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For the female character from the Pokémon Adventures manga who is known as Blue in Japan, see Green (Adventures).

Blue Oak
オーキド・グリーン Green Ōkido
Blue Adventures.png
Age 18 (as of the ninth chapter)
Gender Male
Birthday November 22
Eye color Green
Hair color Brown
Hometown Pallet Town
Region Kanto
Relatives Daisy Oak, Professor Oak
Trainer class Trainer, Gym Leader
Leader of Viridian Gym
Badge Earth Badge
Specializes in Various

Blue Oak (Japanese: オーキド・グリーン Green Ōkido) is the second main character of the manga series Pokémon Adventures. He is the grandson of Professor Oak.

Blue debuts in the first round of the manga, A Glimpse of the Glow where he and his rival Red see a Mew in a Pallet Town forest. His first Pokémon was a Scyther -- he is shown with one when he was a child. When he was young, he trained in Johto under Chuck, the Gym Leader of Cianwood City.

Blue's special skill, as described by Professor Oak, is Pokémon training -- that is, leveling them up and making them strong, and as such is referred to as the "Trainer" (Japanese: 育てる者 Trainer).

Blue has a serious, calm, and focused personality in everything he does. Although Red and Blue were once bothered by each other because their personalities are so opposite, they ended up resolving their differences.

Blue and his Scyther were trained by Chuck of Cianwood City when he was a child. Thus, Blue has some cursory knowledge of martial arts, and his Scyther knew Generation II techniques.

Blue also has a rivalry with Koga of Team Rocket. This began when Blue almost killed Koga's Arbok by having his Charmeleon cut it in two, and continued on throughout the series until Koga's reclusion.

Character history

Red, Green & Blue chapter

Blue's original design
Blue in the first chapter

Blue was first seen by Red when he was battling a Mew with his Charmander, only to recall it after he thought it was too strong for him. This angered Red to a point that he decided to challenge Mew himself, only to be quickly defeated. Blue then told Red that he needs to know when he's outmatched and leaves. He then encounters Blue again who is attacking any Pokémon he sees to tell if they are worthy of catching, accidentally hitting Red's Poli in the process, but eventually the Pokémon he wanted to capture in the first place appeared, Kangaskhan, however it got away after Red healed the baby Kangaskhan who had been poisoned by a Poison-type Pokémon. It is this incident where a rivalry develops between these two. He is next seen in Pewter City with intent on challenging Brock and is later seen battling him with his newly evolved Charmeleon. He then goes to the Pokémon Tower after meeting Mr. Fuji, only to be caught under the control of the Gastly, until Red defeats them and frees him. The two of them eventually runs into Koga, who has been controlling the Gastly this whole time, however Blue eventually has his Charmeleon cut Koga's Arbok in half, making Koga swear a personal vendetta against him.

During the course of their adventures, Red and Blue accidentally traded Pokémon, including his new Porygon, which the man at the front desk of the Game Corner said would be very difficult to train since he didn't catch it himself. This caused Blue's Machoke to evolve, and Blue took the opportunity to teach Red's Pokémon more exotic, varied, and useful moves. Red's training on Blue's Pokémon made them more playful and lighthearted, something that greatly annoyed Blue.

After he unsuccessfully tries to enter Saffron City he returns to Pallet Town to tell Red about the barrier and how he believes from a picture he too depicting several Team Rocket together that Saffron City is their hideout, and Blue in turn learns that his grandfather is missing. He then tells Red that since it is his grandfather that is missing, that he is the only one to save him and wants him to back off, although Green finally convinces the two of them to work together. They get separated in Silph Co. and ends up running into Koga on 2F, who instead of allowing Blue to reach his Poké Balls, subdues him with his Muk. He tells Blue that rather than kill him on the spot, he wants to use him to get his grandfather to cooperate with them, to which he refuses. He then takes a Razor Wind to the chest and is seemingly rendered incapable of moving. When Red appears after defeating Lt. Surge Koga traps him to, having Blue reveal that he was really wearing a reflective pendant given to him by Oak and that allowed him to have his Pidgeot attack Koga before he could kill both of them. Koga then calls his Articuno and freezes the two of them, only for Koga to realize that Blue previously called out his Charizard to keep the room warm enough for them to melt and Koga was then subsequently defeated. Green then took Koga's Soul Badge and gave it to Red. They split up after that, Red to help Green, and Blue to save his grandfather, who was trapped in the basement, which he found out using Koga's Golbat. He finds his grandpa and realizes that all of the people from Pallet Town are tied up just a floor below them. He comes back in order to help Red and Green fight Sabrina and Zapmolcuno and after Red's Saur evolves and Green's Clefairy evolves into a Clefable, they defeat Sabrina and Zapmolcuno is split.

At the Pokémon League tournament, Red's Venusaur barely defeats Blue's Charizard. This tames their rivalry as the two finally begin to respect each other, and begin to become friendly rivals.

Blue's cockiness becomes subdued as the story continues, and his personality becomes less mocking and more aloof and quiet. He is also able to rely on instinct more and constantly adapt his strategy. He often becomes flummoxed by Green's hyperactive meddling in everyone's affairs.

Yellow chapter

In the Yellow Saga, Blue is first seen defeating a Gastly that all of the good Gym Leaders and Yellow were fighting. He then reveals that it had belonged to Agatha whom he had battle previously at the Power Plant due to the grudge she has toward his grandfather. He then says that he had cut off all contact with him just so nobody could listen in. Before he leaves Yellow wishes to train with him, which he allows.

Then he recalls to Yellow the time when he battled against Agatha. It was back during the time of the first chapter when Red was battling Giovanni. Blue had just caught a Lapras that another boy named Bozz was eyeing because he wanted a strong pokémon so he could enter the Power Plant to save his Haunter which disappeared into there. He talked to his grandfather and he had heard similar rumors so Blue decided to investigate. He defeated several Magneton along the way before he finally encountered Agatha. After Bozz let it slip that Blue was Oak's grandson she decided to destroy him instead of toy with him like she had planned initially. She had her Gengar use Hypnosis on him and then use Dream Eater to drain his power. His dream was of when he was training with Chuck and he made him do things without the help of his Pokémon and after he complained, Chuck made him realize that not only must a Pokémon be strong to defeat an opponent, but so must a trainer. He then has his Golduck transfer his thoughts into his Pokédex for Bozz to read and have him learn the same lesson, so he could rescue his Haunter which was in Poké Ball behind Agatha so its attack would disrupt Gengar's Dream Eater. This plan works and after Blue escapes, Agatha disappears before he could get any answers on how she knows his grandfather.

He tutors Yellow in more intense strategies for battles. It is during this training that Blue learns that Yellow doesn't know the basics of Pokémon. All of her Pokémon were given to her, she didn't know what moves Ratty knew and cried when it evolved since she didn't think it was Ratty anymore, and couldn't catch a simple Caterpie because she didn't want to hurt it so Blue had to catch it for her. He later teamed up with Yellow to defeat an entire pack of Mankey but when it became clear that Yellow could not defeat the leading Primeape he took it upon itself to defeat it with his Porygon. Yellow then goes off to continue training on her own.

He then appears to Blaine at Cerise Island and the two of them try to take on the Elite Four, only for them to run into the three Rocet Admins, Koga, Lt. Surge, and Sabrina.

Later, he is paired up with Koga by Sabrina's Spoons of Destiny. Before he finds an opponent he returns Golbat to Koga which he had kept with him ever since the incident at Silph Co. The pair of them fight Agatha of the Elite Four once again. During the battle he and Koga are separated and he is forced to use Koga's Golbat once again after he is blinded by Agatha's Haunter's Lick, forcing him to have Golbat use echolocation to realize that there was another Golbat coming at him. After a while of evading the Golbat Koga started throwing shuriken balls containing Paralyze Heals, one of which got to Blue and he was able to rejoin the battle, and defeat Agatha. Although it turns out that Agatha wasn't really defeated and was actually having her Gengar become Koga and Blue's shadow and was slowly sucking the life out of them and due to Koga's quick loss of blood Gengar was able to get away with this for a moderate time. They figured it out, however, and it was defeated.

Gold, Silver & Crystal chapter

Blue comes to take on the role of the Viridian City Gym Leader after Red is forced to turn it down. He captures several powerful Pokémon that were enraged by the Pokémon March Radio song that was accidently being played by the Pokémon Association. While he was initially turned down because he wasn't qualified but after he caught the rampaging Pokémon and was able to locate the cause, he was given the job. He then informs Red of how to heal his wounds that Lorelei's ice cuffs created, and gave him his his Charizard to help him make it there easier. He assists in the final battle with the Masked Man.

FireRed & LeafGreen chapter

Blue and Red go to Professor Oak's lab at the professor's request. They don't see the professor but find a note that tells them to return the Pokédexes. As they leave they are attacked by a mysterious Pokémon. They decide to go to the Sevii Islands. He and Red go through a series of tests given to them by Kimberly to obtain the ultimate attacks, Blast Burn and Frenzy Plant. Blue teaches the legendary Template:Type2 move Blast Burn to his Charizard. After meeting up with Elite Four member, Lorelei, they split up to defend the Sevii Islands from Team Rocket. Blue fights with Orm of The Three Beasts and his Shuckle, learning that Team Rocket kidnapped his grandfather. After saving Prof. Oak, he traveled back to Kanto, and helped stop the Team Rocket airship from crashing into Vermilion City. He was turned into stone soon afterwards by an energy explosion.

He, along with the other four who were turned to stone, were shipped to the Battle Frontier in a box to be revived.

Emerald chapter

For the most part of this chapter, he, along with four other Pokédex-holders, remained turned into stone. It was only at nearly the end of the chapter that he and the others were liberated by Emerald with the help of the wish-granting legendary Pokémon Jirachi.


This listing is for Blue's Pokémon:

On hand

Blue's Scizor
Scizor was Blue's first Pokémon, and trained with him since childhood as a Scyther. It has a Docile nature and knows a variety of Generation II moves due to its training under Chuck when Blue was his student.

Scizor's known moves are Slash, Metal Claw, False Swipe and Steel Wing.

Debut A Tale of Ninetales
Blue's Charizard
Main article: Blue's Charizard

Charizard is the Pokémon Blue received from his grandfather, Professor Oak, as a Charmander. It was taught the powerful Blast Burn technique in the Sevii Islands. Like most of Blue's Pokémon, it has a stern personality. It debuted in A Glimpse of the Glow in a battle against Mew. Evolved into Charmeleon sometime between The Secret of Kangaskhan and Onix is On!.

Debut A Glimpse of the Glow
Blue's Porygon2
Porygon is a Pokémon Blue won at the Celadon City Game center. It later evolved into Porygon2, and proved to be very useful during the FireRed & LeafGreen chapter. It has a Quirky nature.

Porygon2's known moves are Conversion, Psybeam, Tri Attack, Conversion 2, Recycle, Zap Cannon and Sharpen.

Debut A Tale of Ninetales
Blue's Golduck
Golduck is one of Blue's main team members. Blue uses this Pokémon's psychic ability to see things he can't see and "talk" to people without talking, all through the Pokédex. Other than battling, Blue uses it to surf. It has a Serious nature.

Besides Surf, Golduck knows also Hyper Beam, Dig, Confusion, Hydro Pump, Iron Tail and Tail Whip.

Debut A Tale of Ninetales
Blue's Machamp
Machamp is one of Blue's original main team members. It evolved from Machoke under Red's care. It has a Bashful nature.

Machamp's known moves are Karate Chop, Submission, Hyper Beam, Focus Energy, Low Kick, Seismic Toss and Slam.

Debut A Tale of Ninetales
Blue's Rhydon
Blue caught Rhydon in Viridian City when it was rampaging due to the radio. After becoming the Gym Leader of the Viridian Gym, Blue found a book called Secrets of the Land left there by Giovanni, and decided to turn the Template:Type2 Pokémon into one of his main team members. It has a Mild nature.

Rhydon's known moves are Earthquake, Horn Drill, Dig, Horn Attack, Megahorn and Stomp.

Debut VS. Scizor

In box at Viridian Gym

Blue's Ninetales
Blue and Red caught this Ninetales together, but Blue succeeded in claiming it. He has also used it later against Red in the Pokémon League and Agatha's Gengar at Cinnabar Island. It has a Modest nature.

Ninetales's known moves are Flamethrower and Fire Blast.

Debut A Tale of Ninetales
Blue's Pidgeot
Pidgeot is one of Blue's original main team members. It was used to send letters to Professor Oak when they cut off communication after Blue's battle with Agatha. It was later replaced by Rhydon. It has a Hardy nature.

Pidgeot's known moves are FeatherDance and Wing Attack.

Debut A Tale of Ninetales
Blue's Exeggutor, Alakazam, and Arcanine
Exeggutor, Alakazam, and Arcanine
Blue caught these Pokémon when they were rampaging due to the radio.
Debut VS. Scizor

Because the bonus snippets of Volume 6 shows that Blue has registered 126 Pokémon by the time he battles Agatha, it can be assumed that Blue has caught many more that have yet to be shown or added to his teams.

Formerly owned

Ivysaur → Venusaur
"Saur" (フッシー Fusshī)
"Poli" (ニョロ Nyoro)
"Pika" (ピカ Pika)
  • Venusaur - Accidentally switched and returned to Red in the Red, Green, and Blue chapter. Was traded to Red in exchange for Blue's Charizard in the Trainer Tower in the FireRed LeafGreen chapter; was traded back to Red in exchange for Charizard in Vermilion City at the end of the FireRed LeafGreen chapter. Debuted and captured by Red as Bulbasaur in Bulbasaur, Come Home!.
  • Poliwrath - Accidentally switched and returned to Red. Debuted and captured before A Glimpse of the Glow by Red.
  • Pikachu - Accidentally switched and returned to Red. Debuted and captured by Red in Wanted: Pikachu!.
  • Lapras - Caught and given to a kid.
  • Golbat - Stolen from and returned to Koga.
  • Zapdos - Borrowed from and returned to Green.

Status unknown



  • Blue and Green are the only main Pokémon Adventures characters whose names were changed for the English translation. This is due to the complexity of Generation I's game releases, where in Japan, Red Version was paired with Green Version (leaving Blue as the third), and in the rest of the world Red was paired with Blue (while there was no Green). This name change is present in both the VIZ Media and Chuang Yi translations. His game counterpart is also named Blue in the English translation of Generation II's games.
    • A panel in the original VIZ printing of volume 3 forgets to make this change, however. When the Pokémon League scoreboard is shown, Red's rival is identified as "GREEN" and Green is identified as "BLUE". This error was still present in the "Best of Pokémon Adventures" compilation volume, but was corrected for the 2009 second edition.
  • Although Silver is the Pokédex holder whose special skill is Pokémon trading, Blue tops out the roster amongst the Dex Holders with four Pokémon that have evolved via trade. They are his Alakazam, Porygon2, Scizor, and Machamp. Additionally, both his Rhydon and Porygon2 are capable of evolving another time with trade, and he has personally asked of Silver to research on the matter as he found out Rhydon could evolve a second time in Giovanni's book The Mysteries of the Earth. Meanwhile, the most Pokémon evolving via trade owned by other protagonists are one Pokémon. Gold's Politoed, Silver's Kingdra, and Yellow's Golem.
  • Both the Japanese and Chinese print show that Professor Oak is Blue's paternal grandfather.
  • Blue is one of three Pokédex holders to have known a surname; the other two are Sapphire and Platinum. Coincidentally, all three are related to someone involved in the field of Pokémon research. Blue to Professor Oak, Sapphire to Professor Birch, and Platinum to the assistant of Professor Rowan. Out of the three, Blue is the only male, and a grandchild rather than a daughter like the other two.
  • Blue's birthday is November 22nd.

In other languages

Language Name Reference to
Japanese グリーン Green From Pokémon Green game.
English Blue From Pokémon Blue game.
French Régis Same as Gary's French name.
German Gary Same as anime's Gary.
Korean 그린 Green From Pokémon Green game.
Chinese 小茂 Xiǎo Maò Same as Gary's Chinese name.

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