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Blaziken Tech
Types used FireLightning
Major cards Blaziken

The Blaziken Tech Deck from the 2004 World Championships special expansion of the Pokémon Trading Card Game predominantly focuses on Fire and Lightning type Pokémon. It is based around Chris Fulop's deck during the 2004 World Championships, and a famous and powerful deck archetype used for competitive battle.

World Championships Deck 2004

File:Blaziken Tech.png
World Championships Deck 2004

The Blaziken Tech deck archetype was made into a World Championships Deck 2004 after Chris Fulop competed with it in the 2004 World Championships. The deck was made with Chris Fulop's exact structure. World Championships Deck 2004 contained a 60 card deck and a 2004 World Championships Booklet. Because these cards have alternative back art, they are not legal in tournaments.

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