Black Kyurem & White Kyurem (Tretta)

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Black Kyurem & White Kyurem (Japanese: ブラックキュレムとホワイトキュレム) is the third Pokémon Tretta set. It features 48 Tretta.

Set list

Tretta No. Name Type Class
3-00 Reshiram Dragon Tretta Legend class.png
3-01 White Kyurem Ice Tretta Master class.png
3-02 Black Kyurem Ice Tretta Master class.png
3-03 Tornadus Flying Tretta Hyper class.png
3-04 Thundurus Electric Tretta Hyper class.png
3-05 Landorus Ground Tretta Hyper class.png
3-06 Cobalion Steel Tretta Hyper class.png
3-07 Terrakion Rock Tretta Hyper class.png
3-08 Virizion Grass Tretta Hyper class.png
3-09 Electivire Electric Tretta Hyper class.png
3-10 Magmortar Fire Tretta Hyper class.png
3-11 Zekrom Electric Tretta Hyper class.png
3-12 Lucario Fighting Tretta Hyper class.png
3-13 White Kyurem Ice Tretta Super class.png
3-14 Black Kyurem Ice Tretta Super class.png
3-15 Zekrom Electric Tretta Super class.png
3-16 Lucario Fighting Tretta Super class.png
3-17 Pikachu Electric Tretta Super class.png
3-18 Psyduck Water Tretta Super class.png
3-19 Stunfisk Electric Tretta Super class.png
3-20 Eevee Normal Tretta Super class.png
3-21 Vaporeon Water Tretta Super class.png
3-22 Jolteon Electric Tretta Super class.png
3-23 Flareon Fire Tretta Super class.png
3-24 Espeon Psychic Tretta Super class.png
3-25 Umbreon Dark Tretta Super class.png
3-26 Leafeon Grass Tretta Super class.png
3-27 Glaceon Ice Tretta Super class.png
3-28 Tornadus Flying Tretta Super class.png
3-29 Thundurus Electric Tretta Super class.png
3-30 Landorus Ground Tretta Super class.png
3-31 Cobalion Steel Tretta Normal class.png
3-32 Terrakion Rock Tretta Normal class.png
3-33 Virizion Grass Tretta Normal class.png
3-34 Electivire Electric Tretta Normal class.png
3-35 Magmortar Fire Tretta Normal class.png
3-36 Lucario Fighting Tretta Normal class.png
3-37 Pikachu Electric Tretta Normal class.png
3-38 Eevee Normal Tretta Normal class.png
3-39 Vaporeon Water Tretta Normal class.png
3-40 Jolteon Electric Tretta Normal class.png
3-41 Flareon Fire Tretta Normal class.png
3-42 Espeon Psychic Tretta Normal class.png
3-43 Umbreon Dark Tretta Normal class.png
3-44 Leafeon Grass Tretta Normal class.png
3-45 Glaceon Ice Tretta Normal class.png
3-46 Psyduck Water Tretta Normal class.png
3-47 Stunfisk Electric Tretta Normal class.png