Blue's Porygon2

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Blue's Porygon2
グリーンのポリゴン2 Green's Porygon2
Poké Ball
Blue Porygon2.png
Blue's Porygon2
Debuts in A Tale of Ninetales
Caught at Celadon City
Evolves in Prior to Playful Porygon2
Gender Genderless*
Ability Trace
Nature Quirky
Current location With Blue
Porygon Porygon2
This Pokémon spent between 68 and 142 rounds as Porygon.

Porygon2 (Japanese: ポリゴン2 Porygon2) is the second Pokémon that Blue had been seen to own in the Pokémon Adventures manga.


As a Porygon

Porygon2 first made its appearance as a Porygon where it was shown being obtained by Blue from the Celadon Game Corner; however, this Pokémon was disobedient and ran away from his new Trainer. After chasing it, Blue accidentally crashed into Red, causing a temporary switch with both Trainers. Porygon was later used against Koga in the Silph Co. Building where it was used along with Pika to defeat the Gym Leader.

In The Primeape Directive, Porygon was used to defeat a group of rampaging Mankey and Primeape after using its ability to move through cyberspace to switch from Blue's Pokédex to Yellow's. It was later used to fight and defeat Agatha's Gengar with help from Koga.

Blue and his Porygon2

Porygon reappeared in Claws on Porygon2 where it was revealed to have evolved into a Porygon2; it was used to fight Silver's Sneasel before they were interrupted by Entei.

Porygon2 made its first appearance in the FireRed & LeafGreen chapter in The Battle Path, where it was used in a Double Battle against Red's Pokémon. It was able to take a Body Slam from Gyara and managed to paralyze him through Tri Attack but was damaged by Snor's Earthquake. It was then seen in Tower with Will when it was used to disable Trainer Tower AI "R" so that Blue and Green could rescue their family members. At first, it succeeded but not long after "R" came back online and trapped it with a Virtual Lock.

Porygon2 made its most recent appearance in The Final Showdown VII battling Guile Hideout's stolen Battle Tower Pokémon.

Personality and characteristics

As it is a man-made Pokémon designed to move around cyberspace, Porygon2 has been in use mainly via Blue's Pokédex as a surprise attack.

Moves used

Blue Porygon Psybeam.png
Using Psybeam as a Porygon
Blue Porygon2 Tri Attack.png
Using Tri Attack
Move First Used In
Tri Attack  The Art of Articuno
Conversion Striking Golduck
Sharpen Striking Golduck
Psybeam Gimme Shellder
Conversion 2  Playful Porygon2
Zap Cannon  Tower with Will
Recycle  Tower with Will
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.


  • Despite the games stating that the Porygon line is genderless, Legend - Grass and Fire states that Porygon2 is male.

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