (Green)
  • シゲル (Shigeru)
  • ツネカズ (Tsunekazu)
  • サトル (Satoru)
  • レッド (Red)
  • サトシ (Satoshi)
  • ケン (Ken)
  • シゲキ (Shigeki)
  • Blau
  • Gary
  • John
  • Grün
  • Gary
  • Hugo
  • Michael
  • Rot
  • Sven
  • Gerd
  • Hans


In generation II Blue was the most skilled Gym Leader in Johto or Kanto. His team is actually a leveled down version of his team from generation I


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Cerulean Gym Cascade Badge
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